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What can I use over-the-counter for a scratched eyelid?
How does one know if a broken blood vessel in the eye is under the membrane and thus harmless, or if it’s in the center of the eye and needs treatment?
If someone gets dirt in their eye or an eyelash in their eye is it safe for you to blow air in their eye?
Can I exercise with a cut on the white of my eye?
Is it necessary to see my doctor every year for traumatic iritis?
Why do I have floaters and flashes after eye poke if I don’t have retinal tear or detachment, or a posterior vitreous detachment?
I got hit in the eye by a ball. Do I need to go to the doctor? - Video Answer
Is there an over-the-counter medicine to use for a scratched cornea?
How bright does a flare have to be to harm your eye?
Should tennis ball-throwing games be limited for eye safety?
Is it safe to do a laser or LASIK surgery if I have a scratched cornea?
How do I treat poison ivy on my eyelid?
A year after an accidental scratch on the inside of my eyelid, I still have pain sometimes. Can this be treated?
Is there a medical term for off-center pupils?
Is there any type of surgery that can allow someone to close their eye and blink normally after a serious eye accident?
What should I do after getting raw chicken juice in my eye?
My husband obtained a lazy eye after an eye injury and multiple surgeries. Now our newborn was born with one and it’s the same eye. Is there a chance she inherited it from him even though he wasn't born with it?
I had an injury to my eye recently and it now itches. Does that mean it's healing?
Can you have cataract surgery with a corneal abrasion (a scratch or scrape on the cornea)?
Can blindness caused by brain trauma be treated?
Can a fracture in my eye socket be fixed?
Is there a trick to getting a baby to wear protective goggles?
What can I do for pain in eye from a sand particle? I have washed out my eye with little relief.
Should I seek treatment after exposing my eyes to intense heat from my oven?
As a spray painter who uses no eye protection from latex paint spray mist, what health problems am I exposed to?
Can an 'enlarged' iris be repaired or replaced?
My husband had some rust and metal fragments removed from his eye five days ago. He is having severe light sensitivity.
What can be done with a turned lens due to injury?
I have a deep cut on the sclera. Is there any threat to my vision and do I need to undergo surgery?
I was in an auto accident and the airbag deployed in my face. Since then my near and far vision has been blurred.
Can I watch TV and play computer games if I have macular edema due to a car accident?
What type of trauma can cause a fixed pupil? Can it be repaired?
Can erythromycin be used for a corneal abrasion?
My girlfriend accidentally punched me in the eye and my vision is distorted.
Because of an accident I had eye surgery (vitrectomy, IOL). Due to this accident I now have low eye pressure (9 mmHg). Is there any way to increase eye pressure naturally or through surgery? Due to this low pressure I have blurred vision.
My three-year-old son got hit with a stick in the eye and the emergency room advised us that he has a severe cornea infection.
Can contact lenses melt to a person's eyes from looking in a fire?
I had an unfortunate accident at the hair salon.
My mother was deep frying yesterday when a little bit of oil hit her eye and now I see a little blister on her sclera. Is there an over-the-counter med that I can get to soothe the pain?
The other day, I was punched in the eye which resulted in a good bruise and a slight cut to the corner of my eye. I have since been noticing a random light which I would say is in my peripheral vision and runs from the top-down, then goes away.
I was out all day hunting in the white snow. Now colors don't seem right—reds are browns and it’s making me nauseous.
I burned a large amount of debris and right after I started experiencing red eyes, pain, tearing, and sensitivity to light and heat.
I was hit in the eye with a tennis ball when I was 11. I thought I just popped a blood vessel but I found out that I have a bruised retina and was told there is nothing they can do to fix a bruised retina.
I poked my right eye lid and now it droops over my eye. Can this recover on its own or will it require surgery?
I have a dark spot in my vision in low light situations after I sustained minimal blunt trauma to the eye region.
I injured my right eye with a pen at the age of 3. The cornea was lacerated and the lens had to be removed.
My boyfriend was in a bad car accident and in the accident his cornea was cut. He had surgery to repair it but because of severe nerve damage they are unsure if he will be able to keep his eye.
I had cataract surgery 27 years ago and recently got hit in my left eye by machinery resulting in an elongated image—I see a square as a rectangle.
Is it OK to apply my antihistamine eye drops in my eye when I have a scratched eyeball?
I was hit in the eye with a football and I was diagnosed with a bruised retina.
I scratched my eyelid with my finger, the eyelid swelled, and seven days later, the swelling has gone, but the eyelid has drooped by half. Have I damaged a nerve? Is this curable, temporary or permanent?
Three days ago I was involved in a car accident. The air bag deployed and my right eye was left swollen.
My nephew told me his older brother held him down and pointed a laser pointer in his eye and held it there for some time about 6 years ago. He has a noticeable deficit of vision in one eye. What is the long term damage?
The clear coating on my eye is torn. Does this require treatment or will it heal on its own?
Should I use eyedrops to treat a subconjunctival hemorrhage?
Is it possible that exposure to cleaning products five years ago caused permanent damage to my eyes?
Is there any kind of contact lens which would act similar to the way transitional glasses work, i.e., darkening in the sun and going back to normal when in lower light?
A bug flew directly into my eye and I'm not sure that all of it came out.
My son was using the weed trimmer and a rock hit his eye. I think it hit his eyelid and it caused the eye to dilate--will this be all right? He says he can see fine.
Why is a patient with mild hyphema placed in an upright position?
I got paint in my eye—what should I do?
What is a recommended eye drop for a possible corneal abrasion at least until a doctor can be seen?
I was at work picking up a wooden pallet and debris fell into my left eye causing bloodshot, headache, and runny nose—how do I treat this?
I got hit with a ball on the eye. During the day I see fine, but at night I see a dark spot at the bottom of my vision. What does this symptom mean and how is it treated?
I was poked in the eye with a finger and immediately felt dizzy and had double images in my eye. Now my eye often gets painful, sensitive to light and it's red.
How do you treat scleritis and how long does it take to resolve?
I was punched by an elbow on my eye by accident almost 2 days ago. It was painful but it was looking normal. This afternoon I noticed blood on my eye, blurry vision and a very light pain.
Does altitude affect floaters?
What is the normal recovery time period after macular hole surgery?
I have a red mark on my eye that got bigger. I have been told it is bloodshot but it has been in my eye for two days now, I woke up and noticed the mark, it stings when I blink and I touched it and it really hurt. Can you help? Thanks.
My son is a tennis player and is out in the sun for long periods of time. He wears a hat but should he also be wearing sunglasses? I have heard from some experts that sunglasses are actually not good for your eyes.
Friday I was diagnosed with a retinal detachment and given a gas injection to the eye. I went back the next day and he lasered the tears shut and said everything looked good. However, I can still see the gas bubble in my eye. When does that go away?
I can see clearly out of either eye but when I look out of both eyes, I have double vision. It is like looking through binoculars when you see two images as you cannot get the eyepieces exactly right. What could cause this?
Recently I noticed floaters and flashes in my left eye and the eye specialist I went to said I had a vitreous detachment. He recommended I let him "weld" the detachment with a laser. Is this the right procedure and is it safe?
What are the warning signs of a retinal detachment? My son was hit fairly hard on the side of his head with the soccer ball during a game, and I want to make sure that he doesn’t have any problems.
What does a diagnosis of posterior vitreous detachment mean? Does one have to be careful about traveling or taking a plane when this problem is happening?
A small tree branch snapped back and hit my left eye. My eye is bloodshot and I don't know how to treat it.
Do you apply a chemical ice pack to an eye injury or not?
Hello, I’m from Argentina and my son who is 13 years old, was knocked with a soccer ball in his right eye and my ophthalmologist said that he lost the vision in 80% of his eye and there’s nothing he can do!! What do you recommend?
I have a question about my 1-year-old daughter whom I accidentally elbowed in the left eye, then suddenly a red spot occurred in her sclera. Is there a cure to treat the red spot? Please give me a guide to cure the red spot.
I scratched my eye while taking out a contact lens. My thumbnail was longer than I expected, and somehow I scratched the white part of my eyeball. Of course, it is bloodshot now, and a little irritated.
I took a direct shot in the eye with a tennis ball. It was a hard hit from the other player. I was wearing glasses, which are undamaged, but the next day my eye still aches (on a scale of 1-10, I give it a two). It feels like a bruise.
My husband always uses protective eyewear when he’s in his workshop, but now he’s telling me that I should use it when I’m out working in the yard. Do I really need to have protective eyewear to do my gardening chores?

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