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I had a macular hole and had surgery a year ago. Now I have a macular pucker. Is it wise to have another eye surgery so soon?     

When surgery is performed for a macular hole, the technique encourages the eye to form a scar or scab that seals the hole, similar to the way a cut in your finger heals. In most cases, the scab is minimal and not symptomatic. However, in rare cases the scar is a bit larger and we call it a macular pucker; just like when you cut your finger, you will have a residual scar. When this happens with a finger cut, the only problem is cosmetic and you leave it alone; when this happens in the macula, you can have distorted central vision and you may need another eye surgery. A time interval of one year is a reasonable period to have waited.

Answered by: Paul Sternberg Jr., MD Dr. Paul Sternberg

Categories: Eye Surgery

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Answered: Feb 13, 2013

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