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In an article, I read that wearing of eyeglasses for myopia (nearsightedness) causes vision to get worse. Is it true?
Can cataract surgery and LASIK be performed at the same time?
Is there any research being done to get rid of the need for reading glasses (presbyopia)?
Can I switch between progressive and regular glasses?
I have been trying monovision with contact lenses for almost two weeks now. I am having severe headaches, nausea, and dizziness. How long does it take to get used to? Or maybe it's not for me?
Will my mom need glasses after cataract surgery?
Why is my left eye clear when I close my right but my right eye is not when I close my left? I wear progressive no line bifocals. I am a 70-year-old man.
Why are glasses better than contacts for astigmatism?
Are my orthokeratology lenses fitting correctly?
What is your view on eye exercises to improve my eyesight, e.g. the Bates method? Does it work?
Is it possible to get bifocals that include a prism to correct my double vision?
Should I be concerned about an increase in my prescription?
When can I get glasses after scleral buckle surgery?
I am curious as to why my non-prescription swim goggles correct my underwater vision?
Would it be OK for me to wear reading glasses without seeing the eye doctor first?
Can a LASIK procedure reverse itself in the years to come and put your vision back where it was before LASIK?
Can I get LASIK if I had a macular hole that was repaired by laser?
Can I get glasses made that would allow me to see the small electronic parts I'm soldering nine inches from my face?
What are the advantages of anti-reflective coatings on eyeglasses, if any?
What are the options for correction or reduction of high myopia?
What is the best way to get rid of protein deposits on hard lenses?
Can I wear my right lens in my left eye until my new contacts come in?
Is sudden onset of farsightedness possible in a 10-year-old?
Can I still have LASIK if I’m taking progesterone?
Can LASIK help me if I have poor vision after many other eye surgeries?
I have floaters three years after LASIK treatment. Is there an association?
Why would your sight be better when tucking your chin and looking out the top of your eyes?
If I have been told I have pigment dispersion syndrome, can wearing contacts cause this to progress or add to the problem?
I’m 64 years old. Can I get LASIK?
After I read for a while, I cannot see clearly in the distance. I see double. Why is that?
Is blade-free LASIK more beneficial (clinically or otherwise) than the traditional flap procedure?
Can I wear contact lenses if I have drusen?
Is it possible for thyroid medication to change the prescription of my eyes?
Is it possible to have LASIK for farsightedness after having it for nearsightedness?
Can corrective laser eye surgery lower the risk of retinal detachment?
Is it normal to have a YAG surgery done after LASIK if your vision is still blurry?
How will getting a near-vision IOL implanted during cataract surgery affect my distance vision?
How will my prior LASIK procedure affect cataract surgery?
Is analysis by an Optiwave Refractive Analysis (ORA) machine necessary for cataract surgery after LASIK?
Is it safe to do a laser or LASIK surgery if I have a scratched cornea?
Can a toric lens implanted during cataract surgery overcorrect astigmatism and create a vision impairment?
I had radial keratotomy performed several years ago, can I get LASIK done now?
Can I wear my contacts after a vitrectomy gas bubble has gone away?
Can Verisys lens implants be left in place during cataract surgery?
Should I avoid multifocal intraocular lenses if I’m at risk of AMD?
What would be the benefits of silicone-based hydrogel contact lenses over other kinds?
Is it safe to use an inversion table three years after LASIK surgery?
One of my contact lenses got dried out. Can I clean it and use it?
Can I wear my right contact lens in my left eye? I have astigmatism in my left eye but ran out of contacts.
Are flashes of light in my vision a sign that my intraocular lens is failing?
Is ortho-k gentle corneal reshaping (orthokeratology) safe?
My vision is blurry with my new progressive bifocals. Why?
I see better with my glasses on the tip of my nose. Why?
My 9-year-old son has a -1.25 prescription—how severe it that for his age?
My 11-month-old has been prescribed glasses. Can a baby wear glasses?
My contacts hurt after scleral buckle retina surgery. Is this normal?
Can retinal detachment treatment and corrective eye surgery to treat nearsightedness or other refractive errors be done at the same time?
Can medications like Geodon or lamictal cause or worsen astigmatism?
Is it possible to be allergic to intraocular lenses?
Besides the cost, what are the disadvantages of having cataract surgery to remove a cloudy lens when my vision hasn't worsened enough to warrant insurance paying for the surgery?
My 15-year-old son has been diagnosed with myopia (nearsightedness) and one eye was much worse than the other. After leaving the office with his prescription I realized that the prescription was the same for both eyes. Shouldn't they be different?
What are the main problems with having cataract surgery after previously having LASIK?
Can my toddler's myopia be reversed?
How long will it take to adjust to monovision cataract surgery?
Can you safely have LASIK surgery in both eyes at the same time?
Is it safe to get LASIK if you have large optic nerves on both sides? I have normal eye pressure.
Will it damage a child's eyes if they need glasses but don't get them?
My eye doctor told me if I wanted stronger prescription contacts for distance vision, I would have to give up some of my close-up vision. Is this true?
Do images look larger in an eye set for far vision than in an eye set for near vision?
Will cataract surgery affect my LASIK-corrected vision?
Is there any danger from leaving refractive errors (a focusing disorder of the eye, which includes nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism) uncorrected?
I have a high myopia (nearsightedness) of -22 in my right eye and -24 in my left. I’m 21 and I have been using thick glasses. Are contact lenses available with this prescription?
I had cataract surgery in 1944 and no intraocular lens was put in my eye. Can I have a lens put in now?
What can cause a fully rotated astigmatism (irregularly shaped cornea)?
I have been wearing 2-week disposable contacts for eight years. All of a sudden, my contacts hardly improve my vision and are blurry.
I read that posterior staphylomas usually progress with age. Is that always true?
My daughter has astigmatism (imperfectly shaped cornea) and ocular albinism (lack of color in the eye). Would dark glasses help her vision?
My 2-year-old likes to wear my reading glasses at home. He thinks it's funny, and frankly, it is cute. But he'll keep them on for long periods of time. Can this hurt his eyes?
My 8-year-old’s eye rejected the intraocular lens (IOL) after cataract surgery and now she wears cataract glasses. Are there any cataract glasses that are thinner than the usual ones?
My son is 7 years old and he reads only when his eyes are very close to the paper. What should I do?
When I took out my contact lenses I experienced severe burning and pain. When I put the contacts back in, the pain and burning stops.
Shouldn't the lenses in my eyeglasses correct each eye separately?
My niece has a bad astigmatism in her right eye and she refuses to wear her glasses. Does this cause further eye problems?
I have two very different eye prescriptions (-8 and -4) which makes me very dizzy to switch between glasses and contacts. Is there any way to fix this? Also, what is this condition called?
My cornea is too thin to perform LASIK. So is there a way to thicken the cornea or is there another way around it to perform this procedure?
Can I get lens replacement only to correct vision?
If contacts are left in someone’s eyes for too long and Visine and saline solution create a burning sensation, would coconut oil be an effective alternative?
Can a refractive error be the cause for recurrent styes?
I wanted to know if it's safe to wear two pairs of contacts at the same time.
I am 57 years old and have been using reading glasses for computer work, reading books, etc. Would laser refractive eye surgery fix this?
My husband uses rigid (extended use) contact lenses and has been experiencing "burning" pain almost every day after several hours of usage (one eye at a time, on both eyes).
Does an eye prescription add weight to the optical lens?
Do I need to rinse and rub disposable contact lenses with solution when I take them out of the package?
My daughter, 18, just went to the DMV to obtain her driving permit and could not pass the eye exam with one eye.
Can the shape of lenses (rectangular versus oval) undermine the effectiveness of a prism?
Since my cataract and lens replacement surgery I've been having a problem with distance vision while driving.
Can I get LASIK with keratoconus?
Is there any way to fix flap striae 3 years after LASIK?
Does watching TV and/or using a computer about one or two hours after having your eyes dilated cause any problems to your eyesight?
My astigmatism changed from .50 to 3.5 within four years. Is this a bad sign or normal?
Would scleroplasty or sclerotomy be beneficial for a patient with high myopia that is progressive at around one diopter annually?
For adult eye alignment, are small prisms in the lenses a treatment solution when eye surgery didn’t help?
Can I continue to wear my contact lenses while treating pink eye?
Is the degradation of depth perception an inevitable result of aging?
Can I do something to control the progression of my son's myopia?
When I woke up my eyes felt swollen and looked bloodshot. I went to the doctors to get a prescription for my eye yesterday and it already feels better but my eye lid is still puffy and purple.
My 7-year-old son was prescribed glasses a year ago after "failing" his 6 year well-child checkup.
Can you get LASIK surgery after a cornea transplant?
Can I still wear contact lenses with early-stage glaucoma?
I have an extremely lazy eye. My eye doctor put a prism in my good eye and none in my lazy eye lens. Is this normal?
Can My Fiance's Poor Eyesight Be Treated?
Can I wear contacts after my retinal tear surgery?
My 4-year-old was just prescribed glasses for farsightedness. He refuses to wear them.
Can contact lenses melt to a person's eyes from looking in a fire?
Which kind of laser vision correction is right for me?
If you have astigmatism in one eye do you always have it in the other eye?
I need examination for double vision, possibly in one eye. Should I visit an ophthalmologist or optometrist?
Can a contact lens biomicroscopy exam cause floaters?
What do you think about adjustable-focus prescription eyeglasses which allow the wearer to adjust the focal distance of the lenses at any time while wearing the glasses? Do you recommend these glasses?
How long should contact lenses (hard, RGP lenses) be discontinued before cataract surgery measurements are taken?
Is there a minimum recommended age to let children start wearing glasses?
If you have presbyopia, can you have corrective surgery to restore near focus without affecting your otherwise normal distance vision?
I play golf but cannot see the ball in flight.
I need reading glasses. Is it better to use separate glasses or bifocals?
If you have astigmatism prior to cataract surgery that is not corrected during the surgery, are you any more likely to have a posterior vitreous detachment (PVD)?
I have been told that I must stop wearing my contact lenses for two to four weeks prior to my cataract surgery.
What type of liquid soap can I wash my hands with before handling contacts?
I have an oily film/fog that covers my rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses the minute I put them in.
Is the Restor lens a multifocal or accommodative type and what is the difference in the two types?
I have been told that to be a good candidate for LASIK that your cornea has to be thick enough.
I saw streaks coming off all of the lights while I was driving at night in new glasses. Why?
Is it normal for some people to not be able to open their eyes enough to have LASIK preoperative measurements taken?
I'm nearsighted with retinitis pigmentosa and I need to have cataract surgery in both eyes.
Is it customary to charge a fee for overcorrection services during the recovery period following LASIK surgery?
I'm 62 and my distance vision has improved without spectacles. Why is that?
Could smoking marijuana before my pre-op exam for blade-free LASIK affect the results?
Can cataracts and presbyopia be taken care of with the same surgery?
I have had perfect vision all my life. Since turning 50—I am now 53—I have gone from needing no glasses to having to use a 2.50 reading glasses for working on a PC and using my phone.
My mother is 90 and she recently had her cataracts removed. They placed lenses for one eye far away and one for close. Is there an easy way for her to get used to using one eye for each?
If I have my cataract lens set for distance, can I use contact lenses for reading without blurring distance vision?
Can you explain the difference between no-line bifocals, progressive bifocals, and trifocals?
Is it possible to have a LASIK eye surgery if you have glaucoma?
I wear contact lenses daily to correct myopia in both eyes and am planning to have cataract surgery. Post surgery, will I be able to resume wearing contact lenses if needed to correct my vision (instead of eyeglasses)?
I have the faint beginnings of a cataract in my left eye.
Can you wear contacts if needed after LASIK vision correction?
I had LASIK eye surgery in March 2012, and a retouch in October. I need another retouch and my eye doctor prescribed dilating eye drops to use every night for two weeks. Why would I need to dilate my eyes every night?
I have worn glasses since grade school and I am now 62. I went to have my eyes examined and now have 20/20. How is this possible?
Is there such a thing as contacts that you wear at night and take out during the day and can see normally?
Are ultra-sonic cleaning machines safe to use on gas permeable lenses?
I am having cataract surgery and have astigmatism. Can I have a non-toric lens inserted?
What's the impact of overcorrecting a prescription?
What is the surgeon's role when performing PRK eye surgery?
I think I may have an eye infection caused by wearing my contacts.
I had cataracts removed a few years back but when I try to look in a mirror to put eye make-up on it’s impossible.
When performing vision screening for elementary students should I refer them to an eye doctor if they lean forward or turn their head to the side while looking at the eye chart?
Can contact lenses covered in shower gel harm your eye?
I had double vision after having Lyme disease. Now I have a prism which was changed to 23. What else can be done?
If you wear an outdated pair of contact lenses, can it harm your eyes?
Is it possible to develop astigmatism later in life?
I have been diagnosed with narrow angle glaucoma and it has been suggested I have laser iridotomy. With this type of eye condition would I be able to have LASIK eye correction?
Is the Allegrato Laser FDA-approved for LASIK?
I had cataract surgery four years ago and now I need reading glasses. Do I need prescription reading glasses or can I use store bought reading glasses?
How do I get a contact lens out from the top of my eye?
How does pregnancy affect LASIK?
I have beginning symptoms of Fuchs' dystrophy and do not wear contact lenses due to the discomfort and dryness. As a Fuchs’ patient, is it possible to consider LASIK as an alternative?
What is the normal healing time following an astigmatic keratotomy and what normal side effects should one expect?
I would like to know where I can purchase prescription goggles for judo.
Can astigmatism go away?
Can prism glasses help center my lazy eye and correct my astigmatism?
If my 10-year-old doesn’t wear his glasses, will the strain of not wearing them make his eyes worsen more
Can I improve eye vision naturally through exercises so I don’t need to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses?
I have cataracts but am getting along well enough for now with prescription glasses. As the cataracts advance, can my glasses be made stronger periodically until I decide it is time for surgery? A relative has told me an optometrist will not prescribe
Should you have LASIK if you have cataracts?
Will wearing contacts for distance worsen my near vision?
What are "normal" results of an eye exam? Other than 20/20, what are normal axis and sphere numbers.
Is there a device on the market that would help someone with a tremor to insert and take out contact lenses?
Is the refractive power of a monofocal IOL based on the refractive power of eyeglasses currently worn at the time of cataract surgery, or is the calculation for the IOLs based on a totally different criteria?
Will high myopia ever stabilize and if so, at what age does this happen? Can people with high myopia expect to live a normal life and do things like drive a car and work a regular job?
I have got this strange problem; the picture I get into my right eye is approx. 30-50% smaller than the picture I get into my left eye. Both pictures are otherwise perfect.
I am working in outdoor places under the sun, sometimes all day. What sunglasses are suitable for me?
I have keratoconus. Is this a refractive eye error?
Is eye pain common post LASIK surgery? How long does the cornea take to heal after LASIK?
What would cause my eyelids and tear glands to be red, each morning?
When should you get your eyes checked?
My son is 19 and has always had problems with his eyes. I want laser surgery for him. They told me to wait until he's 21. Right now he's at a negative 9 in the right eye and a negative 9.5 in left eye. How bad is that?
I am both nearsighted and farsighted and began wearing my glasses full time about five years ago at age 48.
I have tested yearly lenses versus monthly lenses. Now I have to choose again. The monthly are twice as expensive as the others, but are supposed to allow more oxygen to arrive to the cornea. Is it true or just marketing?
I was wondering how dangerous circle lenses are (they are the enlarging contact lenses)? Would it still be okay if I were to clean them often and wear them only for about six hours?
My doctor informed me that without contacts or glasses, I am legally blind. What does this mean?
My son is only 11 and he wants to wear contacts, I think he's too young. Is there a specific age for contact wearers?

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