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Do you know of any eye conditions which result in very dark iris?
My 4-month-old has ptosis (droopy eyelid) on her left eye. When is the best time for correction surgery?
My 3-year-old granddaughter likes to put on my reading glasses to make the floor look funny. Will this hurt her eyes?
How can my daughter with orbital lymphangioma gain the ability to lift her eye?
What should I do for my son who has an assortment of vision issues?
Is ADHD common in people with optic nerve hypoplasia?
Can my 13-year-old with LCHAD take a visual field test?
My daughter has pink eye. How long is pink eye contagious and when can I send her back to school?
Why does my granddaughter open her eyes very wide?
My doctor wants to dilate my daughter’s eyes with eye drops. Is it safe to undergo a month’s worth of this?
My daughter has recently been diagnosed with bartonella henselae (cat-scratch disease) and lost vision in her left eye within a two week period. Do you know which treatments work best for this condition?
My son’s eyelashes are too long and they hurt him—what should I do?
Why did my daughter’s nearsightedness go away?
A 16-year-old girl had brain bleed in utero and has severe scarring of tissue behind eyes. Can this be repaired?
Can farsightedness be the cause of my daughter’s white reflex in flash photography?
Is screen time bad for kids’ eyes? - Video Answer
Can I use artificial tears while using steroid drops?
Will my infant’s secondary cataract return after treatment?
My 10-year-old said when she’s reading some of the words seem to be raised off the page. I thought dyslexia but she doesn’t have any problems reading and actually reads very well. Any thoughts?
An 8-year-old girl sleeps with her eyes open. What precautions should be taken and how unusual is this?
My grandson is now 1 year old and has never cried tears. Is this normal?
How successful is tear duct probing?
Is sudden onset of farsightedness possible in a 10-year-old?
What does my daughter's vision screening fail mean?
Can my son's droopy eyelid be causing his lazy eye?
I’m 14 and my eye color appears to be changing. Why is this happening?
Does my daughter have Alice in Wonderland Syndrome?
Should tennis ball-throwing games be limited for eye safety?
What is the connection between CHRPE and bowel cancer?
Is there treatment for my granddaughter’s vision problems?
Are volunteer groups' school vision screenings good enough?
Would brief exposure to light from a projector harm a child’s eyes?
Can microcornea be treated?
Is there any treatment for my son’s congenital optic atrophy?
Will a four-year-old who wears prescribed glasses still need them when grown up?
Can strabismus in a two-year-old be treated with glasses?
Are there any treatments being developed for foveal hypoplasia?
How can my son reduce the number of ocular herpes outbreaks he has?
What is normal for a chalazion or stye as it heals?
Is 20 minutes a day of computer screen time bad for my child's eyes?
What is a typical exam to test for amblyopia in a child?
Will my daughter’s burned eyelashes grow back?
How is conjunctivitis (or pink eye) in infants treated?
My 9-year-old son has a -1.25 prescription—how severe it that for his age?
My 1-year-old daughter has red spots on the white of her eye. Is this something to be worried about and what causes it?
Will a coloboma (a birth defect that results in missing ocular tissue) on infants ever go away later on in life?
My 11-month-old has been prescribed glasses. Can a baby wear glasses?
Can I use Visine on my 5-year-old?
Should I have my daughter's eyes dilated if she had trouble with a visual field test?
What drops can be used to treat bacterial infection in children under 2 years old?
My 15-year-old son has been diagnosed with myopia (nearsightedness) and one eye was much worse than the other. After leaving the office with his prescription I realized that the prescription was the same for both eyes. Shouldn't they be different?
Can my toddler's myopia be reversed?
My husband obtained a lazy eye after an eye injury and multiple surgeries. Now our newborn was born with one and it’s the same eye. Is there a chance she inherited it from him even though he wasn't born with it?
I just received a report from the school nurse that my son failed his vision test because of bilateral stereopsis. What is this?
My 5-year-old son has been complaining of seeing green dots in his eyes.
Which eye disorders can be associated with fetal alcohol syndrome (a range of disorders caused by alcohol exposure while in the womb)?
Will it damage a child's eyes if they need glasses but don't get them?
Is it true that we are born with our eyeballs already full grown?
My daughter has pink eye and it seems to be getting better. When can I send her back to school?
My grandson had his eyes dilated this morning and the ophthalmologist stated it could take up to 24 hours before the eyes return to normal. Is this true?
Is it possible to check the eye sight of a 2-year-old?
How soon can diabetic retinopathy develop after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes?
Is there a trick to getting a baby to wear protective goggles?
My son has low vision due to retinoblastoma (a rare cancer of the eye) treatments as an infant and toddler.
Will stem cell or gene therapies bring cures for congenital ptosis (drooping of the eyelid that can limit vision)?
Is there any danger from leaving refractive errors (a focusing disorder of the eye, which includes nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism) uncorrected?
Why would a photo show a white reflex (a white pupil reflection, rather than the normal red eye, seen in a flash photograph) while an in-person exam does not?
My daughter, 15, just told us her vision goes dark two to three times per day for as long as 12 seconds, then vision comes back and she says she is dizzy. What can be the cause?
My daughter has cataracts from steroid treatments. Will they keep getting worse?
My daughter has astigmatism (imperfectly shaped cornea) and ocular albinism (lack of color in the eye). Would dark glasses help her vision?
My 6-year-old seems to have a freckle on his lower eyelid. Is this common?
Is Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) safe in a pediatric setting?
My 2-year-old likes to wear my reading glasses at home. He thinks it's funny, and frankly, it is cute. But he'll keep them on for long periods of time. Can this hurt his eyes?
My 8-year-old’s eye rejected the intraocular lens (IOL) after cataract surgery and now she wears cataract glasses. Are there any cataract glasses that are thinner than the usual ones?
My son is 7 years old and he reads only when his eyes are very close to the paper. What should I do?
Will my grandson's drooping eyelid get better with time, or should we do something?
Can a child be born with a macular hole?
My niece has a bad astigmatism in her right eye and she refuses to wear her glasses. Does this cause further eye problems?
Why do congenital cataracts form?
Are there any possible visual or eye-related side effects or risks associated with Vyvanse® for ADHD?
Can a 17-year-boy have retina swelling?
If one has a capillary hemangioma located inside their upper left eyelid, is it possible to have it removed?
Can you be born with keratoconus?
My grandson lets his hair fall over one eye keeping it constantly covered.
My 1-year-old grandson has bilateral cataracts. Physician suggesting implants but says he will need thick reading glasses as well. Can you help me understand the rationale?
My 2-year-old has one blue pupil and the other has no pigment. Should I be concerned?
Our 10-year-old son just had brain surgery and due to swelling he cannot open his left eye.
Is glaucoma testing a simple routine for a thirteen-year-old?
Is it safe to put food coloring in your eyes for a scary Halloween effect?
Is it OK for kids to read in the car?
My 10-year-old son is losing his eyelashes.
Why is my son seeing everything in green?
How is ptosis in babies cured?
My 5-year-old has a gray spot on the white of her eye. I was just wondering what may cause this.
My 20-month-old grandson has a black mole on the inside of his lower eyelid by his tear duct. Do we have reason to be concerned?
My 5-year-old son has Ehlers-Danlos III and had an eye exam today as I had seen a clear thick film near the corner of his eye (not on the pink part).
My 7-year-old daughter says that every once in a while she sees a white hexagon shape in her vision.
Can I do something to control the progression of my son's myopia?
What is involved in an eye exam for a toddler (3 years old)?
My 4-year-old girl often closes her right eye and complains of pain on the left eyebrow.
My 1-year-old granddaughter has normal blue eyes but when looked at closely the blue is circled by a thin black ring. Is this something to be concerned about? The ring is in both eyes.
My 7-year-old son was prescribed glasses a year ago after "failing" his 6 year well-child checkup.
Can you use cooled eye drops on a 4-year-old?
Is there any eye drop available to treat chalazia?
My three-year-old son got hit with a stick in the eye and the emergency room advised us that he has a severe cornea infection.
Should a child with ongoing pain and itching in one eye go to the doctor?
My son's eye has a yellow spot. What should I do?
My son doesn't blink while watching television. Should I have him evaluated?
Why is my son seeing cartoon images in the evening?
Is there a treatment for leukocoria (cat eye reflex condition)?
My 4-year-old was just prescribed glasses for farsightedness. He refuses to wear them.
My 7-month-old child was diagnosed with a unilateral macular scar.
If the birth mother of my son is monochromatic color blind (she only sees in gray scale), how likely is it that my son will be color blind?
I am looking for empirically-based recommendations about the diagnosis and treatment of "visual stress syndrome" and Irlen syndrome.
My daughter is 16 months old. She had cataract surgery in her left eye five weeks ago.
Is there a minimum recommended age to let children start wearing glasses?
How can I relieve the burning sensation in my son’s eyes after swimming in a chlorinated swimming pool?
I received an ocular report indicating bilateral retinal pigment epithelial detachment on one of our students. Does that mean possible juvenile macular degeneration?
My daughter had her eyes tested because she was battling with reading. During the eye test we noticed that any digit or letter that is curved like a 9, 3, an "a", or a "c," she was recognizing as a zero. What is this condition called?
My son is two months old and was born with brown eyes. Now the ring around his eyes and the white part of his eyes is blue. Is this normal?
Can glasses or strabismus make ocular dominance testing inaccurate?
Do babies need 50 times more light or 50 times less light to see what an adult sees? Also, do babies see color at birth?
My daughter is 11 years old and at her last eye exam with an optometrist, we asked about what looks like a blood blister on her lower lid.
Could high altitude affect esotropia?
I am a primary school teacher and I have a student who has what looks like gaps in her eyes like flecks of light.
Would it harm my 17-month-old grandson’s eyes to watch a 3-D Movie?
What could cause a 6-year-old to blink hard and constantly?
What is convergence deficiency and what causes it? Could it be caused by premature birth?
For the past few weeks my 9-year-old son's eyes will (for no apparent reason) look up to the right.
My 5-year-old daughter has been complaining of intermittent eye pain for the last 3 weeks.
My 3-year-old son has started blinking a lot while watching TV and watching some cartoons on the iPad. Nowadays we see him blink more in the evening. Do you know what might be causing this?
Why does my son keep dropping his head and swaying his head left to right while watching TV?
Can you tell me of any organizations that offer support for teenagers with strabismus?
My 2-year-old has always had very large pupils. Is it normal for some children to have very large pupils? Can this be a sign of any other problems?
This question seems really trivial after reading all of the other questions but here goes: my husband and myself are extremely nearsighted and our 3-year-old likes to read herself to sleep every night. Will this cause an undesired strain on her eyes?
My 7-year-old boy tells us that his vision gets blurry so he has to pop his eyes (stretch them wide open without using hands) to clear things up.
I have a 9-year-old niece with high myopia of around -15 D
Our daughter has what we believe to be a chalazion on her inner upper eyelid. She is only nine weeks old and has had it for four weeks. What to do with such a small baby?
My grandson holds his four-month-old on his lap whiles he plays computer games. Will this adversely affect her eyesight?
My 2-year-old has a lazy eye and astigmatism. We tried patching and got no results. Now he's in glasses and still crossing. We are doing a prism adaptation test but I’m unsure how it works. Can you help explain how it helps?
My 14-year-old daughter had trouble tracking during a routine eye exam. Her eyes jump ahead before the object is there and then she corrects.
My 6-year-old son tells me he sees red and orange spots—what might be causing this?
My 14-year-old granddaughter is experiencing some vision problems. She can see fine straight on, but has blurring at the sides. When she looks at pictures, up to half on the side is gone.
Can my premature daughter's pseudomonas infection spread to her other eye?
My 2-year-old has started complaining that his eyes are shaking quite frequently. However, I am never able to see the shaking myself.
I am a school psychologist and I recently evaluated a 7-year-old boy whose right eye blinked but his left eye did not. What could be possible causes for one-eyed blinking?
My son just stated that his sight was "wonky". When I asked him to explain he says although I am sitting in front of him (4 feet away) it looks like I'm farther away. Should I be worried?
My son can't open his eyes. He has been sick the past couple days with the flu and now he can’t open his eyes. They are not red nor do they have discharge but they are extremely sensitive to light. What might this be?
I am a nursing student and I was told in class that babies do not produce tears. Is this true?
Why would my 12-year-son develop cataract in one eye and early stages of cataract in the second eye?
My baby is 8 days old and all of a sudden his eyes are really watery, puffy and gone red. What is the meaning of this?
My 12-year-old son was told by an eye doctor that he has a black spot in his optic nerve. She wants him to go to a specialist.
My son is 3 years old and has always had very dilated eyes. He’s normal in every other way but now I’m starting to worry about the size of his pupils. What does this mean?
Is dilation required for the regular check-up of an 11-year-old who has mild myopia?
What can be done for a 10-year-old who just discovered he had a lazy eye?
My 18-year-old son has open angle glaucoma. Is there a procedure that can be done to help lower his pressure from 25 and that will help to reduce some of the medications he is taking?
When performing vision screening for elementary students should I refer them to an eye doctor if they lean forward or turn their head to the side while looking at the eye chart?
My 2-month-old nephew rarely makes eye contact when I talk to him. He seems to hear but he is looking in a different direction. Should I be concerned?
How and why do they do eye tests on premature babies?
My 3-year-old daughter has been blinking her eyes more than normal for about two months now. What could it be?
Does my son have a chalazion or something else?
How do I treat outbreaks of Meibomian cysts?
My 3-year-old has two black spots on top of one of her eyes in the white part. Is this something I should worry about? I just noticed them today.
My son was born premature and had laser eye surgery for retinopathy. He is now 11 years old and is considering wrestling. Is this sport too dangerous for him?
Is bilateral eye twitching/spasms common in newborns?
My grandson is able to move one eye in a different direction to the other at will. Is this a problem?
My 7-year-old daughter says she is seeing tiny black spots in her left eye at the top part of her vision. What could this be?
My son wears contact lenses and recently developed a red ring around the iris of one eye.
If a child has lazy eye and is seeing double what can be done?
My son has allergies and often rubs his eyes and they do get a little red. How do I know when it's just his allergies and when I should have it checked for pink eye?
My son was born with a smaller pupil than the other. Why and what is it?
My grandson is one day old and the pediatrician found a cyst on one of his eyes. They said something about lancing it or possible surgery. What is this and is it dangerous?
Does light sensitivity in a young child with a diabetic type one condition mean there may be another problem parents should know about?
My son is legally blind as a result of shaken baby syndrome when he was 10 months old. He is 16 now. He has optic nerve atrophy which is stable. Is there any research being done on optic nerve and eyeball transplant to treat such conditions?
My 23-month-old son has what I think is a depth perception problem. His eyes aren’t "lazy" and I don’t see any cloudiness. We need help as he runs into things that are right in front of him.
Why does my teenager have eye pain when watching TV, using the computer, or playing video games?
If my 10-year-old doesn’t wear his glasses, will the strain of not wearing them make his eyes worsen more
My 7-year-old son has been involuntarily looking up toward his eyebrows. I asked him why and he said his eyelids are tired. It's happening almost constantly now. What is this?
Why has my daughter’s right eye been getting smaller? Everyone always asks what’s wrong with her eye.
Does doing close-up work like reading a book or playing video games cause myopia to increase? What are the recommendations for people who play video games? How many hours should they play?
Do you have information on multifocal choroiditis or know where I can find more information? I have had this for over two years. Since it is also a rare disorder, I am also trying to find out how many people in the United States have been diagnosed
I took my granddaughter to have her eyes examined today.
Do numerous camera flashes have a negative impact on a baby's eyes?
I have a 10-year-old who has been on steroid eye drops for the last 8 months for the treatment of iritis. I am concerned that we do not have a cause for this ongoing problem and that he has spent so much time on steroids. Is there any alternative?
Where can I purchase good quality sunglasses with UV protection that can be used for sports for my child?
Shortly after my granddaughter was born, we took her to the pediatrician to find out why her eyes always had pus in them. The doctor said her tear ducts were blocked and to use the warm massages. Two years later, she still occasionally has “gunky” eyes
Would treatment for congenital cataracts be different for a person with developmental disabilities and if so how?
My child has an eye exam at noon. Should I send her back to school with dilated eyes?
I think my daughter has an eye bigger than the other. Is this common? I think she has congenital glaucoma after reading online about it.
If a child has lazy eye, is treatment necessary?
What does independent research show about the effectiveness of vision therapy for children?
Is it bad for my 7-year-old daughter to wear clear, plastic, fashionable eyeglasses for fun without a prescription when she does not need them?
My son had an eye exam and when his eyes were dilated he had no peripheral vision from his midline down on his right eye. What are possible causes?
What is your recommendation on surgery for a clogged tear duct on a nine month old? Massage has not worked.
What is the best way to test preschoolers for eye alignment?
Can you explain the risks of amblyopia for a child with symmetrical congenital genetic cataracts not getting surgery? My 1 year old son was diagnosed with congenital cataracts in both eyes. What are the risks with him not getting surgery?
I have a two year old, when he watches TV he can't stop blinking and he wipes his eyes constantly like there is something there. Should I be worried?
What could be the cause of hemorrhaging behind my six year olds eye?
Are pink eye and conjunctivitis the same thing?
My daughter is 5 years old and has recently mentioned then complained about floaters in her eye. Is this normal?
What are the warning signs of a retinal detachment? My son was hit fairly hard on the side of his head with the soccer ball during a game, and I want to make sure that he doesn’t have any problems.
Could you give me the definition of low vision or visual impairment? My son has had two surgeries for diabetic retinopathy and is able to pass the eye chart test but still has blind spots and "angular" vision in one eye.
Hello, I’m from Argentina and my son who is 13 years old, was knocked with a soccer ball in his right eye and my ophthalmologist said that he lost the vision in 80% of his eye and there’s nothing he can do!! What do you recommend?
How does a child get pink eye and what are the causes I could have avoided so my child wouldn’t have gotten it?
I have a question about my 1-year-old daughter whom I accidentally elbowed in the left eye, then suddenly a red spot occurred in her sclera. Is there a cure to treat the red spot? Please give me a guide to cure the red spot.
Is there a medical cure (gene therapy, laser, etc.) for children's blindness caused primarily by ROP? My kid is now 13 years old born prematurely and suffered ROP.
My 12-year-old son has been prescribed glasses for myopia. If he does not wear his glasses, will his eyes deteriorate further?
My 4-year-old son just had his check-up and he has 20/100 vision (myopia). I have heard of eye exercises such as shifting focus using a pencil, etc. Are they effective, or at least not harmful to his health, including his vision?
My 8-year-old granddaughter turns her head completely to one side when she watches television. She watches out of one eye only. Her vision has been checked and vision in both eyes is good. However, this does not seem right. What could cause this?
My child has Down syndrome and autism. I was surprised to find out he has cataracts in both eyes, one may not be operable. They are suggesting possible ocular implants. What is the success rate and percentage of possibly getting an infection?
My daughter is 12 and we just realized about six months ago that she is color blind. I'm not exactly sure how long it has been, but I'm sure it wasn't always there.
My daughter was diagnosed at age 5 with strabismus and through patching, her eyesight is now 20/20 in both eyes when wearing her eyeglasses (she is now 8). We are at the last stages of wearing the patch, down to two hours, twice per week.
My friend’s newborn was diagnosed with congenital ptosis. She can barely open her right eye. My friend has been told that the baby will require surgery by 2-3 years of age and that the right eye is good.
My grandson is 3 1/2 years old. He has amblyopia and strabismus. He was not keeping the patch on his good eye so the ophthalmologist gave my daughter drops to put in his good eye. He also wear glasses. His bad eye seems to have straightened out.
My son is six months old and he has blocked tear-ducts in both of his eyes from his birth. I have visited a couple of doctors, they recommend to have a surgery.

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