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Should I see an ophthalmologist for a tear-drop shaped pupil?
Does herbal medicine for sleep worsen dry eye?
Can I use a warm compress on a red painful eye with sclerosis?
What is the best treatment for recurrent corneal erosion?
Can eye polyps be treated?
Who should I see to treat irritation from eye prosthesis?
I have dry eyes and my eyes and get red and sore if I read for too long. Anything I can do?
Will my droopy eyelid return to normal after fungal keratitis treatment?
Will my pinguecula be a problem with my transplanted cornea?
Is there any treatment for calcium build-up on my optic nerve?
How can I stop my conjunctival cyst from coming back again?
Is there treatment for age-related loss of depth perception?
I’ve been advised to treat my blepharitis (swelling of the eyelids caused by clogged oil glands) using antibacterial shampoo. Where can l find it and what is it called?
Are my cancer treatments causing my recurring pink eye?
What analgesic eye drops (medicine to reduce pain) can be used for eye pain after contact lenses removal?
What is the protocol for treatment of an eye hemorrhage (bleeding) in a 62-year-old diabetic?
Can allergies affect just one eye but not the other?
I woke up four days ago and noticed some bruising and slight puffiness under my right eye and then a stye appeared. I understand the stye, but what is the deal with the puffiness and bruising? It's almost swollen.
Can Optrex be used with punctal plugs?
Is there any treatment for thinning of the retinal veins?
How can I avoid strange visual symptoms from detached retina?
Should I be concerned that my myopia continues to worsen at 25?
How would I classify my gold/blue central heterochromatic eyes in my paperwork? Could I just classify my eyes as more than one color?
In spring due to pollen can you feel heaviness and pressure in the eyes?
What are retinal ridges and how do they affect eyesight?
Can myasthenia gravis affecting the right eye also have any effect on vocal chords or the tongue muscle?
How do I treat the pain from herpes of the eye?
This morning while working on my computer, I was having bright wavy lines fluctuating in my vision. I couldn't read or focus at distances and after 30 minutes it went away. Any idea what might be going on?
Can you tell me about superior limbic keratoconjunctivitis?
If my molluscums are treated will my blepharitis go away?
Is there anything I can do to stop my recurring styes?
How long does it take to fully recover from keratitis?
I have severe eye pain and am unsure of cause
I think I may have heterochromia but I’m not sure.
Why would the sclera wrinkle and fold?
Is it safe to get hepatitis A and B vaccination when you have viral pink eye?
Can I still wear contact lenses after having a corneal abrasion more than a year ago?
Is it true that taking high doses of omega 3 is good to improve dry eyes?
Will a sunburst in my eye from high sugar go away on its own?
How long can pink eye "live" on surfaces?
I have dry eyes—can zyrtec for allergies cause this?
Is my mother’s eyelid problem related to her Wernicke-Korsakoff?
What eye specialist would I see if I am experiencing temporary blindness in one eye or sometimes both eyes?
Does a newly-scarred macula get worse?
Can my pink eye be causing a droopy eyelid?
What is the best method to flip my eyelid and remove my ocular lithiasis?
Can I have laser surgery to remove cataracts if I have a lazy eye?
Why does the sun still hurt my eyes, even when I wear sunglasses and a hat?
Can I still drive a car if I have a pupil that reacts slowly to light?
Are my computer-related symptoms eye strain?
What drops are the best for blepharitis?
Should I wear a medic alert bracelet because my pupils are naturally different sizes?
Can I develop a nevus (brown spot) on the white of my eye later in life?
Can a hemangioma near the eye be treated?
Can you get double vision if you're blind in one eye?
Can dry eyes cause glare while driving at night?
After having vitrectomy surgery, can your eye still bleed inside or does this surgery prevent future bleeding?
Are there any treatments being developed for foveal hypoplasia?
Can dried blood be removed from the eye?
Should you try not to read very much after branch retinal vein occlusion?
What are the risks if you leave branch retinal vein occlusion untreated?
Can psoriasis cause severe light sensitivity?
Is it normal to have floaters and flashes a day after torn retina laser treatment?
How long does it take for an Avastin injection to work?
Is it normal to have foggy vision after a posterior vitreous detachment?
What is normal for a chalazion or stye as it heals?
Will high blood pressure affect the size of the pupils in the eye?
Are FML eye allergy drops safe if I've had herpes simplex, but never had it in my eye?
What are some eye diseases and conditions commonly found in more economically developed countries such as the UK and USA?
What medication is injected into the eye for a retinal occlusion (a blockage of veins in the back of the eye)?
Can you have a cosmetic iris implant surgery if you have a detached retina?
How costly is lattice degeneration to repair?
Does an occlusion in the eye cause pain in the socket surrounding the eye?
Is it safe to use Yellox (bronfenac) eye drops for 3 months?
Should I avoid multifocal intraocular lenses if I’m at risk of AMD?
Is there anything I can do to help a posterior vitreous detachment?
How can I improve my thin retina?
Are small flashes of light a problem?
What are the latest treatment options for ocular rosacea? Anything being done in clinical trials?
Why has the outer layer of my eye started sliding and wrinkling?
Can tight-fitting goggles raise eye pressure and cause glaucoma or other damage?
Will a coloboma (a birth defect that results in missing ocular tissue) on infants ever go away later on in life?
My contacts hurt after scleral buckle retina surgery. Is this normal?
Will an eye patch stop flashes of light from posterior vitreous detachment?
Is it dangerous to leave a pinguecula untreated?
How long does it take the eye to heal after removal of a nevus (a mole on the eye that is typically harmless) on the surface of the eye?
Will flying make the hole in my retina worse?
What causes eyelids to feel so heavy that they want to close all the time?
I had strabismus as a child and now notice a yellow pupil in photographs. Should I be concerned?
I just received a report from the school nurse that my son failed his vision test because of bilateral stereopsis. What is this?
I am a 58-year-old female and have noticed a milky crescent on the upper portion of my iris. What is this an indication of?
Can blockage in the carotid arteries (the two large veins that carry blood to the brain) cause temporary partial and total loss of vision in one eye?
Can throbbing eye pain be a symptom of dry eye syndrome?
As far back as I can remember I have had raised yellowish bumps in the whites of both of my eyes. I was told it was called sailor's eye. Should I be worried?
After my surgery for pterygium, is it conceivable that it will grow back for the third time?
Which eye disorders can be associated with fetal alcohol syndrome (a range of disorders caused by alcohol exposure while in the womb)?
My 13-year-old son recently underwent surgery for a detached retina. How long after surgery should we wait before letting him resume unrestricted sports activities?
What is choroidal neovascularization and is there treatment for it?
For some time now, when I look at an object and look away I still see an outline of the object. This happens in both eyes. Do you know what causes this?
Is it safe to fly if I have flashes and floaters?
Is myopia hereditary (passed from parent to child)? If not, what are the other possible causes and why have cases of myopia increased since 1970s?
Can I continue to work as a welder if I've had a pterygium?
Are bright lights making my occult macular dystrophy worse?
Can I travel to a high altitude if I have a retinal hole?
I am a 57-year-old female and have just been informed that I have soft drusen and leakage. How is this treated?
Can the iris of one eye be larger than the other?
I have noticed that my eyelids are less visible. I have also noticed that I seem to see better when I lift my lids manually. Could this be a side effect of Botox?
What concentration of tea tree oil should my son use to treat Demodex (mites) in his eyelashes?
I have swollen eyelids caused by giant papillary conjunctivitis and have stopped wearing contact lenses with little improvement. Can you recommend additional treatments?
How unusual is it for recurrent corneal erosion (a condition that causes the cornea to wear away over time) to be caused, at least in part, by blepharitis (a condition that causes inflamed and irritated eyelids)?
Is research close to restoring eye sight for someone who has experienced repeated retinal detachments?
I do not have any hair on my body due to alopecia. I have no eyelashes and I have noticed that my eyes are sensitive to bright lights. Do you think that's because I have no eyelashes to protect my eyes?
Will stem cell or gene therapies bring cures for congenital ptosis (drooping of the eyelid that can limit vision)?
What is blood vessel growth in front of the eye called?
Are there any exercises that would help my client's double vision and nystagmus?
I've had a stye for almost three weeks. As soon as I noticed the stye I took my contacts out and have worn glasses for three weeks. Is it okay to put the same contacts in? They've been in solution for three weeks.
My daughter, 15, just told us her vision goes dark two to three times per day for as long as 12 seconds, then vision comes back and she says she is dizzy. What can be the cause?
Can retinal cysts be removed without removing the vitreous humor?
My 6-year-old seems to have a freckle on his lower eyelid. Is this common?
What are the signs and symptoms of eye microaneurysms?
Can jumping on a mini-trampoline be dangerous if you have increased risk of detached retina?
Will my grandson's drooping eyelid get better with time, or should we do something?
When I took out my contact lenses I experienced severe burning and pain. When I put the contacts back in, the pain and burning stops.
Does the Lipiflow treatment for dry eyes work?
Should I be seen by a doctor if one pupil suddenly has become dilated?
Is there a home remedy for blocked tear duct?
How come there is no corneal cancer even though it is exposed to continuous radiation?
What medication is available over the counter to help treat a corneal ulcer?
Can a child be born with a macular hole?
My eyes were very itchy a couple days ago and I kept on rubbing them. When I woke up this morning, two days later, my left eye was swollen and it really hurt every time I blinked or touched the corner of it.
Since being diagnosed with Bell's palsy (3 months ago) my face is sensitive to fluorescent lighting. When I am in a room with this type of lighting the left side of my face feels like it is burning and then my left eye goes twitchy. Why is that?
Can stress worsen Adie's pupil? Are yoga and massage therapy recommended treatments?
What eye disease can be triggered by Azulfidine?
Can you wear contacts if you have blepharitis?
How do you treat an eye infection/irritation due to eyelash extensions (glue)?
Is it possible to get an eye infection from E. coli?
Can the eyes be negatively affected by arthritis?
What is the treatment for corneal edema?
What might be the cause of upper eyelid twitching (myokymia) lasting on and off over several months?
If an individual has optic disc drusen, can a dermatologist perform a Pelleve skin tightening treatment (radio-frequency) on his or her orbital eye area and eyelids?
What is an elevation on the retina and what causes it?
Can a Hollenhorst plaque be dissolved or removed from your eye?
Can you be born with keratoconus?
Can a refractive error be the cause for recurrent styes?
My vision is getting worse, with "strobe" type flashes along the edge of my vision and pain in my left eye.
What is the treatment for a retinal cyst?
I have a nerve condition (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy / Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) and have been dealing with blurry vision, double vision, floaters and halos. Could this be something from the nerve condition or something else?
I have an infection in my eye that I believe is a form of keratitis. What medicine do I need to get over the counter to help me?
If I suffer from ptosis on the left eye and I would like to delay surgery, how else can I strengthen my eyelid muscle?
About eight months ago, the inner corner of my right upper eyelid was itching, and then it started swelling.
Our 10-year-old son just had brain surgery and due to swelling he cannot open his left eye.
I'm interested in non-surgical treatment for upper lid retraction. Is this available?
How can an Eye MD differentiate between dry eye and blocked tear duct?
I'm 50 and have high myopia (-11) in both eyes and have been using contact lenses for over 25 years. Are there any treatments I should be seeking out for my high myopia?
I am taking Halaven chemo and it has given me very watery eyes. What can I take to stop tearing and dripping?
I did a dilation examination today and the doctor discovered several retinal holes on both of my eyes.
If an epi-retinal membrane (wrinkled retina) is behind a cataract, will it make any difference in vision to remove the cataract or will vision not improve until the ERM is removed also?
What is premature vitreous detachment?
My 10-year-old son is losing his eyelashes.
My mom has had several strokes and is diagnosed epileptic.
I was told the reason I got dry eye is the lid does not close all the way.
I have a swollen upper eyelid, which is very droopy and sore.
Why is my son seeing everything in green?
I went to the swimming pool twice and had a very bad reaction to the glare of the sun coming off the water.
Can you fly in an airplane with a wrinkle on the retina?
How can a wrinkle on the retina be corrected without surgery?
What might cause scarring of the retina in a 20-year-old?
Do flashes always signal a tear or detachment? Is it possible that the flash is temporary?
Is it possible to be colorblind in one eye only?
My daughter, 18, just went to the DMV to obtain her driving permit and could not pass the eye exam with one eye.
Is an eye stroke easy to diagnose without an eye angiogram or MRI?
How is ptosis in babies cured?
If I have my face lasered to get rid of the rosacea, will that prevent my eyes from getting rosacea again in the future?
My mum had shingles in her ear which caused facial palsy.
Can you swim with pink eye?
When my husband removes his eyeglasses, round objects appear to be oval. Do you know what causes this?
My doctor scraped off a retinal abscess yesterday and I'm experiencing horrible pain.
What will cause the eye to have no pressure after re-attachment of the retina?
What symptoms should I look for with a pre-diabetes diagnosis concerning my eye sight, if any?
The doctor says the vein going to my eye is blocked. What can I do?
After working at a computer screen for an hour or more, I get double vision in each eye separately.
My eyes have difficulty following images in motion like watching an action movie or a football game. Why is this?
I see a wavy light in the peripheral vision of my right eye. What's causing this?
My astigmatism changed from .50 to 3.5 within four years. Is this a bad sign or normal?
There is something that appears to look like a tear in my eye near my pupil. If it is a tear what can be done?
Would scleroplasty or sclerotomy be beneficial for a patient with high myopia that is progressive at around one diopter annually?
I had a stroke in July 2011. I can see but cannot move my eyeballs. Is there any treatment for this?
I just returned from the eye doctor and he said I have pressure behind both eyes and that I might have calcification build-up on the optic nerve. What exactly does this mean?
When I am reading I see a shadow that becomes apparent after a short time of reading. Could this be the result of fatigue or might it be diabetic retinopathy?
Can optical melanoma spread to other parts of the body?
My 5-year-old son has Ehlers-Danlos III and had an eye exam today as I had seen a clear thick film near the corner of his eye (not on the pink part).
My 7-year-old daughter says that every once in a while she sees a white hexagon shape in her vision.
For adult eye alignment, are small prisms in the lenses a treatment solution when eye surgery didn’t help?
Can I continue to wear my contact lenses while treating pink eye?
My eyes hurt at night when I close them to sleep and then try to open them. This has been going on for a few weeks. Should I see a doctor?
I had a flash of very bright light that completely covered my vision in my right eye that lasted 5 minutes.
I have been told I have photopsia. Can you tell me what this is and what causes it?
I have a half-moon spot of yellowish/cream color at the top of both eyes in the iris.
Is there a way to fix an eyelid droop due to chlamydia?
I have periodic checks done of my eye "freckle" and it shows no change. Should I be concerned?
Is a stye infection caused by a staph bacteria?
What is involved in an eye exam for a toddler (3 years old)?
I can't figure out why my eyes start overflowing with tears every time I laugh, even just a little. What could be causing this?
My ophthalmologist wants to do a three snip procedure for my blocked tear duct. Can you tell me anything more about this procedure?
What causes an overactive tear duct and how is it treated?
I am unable to see anything during sun light. My vision is absolutely blind in sun light and it reflects back and also color is not visible in normal light or in sunlight. What’s wrong with me?
One of my mom's eyes has been lacrimating for months.
How much would it cost to have a nevus removed?
How long I should wait before running again after macular hole repair surgery?
Some mornings I wake up with a very sharp pain in the outer corner of my right eye.
When I woke up my eyes felt swollen and looked bloodshot. I went to the doctors to get a prescription for my eye yesterday and it already feels better but my eye lid is still puffy and purple.
My eye pressure was measured at 25. Should I be concerned?
Can over-use of sleep medicine cause pupil dilation in one eye only?
Is there any eye drop available to treat chalazia?
Why are multifocal IOLs not recommended to correct cataracts of adults with strabismus?
If I have a posterior capsulotomy performed on my eyes would this have any effect on my floaters and eye migraines?
I can only see out of one eye at a time but can quickly switch so it is not noticeable even to me. What is that called?
I am 15 years old and this morning I noticed my eyelid was sagging a bit. What is happening?
Is there another treatment for macular edema besides injection that you can recommend?
I am 62 years old and have had double vision for over a year. Will patching one eye at least five hours a day cause permanent damage?
What causes the cornea to thicken?
Since she started losing her vision, my mother has been experiencing hallucinations. Is there any treatment for this?
I have an extremely lazy eye. My eye doctor put a prism in my good eye and none in my lazy eye lens. Is this normal?
What can be done to treat recurring eyelashes from growing and rubbing against the eyeball?
What's the treatment for filamentary keratitis?
I have corneal vascularization and have never worn contacts. What are other possible causes? What are the treatment options?
What is the prognosis for a thinning retina?
Is it all right to fly after valsalva retinopathy?
Is there a treatment for leukocoria (cat eye reflex condition)?
Is there another drug besides prednisone for scleritis?
Will vitamins help my macular pucker?
I woke up to a complete loss of vision in my left eye.
I have a retinal scar, so my central vision is very poor from my left eye. Is there any treatment to remove the scar from the retina and improve vision?
Could I reverse eye damage caused by UV light by taking certain supplements?
My 7-month-old child was diagnosed with a unilateral macular scar.
Why does my right eye take half an hour to refocus after close work (e.g. reading, sewing)?
Does dermatochalasis influence traction on the retina?
Why have the whites of my eyes taken on a blue/green hue?
I need examination for double vision, possibly in one eye. Should I visit an ophthalmologist or optometrist?
Can a contact lens biomicroscopy exam cause floaters?
What do you think about using YAG laser to treat floaters?
I have been experiencing some eye pain, burning, blurry vision and mucus.
I have been diagnosed with macular pucker and while the distortion that I have is not severe, it is nevertheless somewhat annoying, particularly when driving.
I am looking for empirically-based recommendations about the diagnosis and treatment of "visual stress syndrome" and Irlen syndrome.
I suffer from moderate congenital ptosis that is not affecting my eyesight, yet my eyelid involuntarily droops completely when I feel shy or embarrassed.
I have had ptosis for over 30 years. I am now 87 years of age. Are there more risks than benefits for eye surgery to correct the problem?
I am very sensitive to light every morning and cannot open my eyes.
How can I clear up conjunctivitis due to an allergic reaction from eye ointment?
How do you get blackbird eye disease?
I have clouding of both eyes and have been to a specialist.
I have plateau iris and had a laser iridotomy performed four weeks ago.
I was diagnosed with high pressure in my eyes. Could certain cholesterol medications be the cause?
What are the treatments for an eye stroke and can you regain full eyesight?
I see a ring in my cornea that looks like crystals. What is it? I only see it when the sun illuminates it from the side.
Where can l get help for my 24-year-old daughter who has blepharochalasis which is affecting her daily life?
I just found out I have drusen in my right eye. What causes them in younger people (I am 45)?
Is it safe to have ptosis surgery if you have had Bell’s Palsy?
I have a bacterial eye infection. What is the treatment of choice?
I am experiencing a continuous bright spot in my vision in one eye.
How many hours of close work are advisable after a high pressure reading by my optician?
How can I massage for blocked tear ducts in an adult?
Can dry eye lead to blindness?
Should I take a break from exercising after laser treatment on a retinal hole?
What kind of repair should be done for a small torn retina? Laser or cryo?
I have had allergic conjunctivitis occur in winter three years in a row now.
Can stress cause temporary visual loss/disturbance?
I am suffering from extreme photophobia since my recent cataract surgery and YAG laser procedure.
I used the Trans Derm Scop patch for motion sickness and have had blurred vision and dilated pupils for three weeks after wearing it.
What could cause an adult to see bright, revolving orbs of light at the sides of both eyes, intermittently, every day, sometimes even with eyes closed?
How long does it take for bacterial keratitis to heal with eye drops?
My 20-year-old granddaughter has a drooping eyelid.
Can chalazia cause a permanent droopy eyelid, or ptosis?
I have a chalazion. Can I use epsom salts in the warm water compress?
My eyelid suddenly became itchy, then painful and swollen. Do you know what may have caused this?
What would cause raised white tissue on the whites of the eye, near and around the iris?
I have a pterygium in my right eye. Can it be removed by using lasers instead of conventional surgery?
What are the symptoms of an eye aneurysm and how is it repaired?
I am curious as to why I have recurring corneal ulcers in both my eyes.
What might cause white spots on the retina?
I've been blind in one eye for 12 years, and now I'm having an increasing number of migraines. Are these related?
I have a choroidal membrane. Can I have cataract surgery?
My daughter's sclera have become yellow recently while she is in Costa Rica. What could cause this other than jaundice?
I have an ingrown eyelash—do I need to go to an Eye M.D. or an optometrist?
What is a xanthomas and how is it treated?
If you have macular edema that is being treated by injections, can you drink wine?
I can only cry out of one eye.
How valid are the claims of Changizi for his glasses that "cure" color blindness?
My son has developed blindness in one eye and decreased sight in the other. This was caused by fistulas in his brain that caused decreased blood flow to his eyes and damaged his optic nerve. Can any procedures help restore his sight?
I have extreme intermittent pain in my right eye near the nasal part. Is there a sinus problem?
What might be the cause and cure of a myelinated nerve fiber layer condition?
Can you get a yeast infection in your eye?
I have an oily film/fog that covers my rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses the minute I put them in.
About once or twice a month I have these strange pulsing images in both my eyes. I can see them even when I close my eyes.
I'm having an in-hospital biopsy and removal of a cyst on the surface of my eye. What can I expect and can you tell me more about this?
I have been told that a corneal transplant is not an option for me. Is that correct?
I’m experiencing intense itching mostly on the lower inner lid of one eye. This has been going on for about a month. What could it be?
What is an epiretinal membrane?
Is surgery always indicated for a retinal hole?
I am 61 years old with a PVD. Will it heal, get worse, or suddenly need surgery?
Is there an eye condition that causes the eye to produce sand-like particles?
What could be a reason for eyeball pain? My eye feels swollen and is sensitive to touch on the eyelid and underneath the eye.
If I choose not to have retinal hole surgery will this condition become worse or will it stay the same?
Can I use an inversion table for my back a year after retina reattachment surgery with a buckle?
I have central retinal vein occlusion (CRVO). If the swelling in the optic nerves is eliminated and they go back to normal size, can the vein then return to normal functioning?
My eyeball hurts and I was wondering if I should I see an ophthalmologist, an optometrist or a general practitioner? I have not sustained an injury to my eye.
I have Marcus Gunn jaw winking syndrome.
My daughter is 11 years old and at her last eye exam with an optometrist, we asked about what looks like a blood blister on her lower lid.
Is ripping of the muscle during a strabismus surgery normal?
Could high altitude affect esotropia?
What are possible complications from pinguecula treatment?
I have arcus senilis and slightly bloodshot eyes. Is there a treatment for reversal of the cholesterol in my eyes? Also, can I eliminate the red veins?
I have a red, slightly itchy rash around the skin of my eyelids—is this a possible allergic reaction?
What is a chorioretinal scar?
I have Fuchs' dystrophy and am concerned that my daughter may inherit it, since it is autosomal dominant.
My elderly father commented that he is "seeing objects backwards.” Is this possible and what might this be?
What medication would be injected into the arm as a treatment for branch retinal vein occlusion which could make one vomit within one hour after the injection?
I lost vision in my non-dominant eye due to a maverick blood clot in a vein to my retina. Can this be fixed? Are there any tricks to manage it better?
My 10-year-old has been diagnosed with peripheral retinal whitening. How dangerous is it?
This past week I developed an infection and was prescribed prednisolone and atropine. This morning I woke up and there is a large brown spot on my iris and my pupil has quadrupled in size and is an irregular shape.
I was diagnosed with presumed ocular histoplasmosis syndrome 15 years ago. About six months ago after a 10 hour airplane flight, I lost central vision in my right eye. Could flying be responsible for causing the blood vessels to leak?
I had a macular scar in my right eye. Is there any possibility that it could spread to my other good eye?
I have pink eye and the doctor gave me erythromycin ointment which I’ve been using for 3 days, but it is still red. How long does it take before it starts clearing up?
Could a niacin flush have an effect on the pigments in the iris causing a discoloration that results in lightening or darkening the eyes?
What could cause a 6-year-old to blink hard and constantly?
What is convergence deficiency and what causes it? Could it be caused by premature birth?
For the past few weeks my 9-year-old son's eyes will (for no apparent reason) look up to the right.
My 5-year-old daughter has been complaining of intermittent eye pain for the last 3 weeks.
My 3-year-old son has started blinking a lot while watching TV and watching some cartoons on the iPad. Nowadays we see him blink more in the evening. Do you know what might be causing this?
Why does my son keep dropping his head and swaying his head left to right while watching TV?
I'm 62 and my distance vision has improved without spectacles. Why is that?
I have red in my eye from what may be a popped vessel and am experiencing some pressure there that goes away and comes back. Is this a major problem?
My 2-year-old has always had very large pupils. Is it normal for some children to have very large pupils? Can this be a sign of any other problems?
Twice my son has lost his peripheral vision. It lasts for about 30 minutes and then goes away. He sometimes has a headache afterwards.
I have had perfect vision all my life. Since turning 50—I am now 53—I have gone from needing no glasses to having to use a 2.50 reading glasses for working on a PC and using my phone.
I was diagnosed with many calcium bits in both eyes. What treatment is there for this?
I suffer from map dot fingerprint dystrophy. Do you have any suggestions on how to avoid flare-ups?
Can a stye begin as a red spot just inside of the lower lid?
My daughter has had a stye that reoccurs in the same lower lid.
What is vertical diplopia an indicator of?
Can conjunctivitis cause your eyes not to dilate?
This question seems really trivial after reading all of the other questions but here goes: my husband and myself are extremely nearsighted and our 3-year-old likes to read herself to sleep every night. Will this cause an undesired strain on her eyes?
My 7-year-old boy tells us that his vision gets blurry so he has to pop his eyes (stretch them wide open without using hands) to clear things up.
I have a 9-year-old niece with high myopia of around -15 D
I'm 20 years old and I haven't been to an eye doctor for over five years.
Do you know of an eye wash/rinse—usually applied with an eye cup—that is okay to use if I have dry eye syndrome?
I am 63 years old and in the last few months have been having trouble with my eyelids just closing for no apparent reason.
What is a mass of cells in the eye? Should I be worried?
Is it possible—through either eye disease or injury—to lose the ability to blink?
I'm very worried because I just realized that I see differently with one eye than the other. I see colors darker with my right eye. Colors appear warmer with the right eye and colder with my left.
For about a year now my vision blurs and gets distorted as though I'm looking through water droplets or tears. It does not clear up with blinking. I've had floaters for years but this is different.
Can a stye in one eye infect the other eye?
Are headaches associated with retinal tears/detachments?
My daughter has been getting recurring styes in her eyes, which eventually become infected.
Why do I get shooting pains in my eyes when I get migraines?
Over the past couple of years, I have noticed that my left eye appears to be open less than my right.
Can map dot dystrophy cause blindness?
My 14-year-old granddaughter is experiencing some vision problems. She can see fine straight on, but has blurring at the sides. When she looks at pictures, up to half on the side is gone.
Can my premature daughter's pseudomonas infection spread to her other eye?
My 2-year-old has started complaining that his eyes are shaking quite frequently. However, I am never able to see the shaking myself.
My son just stated that his sight was "wonky". When I asked him to explain he says although I am sitting in front of him (4 feet away) it looks like I'm farther away. Should I be worried?
My optometrist has diagnosed a posterior vitreous detachment in my right eye. The floaters and flashes have diminished over the past few weeks but I am still experiencing the gray film in my vision and some pain/pressure in the eye.
What can eye nodules be caused by?
My husband has been experiencing a black spot in the lower peripheral of his right eye. It remains in place (does not float).
Are there any physical limitations put on someone being treated for retinal swelling?
I was recently diagnosed with dry eye and I wondered if it was possible for dry eye to cause your sclera to turn a slight yellow color under the bottom eyelid and at the sides of the eye.
Two nights ago at work my vision became blurry all at once.
Can you define corneal pannus? What is the treatment?
I'm a 28-year old-woman in California. About a week ago I woke up with a faintly bloodshot left eye that felt bruised around the top ridge (as if lining the socket internally).
What is the problem if you have bilateral redness around the bottom rim of both irises?
How do you treat pink eye in a pregnant woman?
My husband has darkened skin around his eyes like a raccoon and it goes down toward his cheeks.
I suffer from dizzy spells that cause me to lose vision, lasting only a minute or two but a couple of times a week. What kind of doctor should I see?
What's the impact of overcorrecting a prescription?
I was born with Bell’s palsy on the left side of my face and my left eye has never closed at night. I am 66 and it has always run but now it seems to run more.
Can you use erythromycin or vigamox on a stye?
My baby is 8 days old and all of a sudden his eyes are really watery, puffy and gone red. What is the meaning of this?
I have been experiencing rapidly pulsating dots of color in the bottom right corner of my right eye for about two days.
Why do I feel my vision vibrate when I close my eyes? I also feel like my vision makes me dizzy? What could this be?
The retinal surgeon showed me that my retinas continue to thin. What can be done?
My 12-year-old son was told by an eye doctor that he has a black spot in his optic nerve. She wants him to go to a specialist.
I have several cysts on my left lower eyelid. My ophthalmologist has stated that he's had limited success with draining these because they always seem to refill. Does this sound accurate?
I sometimes have spells (15 min to several hours) of double vision where the image of the left eye is displaced diagonally from that of the right.
What does it mean when one pupil dilates and the other does not?
My right eyelid swells sometimes in the upper left corner. When the swelling goes down it gets tight and makes my eye seem small due to the fact that my eyelid is tightened.
What is the name of the condition when your eyelid starts to grow over your eye?
I’m experiencing the symptoms of eye sensitivity to light, pain under my eyeball, pressure on my eye, and difficulty keeping my eye open. Do these symptoms point to anything that can be a cause of major concern?
I cut the white part of my eye with my sharp fingernail and now there is a blood spot. Will it be OK or should I see an Eye M.D.?
After having my eyes dilated for the first time ever I was diagnosed with a raised red lesion behind one of my eyes. How concerned should I be?
Will ptosis brought on by Combigan resolve when its use is discontinued?
Do Eye M.D.s recommend surgical cosmetic eye whitening for a discolored or vein-streaked sclera?
Is it safe to fly when you have keratitis diagnosed?
I scratched my eyelid with my finger, the eyelid swelled, and seven days later, the swelling has gone, but the eyelid has drooped by half. Have I damaged a nerve? Is this curable, temporary or permanent?
For two months now a couple of times a day I get this bulging type pressure in one eye.
I just got eye drops for pink eye. The prescription says to use them every three hours. Can every three hours be right?
Does the white of your eye have pain sensation?
What is the cause of white appearing on the iris of eye?
I have been diagnosed with a swollen optic nerve—what causes this?
What is the success rate of peeling a pre-retinal membrane over the macula causing 20/100 vision?
I have a small white boil near the pupil on the white part of the eye. It’s not painful, but has some irritation. Is this anything to worry about?
What causes an “eye blister” to form in the eye? How serious is it and how do you get rid of it?
My husband has had an eye infection for several weeks now. Finally went to doctor who was perplexed but prescribed zithromax and antibiotic eye drops. Became very nauseated and switched over to augmentin.
In the last few days, I've experienced what felt like a sudden pulled muscle in the eyeball.
My husband's doctor said that he had two freckles in his left eye and it can be cancerous. Can you clarify this for me?
My 3-year-old daughter has been blinking her eyes more than normal for about two months now. What could it be?
Should I see a doctor after wearing colored contacts that caused my eyes to burn?
Does my son have a chalazion or something else?
Can you transfer pink eye to your pet?
How do I treat outbreaks of Meibomian cysts?
For some time I have been seeing blue horizontal lines. If I look at square wire fencing the top and bottom are blue. Occasionally short straight lines become quadrupled, or more.
After recently having a stye in my right eye, all the swelling has gone completely and there is no soreness or redness, but a little lump still remains in the eyelid. What could this be?
What might explain episodes of dilated pupils?
Once a PVD has occurred, can the floater cause any long term damage to the eye as it floats around and will the floaters eventually disappear?
I've been diagnosed with calcium deposits behind my eyes--what causes this and what is the treatment, if any?
If you have a stye in your eye and it bleeds a little, does that mean it's draining?
I am suffering from Sjogren’s syndrome. Currently I am using Eyemist Forte, but it isn’t helping. Can you suggest other medications?
Is a mole in the eye a medical condition?
I have a tiny transparent bubble on the rim of my lower eye lid. What is this and why does it occur?
My 3-year-old has two black spots on top of one of her eyes in the white part. Is this something I should worry about? I just noticed them today.
Should I use eyedrops to treat a subconjunctival hemorrhage?
What causes the pupil to move from the center of the iris?
Can you tell me more about erythropsia?
Is bilateral eye twitching/spasms common in newborns?
I have posterior vitreous detachment and sometimes I have pain in my eye—Is that normal?
Can floaters and flashes cause symptoms of eye pain and foreign body sensation?
One of my eyes visibly swells and I get headaches which include light sensitivity when this happens.
Can corneal edema get better with vitamins?
How concerned should I be about a diagnosis of a granuloma conjunctiva?
How long does the retina remain swollen after an eye stroke?
I woke up with a lazy eye—is this something to be concerned about?
What does a sudden onset of an arc of slashing light on the periphery of one eye indicate? Is this urgent or not?
I have been diagnosed with a posterior vitreous detachment. The doctor said he will check it at intervals until it is healed. Could you please explain what the process is that constitutes a healed posterior vitreous detachment?
My son has allergies and often rubs his eyes and they do get a little red. How do I know when it's just his allergies and when I should have it checked for pink eye?
If a person's eyesight is all right but he or she is not able to open eyes in normal day light, what sort of disease is this?
My wife is 85 and has closed angle glaucoma as well as unbearable pruritus. She can’t use cortisone and steroids to stop the itch as they will endanger her sight. Can this rash be cured through other means?
I have a nevus on my eyeball that I've had all my life. Is it safe to have it removed?
What is recurrent corneal erosion?
What causes constant blinking?
Can testosterone cream be an effective agent against blepharitis if applied to the eyelids?
Is non-purulent pink eye contagious?
My grandson is one day old and the pediatrician found a cyst on one of his eyes. They said something about lancing it or possible surgery. What is this and is it dangerous?
My left eye lens has been burned by viewing the solar eclipse. I cannot see properly through this eye now. Is there a treatment for this?
What the cause of a large optic nerve?
Does light sensitivity in a young child with a diabetic type one condition mean there may be another problem parents should know about?
Is Avastin a valid treatment for floaters in a 94-year-old male?
I’m an African-American and am writing because I wondered what’s causing the whites of my eyes to become brown.
Is it possible for the eyes to become dependent on artificial tears?
For the second time this week when I look through my left eye it’s as if I am looking through broken glass.
My eyes are very sensitive to sunlight and fluorescent light. I’ve seen doctors but haven’t found a solution. I always wear sunglasses when I go out and can’t even look through the window if there is sunlight. What might this be and how can it be treated?
Is it true that the eye always stays open with Bell’s palsy or could it close also?
How do you medically treat eyelid eczema?
My prescription has changed to add prism because of double vision at times. The doctor says it is a "muscular problem." Are there any exercises I can do to strengthen the eye muscles?
Can prism glasses help center my lazy eye and correct my astigmatism?
Is there a preferred brand of contact lenses for those that suffer from dry eye?
What is the cause of a vibration I see in my peripheral vision?
Why is it that when I look through one eye everything seems lighter
Is it safe to use Restasis for dry eye? Are there any side effects in long term use? Are punctal plugs a better method?
I have a red bump on the inside of my eyelid. It does not hurt but I can feel it when I touch my eyelid. What is it?
Why does it feel like something is rubbing against my eye when I blink?
Why has my daughter’s right eye been getting smaller? Everyone always asks what’s wrong with her eye.
As a 31-year-old with amblyopia, is it possible to gain complete vision again?
What causes a light circle around the pupil of each eye?
My right eye has developed two big brown spots on the white of my eye which is very annoying to me. They're not hurting or causing any vision problems, yet, I can't stand having them for a beauty reason.
I am a high school health instructor and we are studying the senses right now . My students had some good questions that I couldn't answer. 1) Why do some people who are blind keep their eyes open
Last week I had flashes and floaters suddenly appear in my right eye.
Is herpes simplex 2 contagious? Is the virus progressive enough to cause blindness?
What is the probability of developing retinal tears/detachment after onset of floaters and flashes (posterior capsule detachment) has occurred? Should I seek a second opinion?
My husband was diagnosed with blepharitis. Will his eyelashes, currently facing down, go back up again on their own?
What could cause an area of my eyelashes to disappear? My left upper eyelid has an area that has lost its lashes. Is there any preventative or curative measure to take?
I‘ve had very sore eyes for over a month. I work outdoors and wondered if eyes can get sunburned.
I heard that floaters can now be removed by blasting them to small particles and vacuuming them out.
Are styes in the eye contagious?
My Eye M.D. found a suspected torn retina and sent me to another more specialized doctor. He performed the exam again and said that the retina was not detached but "split."
I have keratoconus on both eyes. In 2008 I had collagen cross-linking done but these days many doctors have told me about the intrastromal rings (intacs). I would like to know your opinion on this surgery.
I have chronic posterior blepharitis that affects my daily living and work life. Aside from hot compresses two times daily, flax seed and omega 3, is there anything else I can do? I am 56 and this condition has become debilitating since menopause 3 years
Does swimming in a pool have any long term effects on dry eye syndrome?
When I close my eyes, usually within an hour they feel like I have applied glue to my eyes. I have to apply a warm washcloth to my eyes to open them. I have applied drops, but this doesn’t help. What could be causing this and how is it treated?
I was diagnosed with a macular cyst. What causes this? Does it usually mean surgery?
When I look at a grid the lines look wavy. Is that a problem?
After getting diagnosed with conjunctivitis, how long do I have to wait to wear new makeup so it won’t spread to my eyes again?
Is surgery possible for adults with amblyopia?
What is low eye pressure and does it cause any damage to your eyes?
As a glaucoma patient, is it possible to undergo cataract surgery?
Will high myopia ever stabilize and if so, at what age does this happen? Can people with high myopia expect to live a normal life and do things like drive a car and work a regular job?
I am a 50-year-old woman. I suddenly lost sight in my left eye and had a solid white light instead, which then began to pulsate. Within ten minutes it went away. What does this mean?
I was diagnosed with degeneration of the cornea at age 14. I have not seen an eye doctor in 20 years. How is it treated today?
One of my pupils dilates more than the other. This only occurs upon dilation. They are both equally reactive to light. It started this week. I am currently using the computer and studying most of the day. I do not have any visual deficits
What would be the cause of feeling pressure behind the eye? Very dry, some redness. Feels, but does not look swollen. There is also pressure in the sinuses. Mainly on the left side.
How long can a person with symptoms of a detached retina wait to see an ophthalmologist safely before permanent damage could occur?
I need some information on frontalis sling: when is this done and how comfortable is it? What is the success rate? What are the advantages and disadvantages of having this done?
What is eye pressure?
I have bad glare at night from the headlights of oncoming cars. It makes it difficult and uncomfortable to drive. Any suggestions on what can reduce my glare?
How can hormonal imbalance affect eye health, specifically, the glands that produce the oil that helps your tears "sit" on your eye?
My son had an eye exam and when his eyes were dilated he had no peripheral vision from his midline down on his right eye. What are possible causes?
What is your recommendation on surgery for a clogged tear duct on a nine month old? Massage has not worked.
How do you treat scleritis and how long does it take to resolve?
I was punched by an elbow on my eye by accident almost 2 days ago. It was painful but it was looking normal. This afternoon I noticed blood on my eye, blurry vision and a very light pain.
what is ocular histoplasmosis?
Hello I have a misaligned eye that goes inward. How can I resolve this matter? I’m a 39-year-old male.
I have recurring uveitis. It comes back once or twice a year.
I have bifocal transition eye glasses. Do I need to purchase some other type of sunglasses? Because they change with the light, I'm thinking I don't , is this true?
Can you get herpes in an eye?
How soon can you fly after cataract surgery?
I am 56 years old. Can crossing of the eyes be due to extreme fatigue? I'm having trouble keeping my eyes straight and focused.
Since 3D movies are readily available are prescription 3D glasses available? If not, are they on the foreseeable horizon?
What is the best way to test preschoolers for eye alignment?
Can you explain the risks of amblyopia for a child with symmetrical congenital genetic cataracts not getting surgery? My 1 year old son was diagnosed with congenital cataracts in both eyes. What are the risks with him not getting surgery?
I have a two year old, when he watches TV he can't stop blinking and he wipes his eyes constantly like there is something there. Should I be worried?
What could be the cause of hemorrhaging behind my six year olds eye?
How long does it take for cataracts to develop?
How do I get rid of floaters?
Is it true that as women get older, their night vision deteriorates?
My 61 year old husband is almost blind from diabetes related glaucoma. Are there any surgical treatments available to return his vision?
I'm going to have cataract surgery soon, and I have to make a decision about what type of lenses to have implanted.
Are fluorescent lights worse for your eyes than incandescent lights?
Are there any useful supplements for glaucoma, or are they a waste of money?
Can sitting too close to the TV damage your eyes?
How can I stop the spasm on my eyelids? First it was one eye, then both of them. And now it's in different places around the eye. I am only 40 years old. Thanks!
I have a red mark on my eye that got bigger. I have been told it is bloodshot but it has been in my eye for two days now, I woke up and noticed the mark, it stings when I blink and I touched it and it really hurt. Can you help? Thanks.
I have been diagnosed as being at risk for closed-angle glaucoma. My doctor is recommending a laser iridotomy. I have read the risks, but have not found anything that says this treatment is recommended as a prophylactic measure.
I work with computers all day (nine hours) and I use the computer at home a lot and read books. How much damage am I doing to my eyes and how long would you recommend the use of computers?
If glaucoma is treated properly with medication and regular eye doctor visits can you avoid blindness? Also my doctor has recommended I have an iridotomy to help lower the pressure.
Is an iridectomy the only way to prevent closed-angle glaucoma? Are there less invasive ways to achieve the same result?
My husband believes that the UV coating on his prescription lenses is enough to protect his eyes from the sun. What recommendations do you have concerning prescription lenses with UV coating versus sunglasses? Thank you.
My son is a tennis player and is out in the sun for long periods of time. He wears a hat but should he also be wearing sunglasses? I have heard from some experts that sunglasses are actually not good for your eyes.
What medication is used to treat a fungal eye infection?
What Is Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy? And what does it do?
What is the difference between hereditary glaucoma and glaucoma in elders? I have family members that were born with glaucoma and their children have developed glaucoma as well.
Do contacts cause floaters to become larger and more frequent? Do they also aid in the beginning of flashes?
How do I know if a floater is a sign of a serious problem? Also are there general timelines for how long floaters last?
I am 54 years old and my eyes have been diagnosed with dry eyes and the doctor put me on Restasis prescription which I have been on for about six months now. Will I have to be on this forever?
I am 58 years old and have had floaters for years now. This week, I noticed an increase in floaters and am now seeing lightning flashes occasionally (not consistently) in the peripheral part of my right eye.
I have been told by a woman that her doctor instructed her to take fish oil or flaxseed oil gels, for "dry eye" problems. After two weeks of taking one 1000 mg flaxseed gel daily, her dry eye problems have diminished.
I have chronic dry eye and have used all kinds of over-the-counter drops and prescription drops but nothing seems to help. Is there anything else besides surgery?
I have many floaters and am considering laser treatment for their removal. What are the pros and cons for this surgery?
My daughter is 5 years old and has recently mentioned then complained about floaters in her eye. Is this normal?
My eyes always seem to be dry these days. I never had this problem before, but they always seem scratchy and irritated. I’m a 52-year-old woman in otherwise normal health. Do you know what might be the cause of this problem?
What is the best treatment for dry eye?
I can see clearly out of either eye but when I look out of both eyes, I have double vision. It is like looking through binoculars when you see two images as you cannot get the eyepieces exactly right. What could cause this?
Can a chalazion occur on the inside of the eyelid causing irritation to the cornea?
Could you give me the definition of low vision or visual impairment? My son has had two surgeries for diabetic retinopathy and is able to pass the eye chart test but still has blind spots and "angular" vision in one eye.
Hi, I'm 39 years old and I am legally blind in both my eyes. The glasses I wear are very thick and I want to know if I am able to wear contacts? If so, are they going to be expensive?
How does a child get pink eye and what are the causes I could have avoided so my child wouldn’t have gotten it?
How long should you wait if you think you have a stye before seeing a doctor?
I am a 45-year-old female. I have always had 20/20 vision. Over the past few months, I have had to rely on reading glasses on and off. I contributed this to age factor.
I am getting to the point where my cataracts are interfering with my daily activities, so I think I’ll have surgery soon. But I take Flomax on a daily basis and I’ve heard that it can cause a problem during eye surgery. Is that true?
I am having a full corneal transplant done next week and wanted to hear positive results from people but all I hear is that it gives you double or quadruple vision.
I have a problem at night playing team tennis. I cannot see the ball until its almost over the net. What kind of glasses can I get for night vision? Would this also help with night driving? (I do not require any corrective measures for my eyes.)
I have a question about my 1-year-old daughter whom I accidentally elbowed in the left eye, then suddenly a red spot occurred in her sclera. Is there a cure to treat the red spot? Please give me a guide to cure the red spot.
I have lower eyelashes on one eye, growing inward toward my nose and up rubbing on my sclera, causing irritation particularly when reading or doing close work. Any suggestions? Thank you.
I recently heard that the newest thinking about cataracts was that it was best to have them removed early in their development, rather than waiting for them to more fully develop. Is that true?
I understand that a person with AMD (dry form) should check their vision with the Amsler grid regularly and report any changes immediately to their doctor but why the urgency? Is there a treatment that is time sensitive?
Is there a medical cure (gene therapy, laser, etc.) for children's blindness caused primarily by ROP? My kid is now 13 years old born prematurely and suffered ROP.
My 12-year-old son has been prescribed glasses for myopia. If he does not wear his glasses, will his eyes deteriorate further?
My 4-year-old son just had his check-up and he has 20/100 vision (myopia). I have heard of eye exercises such as shifting focus using a pencil, etc. Are they effective, or at least not harmful to his health, including his vision?
My 8-year-old granddaughter turns her head completely to one side when she watches television. She watches out of one eye only. Her vision has been checked and vision in both eyes is good. However, this does not seem right. What could cause this?
My child has Down syndrome and autism. I was surprised to find out he has cataracts in both eyes, one may not be operable. They are suggesting possible ocular implants. What is the success rate and percentage of possibly getting an infection?
My daughter has bumps on the edge of the eyelid by her eyelashes. At first the bumps would come out and go back in. Now they have been on the edge of her eyelid for a long time.
My daughter is 12 and we just realized about six months ago that she is color blind. I'm not exactly sure how long it has been, but I'm sure it wasn't always there.
My daughter was diagnosed at age 5 with strabismus and through patching, her eyesight is now 20/20 in both eyes when wearing her eyeglasses (she is now 8). We are at the last stages of wearing the patch, down to two hours, twice per week.
My father-in-law has macular degeneration that started about eight years ago. He has seen several eye specialists with no positive prognosis.
My friend’s newborn was diagnosed with congenital ptosis. She can barely open her right eye. My friend has been told that the baby will require surgery by 2-3 years of age and that the right eye is good.
My grandson is 3 1/2 years old. He has amblyopia and strabismus. He was not keeping the patch on his good eye so the ophthalmologist gave my daughter drops to put in his good eye. He also wear glasses. His bad eye seems to have straightened out.
My husband is 55 years old and only needs glasses to read. How often should he have an eye exam?
My husband's doctor has told him he has a macular hole. I would like to know a little more about this and what is the best treatment for it. Thank you.
My husband's eyelids top and bottom have been peeling and swelling and crust over. What could this be?
My mother has macular degeneration and is receiving the injections for it. What is her long-term prognosis? Will she be able to keep the vision she has now ... will she eventually go blind?
My son is six months old and he has blocked tear-ducts in both of his eyes from his birth. I have visited a couple of doctors, they recommend to have a surgery.
Please explain the difference between a single lens for cataract surgery and multiple lens. Thank you.

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