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What are the risk factors for macular aneurysm?
What is the protocol for treatment of an eye hemorrhage (bleeding) in a 62-year-old diabetic?
At what point will my diabetes affect my eyesight?
Does an Avastin injection raise eye pressure?
What do diabetic patients need to know about their eyes and eye care? - Video Answer
Can eye injections to treat diabetic retinopathy cause stomach pain?
What are some eye diseases and conditions commonly found in more economically developed countries such as the UK and USA?
Can you tell if I have diabetes or high blood pressure by looking at my eyes?
What should I do for itchy eyes?
My mother is diabetic and she is now on insulin. She has been complaining about her eye sight getting poor. How can we prevent that?
My husband has a retinal artery that has been severely damaged by diabetes. Is it possible to regenerate the artery and return normal blood flow?
Can diabetes cause eye floaters (small specks you see in your field of vision)?
How soon can diabetic retinopathy develop after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes?
Can cataract surgery be done on a patient who has diabetes?
Do injections into the eye hurt?
My nephew has diabetes and has lost his sight. He can now only see shadows if close. Are there any options that could restore his sight?
What symptoms should I look for with a pre-diabetes diagnosis concerning my eye sight, if any?
How does high blood pressure affect vision?
Can corneal transplantation be successful if you’re diabetic?
What procedure is used for removing blood from the back of the eye? My husband is diabetic and is growing new vessels because of the bleeding.
I have been told I have veins growing over my irises and need to see a specialist. What does this mean?
Can histoplasmosis make you go blind?
How early does diabetes affect the eye? At what age should we do diabetic eye screening?
Does large weight loss cause vision change?
My son needs cataract surgery and has type 1 diabetes. I’m hearing conflicting opinions on whether inserting a Toric lens would be advisable.
What is the importance of fundoscopy?
I am a diabetic and I take "Ocuvite Adult 50+." Will this help my vision?
My husband has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. He’s working hard on keeping his blood sugar under control, and he’s even exercising again. But I’m worried because I read that diabetes can affect your eyesight. Should I be?
How is a diabetic retinopathy exam performed?
I was recently diagnosed with early onset diabetes and my vision is blurry at times. What does this mean and should I go in for an eye exam soon?
Could you give me the definition of low vision or visual impairment? My son has had two surgeries for diabetic retinopathy and is able to pass the eye chart test but still has blind spots and "angular" vision in one eye.

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