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Symptoms of contact lens-related infections may include blurry vision, unusual redness of the eye, pain in the eye, tearing or discharge from the eye, increased light sensitivity or the sensation of something in your eye. It is important to remember that some contact lens-related eye infections can cause serious vision loss or even blindness, so it is important to see your Eye M.D. as soon as possible for treatment.

Factors that contribute to a contact lens-related infection include:

  • Use of extended-wear lenses
  • Sleeping in your contact lenses
  • Reduced tear exchange under the lens
  • Environmental factors
  • Poor hygiene, including poor maintenance of contact lens cases or reusing or topping off contact lens solution

Safe handling, storage and cleaning of your lenses are key steps to reduce your risk of a keratitis infection.

Learn how to safely take care of your contact lenses.

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Reviewed by Dr. Devin Harrison on March 1, 2015

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