Finding out what cause the blockage is the first step in treatment. Your Eye M.D. may recommend a period of observation following your diagnosis. During the course of CRVO, many patients will have swelling in the central macular area. This swelling, called macular edema, can last more than one year.

Focal laser treatment is often used to reduce swelling of the macula. With this form of laser surgery, your Eye M.D. applies many tiny laser pulses to areas of fluid leakage around the macula. The main goal of treatment is to stabilize vision by sealing off leaking blood vessels that interfere with the proper function of the macula. Treatment with injections of Avastin or Lucentis in the eye may also be done. Ozurdex, a long-acting steroid, may also be used for the treatment of edema.

Scatter (pan-retinal) laser treatment can be used to seal or destroy abnormal blood vessels, stopping them from growing. In this type of surgery, the Eye M.D. may make hundreds of small burns to the blood vessels. It may require two or more treatments to complete the process.

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