Many of the eye problems associated with Marfan syndrome can be treated. Vision problems caused by dislocated lenses can be corrected by the use of a special type of glasses in conjunction with dilating eyedrops that enlarge the pupil.

Having Marfan syndrome also puts you at higher risk for several eye diseases. You may develop cataracts at a younger age. If cataracts do develop, cataract surgery can be performed to improve your vision. You are also at higher risk for developing glaucoma, for which several glaucoma treatment options are available.

Children diagnosed with Marfan syndrome can also develop amblyopia (lazy eye). It is important that treatment be started early for sight to be recovered in the weaker eye.

Because having Marfan syndrome puts you at higher risk for having a retinal detachment, you should be aware of the symptoms of retinal detachment and seek immediate help from your ophthalmologist if you have any of the signs of a detached retina.

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Reviewed by Dr. Stephen N. Lipsky on March 1, 2015

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