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I am very confused. Some of my friends have had cataract surgery. After talking with them, they all have to wear glasses for reading. I am hoping to not have to wear glasses. Will you please discuss the differences for me?

Typically patients who have cataract surgery with a monofocal or traditional lens implant will need glasses for reading and even sometimes for distance. There are lenses that you must pay additional out-of-pocket money for that help with all distances. There are multifocals like Tecnis MF and ReStor that can produce halo and other symptoms if you drive at night and there is Crystalens that is an accommodative lens that has fewer symptoms but does less well for fine close-up vision. None will guarantee to get you out of glasses for all distance ALL of the time, but if correctly selected, your IOL should reduce your dependence on glasses for most of what you do—it's important to be realistic about this. Find a surgeon that offers all lens options and you will get the best evaluation for what to do with your eyes.

Answered by: Jeffrey Whitman, MDDr. Jeffrey Whitman

Categories: Cataracts, Eye Surgery

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Answered: May 01, 2013

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