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I have Salzsmann’s nodular degeneration in both eyes—can I have cataract surgery? August 31, 2015
How long should I wait to change eyeglasses after cataract surgery? August 31, 2015
Is cataract surgery OK after two eye muscle surgeries? August 31, 2015
Is it normal to have an iridotomy prior to cataract surgery for "short eyes?" August 31, 2015
Should I use a dummy lens in my glasses for my operated eye after cataract surgery? August 31, 2015
Can cataract surgery and LASIK be performed at the same time? August 31, 2015
Who should I see to treat irritation from eye prosthesis? August 31, 2015
How long can itchiness last after cataract surgery? August 31, 2015
My dad’s vision isn’t clear after cataract surgery. How long until swelling is reduced and vision is improved? August 30, 2015
After cataract surgery with correction for distance, will I be able to read music without glasses at a distance of 23 inches? August 30, 2015
My mom has cataracts that won’t be removed. How can I make her room appealing to her when colors are not as bright? August 30, 2015
Is there an eye drop that causes severe nausea after cataract surgery? August 17, 2015
I have a cataract and am thinking about having the lens removed without an IOL and just wearing a contact lens. I would wear a regular contact lens on the other eye as I don't have a cataract on the other eye and have 20/20 vision in that eye. August 17, 2015
I had LASIK surgery about 20 years ago and now need cataract surgery. Because of the LASIK procedure my surgeon recommends only monofocal lenses. Why is that? August 17, 2015
In the 1970s I was just over a year old and they did cataract surgery. Can I have IOLs put in now? August 17, 2015
Is cataract surgery problematic due to my corneal transplant? August 17, 2015
What percent of people are happy with the results when they have astigmatism fixed at the time of cataract surgery? August 17, 2015
Does removal of cataracts always result in poorer eye sight if you have age-related macular degeneration (or AMD)? August 3, 2015
How is cataract surgery different for someone with high myopia? July 21, 2015
How soon after cataract surgery can I wear cosmetic soft contact lenses that are not for vision? Is it dangerous to put them in too early? July 21, 2015
Can I have multifocal or accommodative lenses with Duane syndrome? July 21, 2015
Will my mom need glasses after cataract surgery? July 21, 2015
What effect will carnosine eye drops have on my cataract surgery? July 20, 2015
My mother has pseudoexfoliating glaucoma and her doctor is not recommending cataract surgery. Why is this? June 8, 2015
How can I avoid cataracts after vitrectomy? May 18, 2015
Should I be apprehensive about bleeding during cataract surgery? May 16, 2015
What would be the recommend way to remove a hyper-mature/dense cataract in a patient over 75 years old? May 16, 2015
Did my cataract surgeon set my dominant eye for distance vision? May 15, 2015
If laser surgery is required to repair your vision after cataract surgery, is it covered by insurance companies? May 11, 2015
Can I have cataract surgery with a scleral buckle? May 11, 2015
Should macular pucker or cataract surgery be done first? May 4, 2015
Can my friend fly after complications from cataract surgery? April 12, 2015
If I have map dot fingerprint dystrophy, are there any additional risks associated with cataract surgery? April 12, 2015
Can I get laser surgery for retinal tear after having a capsulotomy? April 12, 2015
Can farsightedness be the cause of my daughter’s white reflex in flash photography? April 12, 2015
What blood pressure level is considered too high for cataract surgery? April 12, 2015
Do I have to remove eye makeup before having cataract surgery? March 30, 2015
How long does it take to feel visually balanced between both eyes after cataract surgery? March 30, 2015
Will intraocular lenses correct my nearsightedness and astigmatism? March 30, 2015
Can I use artificial tears while using steroid drops? March 23, 2015
Will my infant’s secondary cataract return after treatment? March 23, 2015
Will prednisone slow down healing after cataract surgery? March 23, 2015
I am experiencing severe dizziness after being changed to Combigan eye drops twice a day. Is this a side effect of this medication? March 10, 2015
I need cataract surgery on my right eye, however I cannot lie flat and need a surgeon who can do the surgery while I’m in a sitting position. Is this possible? March 9, 2015
What can I expect to occur after cataract surgery? I have heard horror stories and I am a little uneasy about the surgery. February 27, 2015
Are Cataracts Causing My Visual Problems? February 10, 2015
Is it common for your eyes to feel like hair is in them after cataract surgery? February 10, 2015
Are warm compresses OK after cataract surgery? February 10, 2015
Is it normal to feel the lens in my eye three weeks after cataract surgery? February 10, 2015
Is it common to feel tightness in the head after cataract surgery on one eye and no surgery yet on the other eye? February 9, 2015
If you have thinning of the retina should you have cataract surgery? January 23, 2015
If you have laser surgery for cloudy vision after cataract surgery (posterior capsulotomy), is this considered cured or can this recur a second time? January 23, 2015
Can retinal wrinkle repair in both eyes be done at the same time as one cataract surgery? January 23, 2015
Why has my vision worsened after cataract surgery? January 23, 2015
Why does the capsule become opacified after cataract surgery? January 23, 2015
Are there any best practices for cataract surgeons to ensure that the correct lens is inserted into the correct patient? January 22, 2015
Should a cataract surgery be done at the same time as a corneal transplant? January 22, 2015
What causes calcium in the eye and should it be removed before cataract surgery? January 22, 2015
Will Medicare and my insurance help pay for my toric lens implant for astigmatism? January 13, 2015
How soon can one drive after cataract surgery? January 13, 2015
Are there any new, proven treatments for negative dysphotopsia? January 13, 2015
Can I have multifocal IOLs implanted during cataract surgery with a macular pucker present? January 13, 2015
Can I have cataract surgery without lidocaine? November 21, 2014
Is it possible to retain my monovision after cataract surgery? November 16, 2014
What are the complications that can occur when cataracts are removed from an eye that has had a corneal transplant? November 16, 2014
Is it normal to see things in the wrong size after cataract surgery? November 16, 2014
Do ophthalmologists avoid cataract surgery on highly myopic patients? November 14, 2014
Is it normal to feel lightheaded after cataract surgery? November 14, 2014
How can I be sure which is my dominant eye if I have a cataract covering one eye? October 9, 2014
Can I have laser surgery to remove cataracts if I have a lazy eye? October 9, 2014
How soon after cataract surgery can I wear my contacts? September 16, 2014
How will getting a near-vision IOL implanted during cataract surgery affect my distance vision? September 16, 2014
How will my prior LASIK procedure affect cataract surgery? September 16, 2014
Is analysis by an Optiwave Refractive Analysis (ORA) machine necessary for cataract surgery after LASIK? September 16, 2014
Can I have a lens implant if I have a brace following a detached retina? September 16, 2014
When after cataract surgery can PCO be treated by YAG? And when can I swim again? September 16, 2014
Can a person have cataract surgery if they are allergic to steroids? September 16, 2014
Can toric and regular lenses be mixed in cataract surgery? September 12, 2014
I have had my cataract surgery. How long do I have to wait before I can use makeup on the face and eyes? September 12, 2014
Is there any risk in waiting more than 6 months to have the second eye cataract surgery done? September 9, 2014
If my intraocular lens shifts eight years after my cataract surgery, can an adjustment be done by laser? August 15, 2014
Can I still have cataract surgery if I have a sore throat, earache and sinus pressure? August 15, 2014
How long after cataract surgery can scar tissue develop? August 15, 2014
Can a toric lens implanted during cataract surgery overcorrect astigmatism and create a vision impairment? August 15, 2014
Is laser cataract surgery recommended for patients who have had LASIK? August 15, 2014
Will massaging the eyelid help a surgically dilated pupil contract after cataract surgery? August 15, 2014
Should I have a cataract removed if I’m already blind in that eye? August 14, 2014
Fluorescent lights affect my vision. Is there something I can do to help with the cloudiness and glare from these lights? August 11, 2014
Can Verisys lens implants be left in place during cataract surgery? July 28, 2014
Is it OK to place a multifocal IOL in one eye and a monofocal IOL in the other during cataract surgery? July 28, 2014
How can I tell if a vision problem is from AMD or cataracts? July 21, 2014
What is a safe waiting period to have cataract surgery after a vitrectomy for a detached retina? July 21, 2014
Can Lyme disease cause cataracts or some other form of clouding of the lens? July 18, 2014
Is an Ocular Response Analyzer used to measure the size of an eye after the natural lens has been removed during surgery to choose the correct IOL? July 18, 2014
After cataract surgery, my near vision is fine but my far vision is not as good as it used to be. Why? July 18, 2014
Should cataract surgery be done if there is already vision loss from AMD? July 18, 2014
Will having cataract surgery reactivate my chorioretinal scars (damaged tissue in the back of the eye), which might lead to blindness? June 27, 2014
Can cataract surgery be done to both eyes in one operation? June 27, 2014
Can the new lens in my eye move after I have had cataract surgery? June 27, 2014
Before having cataract surgery, can I get tested for sensitivity to the three lenses that are used in surgeries? June 26, 2014
Is it safe to smoke marijuana before and after cataract surgery? June 26, 2014
Why has the outer layer of my eye started sliding and wrinkling? June 26, 2014
Yellow Vision after Cataract Surgery June 17, 2014
Could a small amount of steroid cream in your eye cause cataracts? June 17, 2014
After cataract surgery I have a feeling that there's "something in my eye." Could the intraocular lens be too large for my small eye? June 17, 2014
Can cataracts result from certain vitamin deficiencies, like beta carotene? June 17, 2014
Can I fly if my cornea is inflamed one week after cataract surgery? June 17, 2014
How soon can I start bowling after cataract surgery? June 17, 2014
How long will blurry vision and glare last after cataract surgery? June 17, 2014
Can I go to tanning beds a year after cataract surgery? June 17, 2014
Prednisolone and PCO (secondary cataract); and Light Sensitivity and Multifocal IOLs June 10, 2014
I have a rash on my body from one of the eye drops I am taking after cataract surgery. Is there something I can take to counterbalance the rash? June 10, 2014
Once the IOL measurements are taken for cataract surgery, can I wear my contacts while waiting for the actual surgery? June 10, 2014
Can I have an intraocular lens implanted years after childhood cataract surgery? June 10, 2014
Why shouldn’t I have cataract surgery if I have drusen or macular degeneration? June 10, 2014
Should I have cataract surgery or macular pucker surgery first? June 10, 2014
What is a surgical clearance exam before cataract surgery? June 10, 2014
Is cataract surgery done in a hospital? June 10, 2014
Is it possible to be allergic to intraocular lenses? May 28, 2014
Besides the cost, what are the disadvantages of having cataract surgery to remove a cloudy lens when my vision hasn't worsened enough to warrant insurance paying for the surgery? May 28, 2014
What are the main problems with having cataract surgery after previously having LASIK? May 10, 2014
How quickly does a YAG capsulotomy (a procedure to remove clouding after cataract surgery) improve vision? May 10, 2014
Can a YAG capsulotomy be performed on both eyes on the same day? April 27, 2014
How long will it take to adjust to monovision cataract surgery? April 27, 2014
Can you have cataract surgery to remove a cloudy lens when you've already had detached retina surgery in the past for the same eye? April 27, 2014
I have ocular rosacea (an inflammatory condition affecting the skin and eyes) and need cataract surgery to remove a cloudy lens. Are there more risks? April 27, 2014
Does marijuana help cataracts (a clouding of the eye’s lens)? April 11, 2014
Why do I see well with glasses but not contact lenses after cataract surgery? April 11, 2014
One week after cataract surgery I have 20-30 vision. What is the possibility that it will improve further in time? April 11, 2014
Can you have cataract surgery with a corneal abrasion (a scratch or scrape on the cornea)? April 11, 2014
I recently had surgery for a cataract. What medicine can I safely use for seasonal allergy rhinitis (an irritation and inflammation that occurs inside the nose)? April 11, 2014
Can I swim after my macular pucker and cataract surgery? March 30, 2014
Will vomiting every three hours loosen my newly implanted intraocular lens? March 30, 2014
Will cataract surgery now keep me from getting treatment for age-related macular degeneration in the future? March 20, 2014
I had cataract surgery today. Is it normal that everything looks pink out of that eye? March 14, 2014
Can I have cataract surgery if I am allergic to mercury? March 14, 2014
How can I prevent progressive increase in my cataracts? March 11, 2014
Will cataract surgery affect my LASIK-corrected vision? March 7, 2014
My sister, who has been told she will need cataract surgery, was informed that she would need an allergy test first. Is this a required test that can be conducted by an eye doctor? March 7, 2014
Can I use an inversion table if I have a small cataract in one eye? March 7, 2014
How important is it if you've squinted during refraction/measurement tests in preparation for cataract surgery? March 5, 2014
Will my mother's blood thinner medication affect her cataract surgery? March 5, 2014
Before cataract surgery, is the measurement for the IOL taken with the current contact lens in place or is it removed before measurement? March 5, 2014
Is it common to feel dizzy and nauseous after cataract surgery? March 2, 2014
I recently had the ReStor lens put in my left eye and even though my right eye still has a cataract, I can now see perfectly without glasses. Can I just have a regular lens put in the right eye instead of paying for a ReStor? March 2, 2014
Can you tell me if the success of monovision is dependent on correcting for distance in the dominant eye? February 20, 2014
Will multifocal IOLs worsen my vertigo? February 3, 2014
How soon after cataract surgery can the YAG laser procedure be done to remove PCO, or posterior capsule opacification? February 1, 2014
My daughter has cataracts from steroid treatments. Will they keep getting worse? January 24, 2014
After cataract removal in one eye, would I be experiencing nausea and dizziness until the other one is done? Could both be done at the same time? January 23, 2014
Does it matter if you have an intraocular lens implant with a UV blue light filter in one eye and one without the filter in the other eye? Or should you have the UV filter in both eyes? January 22, 2014
Can cataract surgery be done when the eye is being treated for iritis? January 22, 2014
My 8-year-old’s eye rejected the intraocular lens (IOL) after cataract surgery and now she wears cataract glasses. Are there any cataract glasses that are thinner than the usual ones? January 14, 2014
What might yellowing of the eye lens at age 25 mean? December 20, 2013
Is there any need for follow-up visits with my doctor one year after my cataract surgery? December 20, 2013
Will cataract surgery disturb my blebs from my trabeculectomies? December 19, 2013
If someone has an allergy to Betadine and is having cataract surgery, what is the recommended alternative? December 19, 2013
What can I safely use to reduce redness and itching from allergies if I've had cataract surgery? December 16, 2013
If a cataract is removed while you have Fuchs' dystrophy, will your Fuchs' get worse? December 10, 2013
Can cataract surgery be done on a patient who has diabetes? December 9, 2013
Can you have a 20/20 vision and still be diagnosed with cataract? December 3, 2013
Can seasonal affective disorder (SAD) light therapy have any effect on multifocal lenses implanted after cataract surgery? December 3, 2013
Why do congenital cataracts form? December 3, 2013
Can cataract removal be done after a cornea replacement? December 3, 2013
Can you have a posterior capsulotomy done more than once in the same eye? October 22, 2013
Can I wear contacts for golf after cataract surgery? October 22, 2013
Is my double vision after a long flight a side effect of cataract surgery? October 14, 2013
Do you ever see congenital cataracts in the elderly? October 14, 2013
My 1-year-old grandson has bilateral cataracts. Physician suggesting implants but says he will need thick reading glasses as well. Can you help me understand the rationale? September 8, 2013
Does prolonged steroid use affect vision? September 8, 2013
My brother has cataracts. He was told he has exfoliation of the left eye and that a new lens might not heal properly and could have to be removed. Should he have the cataract in the left eye removed? September 8, 2013
Is there a hereditary syndrome that causes cloudy vision after cataract surgery? September 1, 2013
Are there doctors who specialize in multifocal issues after implantation? September 1, 2013
My ophthalmologist tells me that there is an added risk to cataract surgery because I also suffer from glaucoma. What is the risk? August 20, 2013
I live at high altitude, 8,500 feet. Do I need to do anything differently after cataract surgery like staying at a lower altitude for 1-2 days afterward for better healing and to avoid pressure changes? August 20, 2013
Can an IOL be "polished" with a laser to correct posterior capsule opacification? August 20, 2013
Can cataracts be removed if a patient has advanced glaucoma? August 3, 2013
If an epi-retinal membrane (wrinkled retina) is behind a cataract, will it make any difference in vision to remove the cataract or will vision not improve until the ERM is removed also? August 2, 2013
I had cataract surgery done on both eyes. It didn't fix the glare at night which was my major complaint. July 26, 2013
If I previously had cystoid macular edema will it preclude my now having a posterior capsulotomy? July 26, 2013
Is it OK to swim with a lens implant in a pool with chemicals? July 26, 2013
After cataract surgery, I had vitreous hemorrhage and now have orbs, hundreds of floaters, and blurry vision. July 26, 2013
Since my cataract and lens replacement surgery I've been having a problem with distance vision while driving. July 25, 2013
How soon will I be able to work after cataract surgery? July 25, 2013
Can cataracts be removed from a macular degeneration patient? July 10, 2013
Are posterior subcapsular cataracts (PSC) often caused by steroid use? July 3, 2013
I would like to know if a piggyback lens surgery over my cataract implant would be an alternative to LASIK to correct an underpowered implant from 10 years ago. July 2, 2013
Is it safe to have my cataract surgery done with a recovering ear infection? July 2, 2013
Can a person who had cataract surgery in 1981 without lens replacements have lenses implanted now? June 25, 2013
What should be done if I need to increase the power of my current IOL? June 25, 2013
What can I say or do to convince my doctor that I want my cataract surgery done now? June 25, 2013
Are cataracts associated with eye pain? June 20, 2013
I'm nervous about new methods in cataract surgery. Are there any doctors who perform the surgery the way my parents had it done? June 17, 2013
Is cataract surgery advisable with very dry eyes and allergies? June 17, 2013
Why are multifocal IOLs not recommended to correct cataracts of adults with strabismus? May 30, 2013
Is it safe to remove a toric intraocular lens two weeks after it was implanted? May 30, 2013
What causes inflammation after cataract surgery? May 30, 2013
Is the toric multifocal available yet in the U.S.? May 30, 2013
If I have a posterior capsulotomy performed on my eyes would this have any effect on my floaters and eye migraines? May 30, 2013
I have the beginning of a cataract in my right eye, and a macular pucker in the left eye. May 21, 2013
Can you provide a ballpark figure for how much extra I should expect to pay for a toric lens? May 21, 2013
I had a Toric lens implant and now have the image of a soccer ball when I look at a light. It is near the center of my vision and makes reading difficult. Can you tell me why? May 21, 2013
My grandmother had cataract surgery a month ago in India and now she has something called fungus infection in both eyes. Please suggest what can be done for my grandmother. May 21, 2013
How risky would it be for me to proceed with cataract surgery while I still have a slight vitreous detachment? May 20, 2013
I have mild cataracts. Can I get LASIK while having cataracts? May 17, 2013
Can optometrists diagnose cataracts? May 17, 2013
I'm in my early 20s and was diagnosed with a cataract. May 17, 2013
I'm experiencing nausea ten days after my cataract surgery. May 14, 2013
Should cataract surgery be performed when Fuchs' dystrophy is also present? May 14, 2013
I had radial keratotomy surgery in 1987 with 16 cuts in each eye. When the time comes, can cataracts be removed? May 14, 2013
My 95-year-old dad just had successful cataract surgery and now wants the other eye done. How long should he wait in between? May 14, 2013
How bad do eyes have to be before Medicare pays for cataract surgery? May 12, 2013
Will I Need Glasses After Cataract Surgery? May 1, 2013
I have a mild stage of cataracts. Can they be removed now? May 1, 2013
Can cataract surgery be a successful treatment for early-stage narrow angle glaucoma instead of iridotomy? April 30, 2013
I had cataract surgery two-and-a-half weeks ago and had a monofocal lens fitted. The predominant color I see now is blue/lilac. April 30, 2013
I have a hypermature cataract and have heard that phacoemulsification risks having it shatter and fall back to the retina. April 25, 2013
How soon after cataract surgery can I swim and practice yoga? April 16, 2013
What are the risks associated with a posterior capsulotomy? April 16, 2013
If I have some macular edema can I get a cataract removed? April 16, 2013
Following cataract surgery, are generic medications OK to use rather than name-brand medicine? April 16, 2013
My daughter is 16 months old. She had cataract surgery in her left eye five weeks ago. April 13, 2013
I have clouding of both eyes and have been to a specialist. April 13, 2013
Should I stop taking Hytrin before my cataract surgery? April 13, 2013
Is it possible to perform cataract surgery on patients in wheelchairs? April 13, 2013
For a patient with extreme nearsightedness and astigmatism, what is the best lens to implant during cataract surgery to preserve great close-up vision? April 13, 2013
How long should contact lenses (hard, RGP lenses) be discontinued before cataract surgery measurements are taken? April 12, 2013
Can you have cataract surgery on an eye that has had a corneal transplant? April 12, 2013
I have had filters put in my eyes for glaucoma and now I need to have cataracts removed. Are there any risks to undergoing cataract surgery with the filters in place? April 12, 2013
I had cataract surgery and a mono lens implant on my left eye 3 weeks ago. Since then I have been disoriented and nauseous. April 4, 2013
Is it true that with early-stage cataracts, it will be difficult to fine tune my glasses prescription? March 27, 2013
I have a choroidal membrane. Can I have cataract surgery? March 19, 2013
Can a cataract increase the pressure within the eye? March 13, 2013
If you have astigmatism prior to cataract surgery that is not corrected during the surgery, are you any more likely to have a posterior vitreous detachment (PVD)? March 13, 2013
I have been told that I must stop wearing my contact lenses for two to four weeks prior to my cataract surgery. March 13, 2013
I have had cataracts removed and Restore lenses implanted. I see well but my eyes are frequently red and inflamed. March 13, 2013
Is there any means of reducing or eliminating the halo and glare effects associated with multifocal intraocular lenses? March 13, 2013
I'm experiencing a blur when switching from near to far distance after my cataract surgery. March 12, 2013
Could the complications following my cataract surgery be caused by my pseudoexfoliation glaucoma? March 6, 2013
What are the drawbacks or negatives of choosing a multifocal lens? March 6, 2013
Should I get a second opinion before cataract surgery? February 27, 2013
I have a cataract in my left eye and am considering surgery. Will my cancer and kidney treatments affect the surgery outcome? February 27, 2013
Is it common to get a blood clot after cataract surgery? February 27, 2013
Can you have cataract surgery after filtration surgery? February 26, 2013
Is the Restor lens a multifocal or accommodative type and what is the difference in the two types? February 26, 2013
Does cataract surgery carry a higher risk of retinal detachment since I have a preexisting posterior vitreous detachment (PVD)? February 20, 2013
General anesthetic will be used for my cataract surgery. Will this affect my recovery or cause problems with my eye? February 20, 2013
What can cause a 'snowflake' cataract without having diabetes of any kind? February 20, 2013
I had cataract surgery recently and now I’m told I have a detached retina. Could a mini stroke have caused this? February 13, 2013
Will I be able to adjust to a 4 diopter difference between my eyes after cataract surgery? February 13, 2013
Can I have cataract surgery if I've had herpes simplex in my eye? February 13, 2013
I've had Bell's Palsy, and am about to have cataract surgery. Should I be worried and are there any precautions that I should take? February 13, 2013
Approximately how much does a YAG procedure cost? February 8, 2013
I had a cataract operation 15 years ago but the lens has moved in my eye due to a fall. What can be done to correct it? February 8, 2013
Do cataracts affect balance? February 8, 2013
My sister-in-law can no longer read but has been told her cataracts are not bad enough to qualify for Medicare. Does that sound right? February 7, 2013
I'm nearsighted with retinitis pigmentosa and I need to have cataract surgery in both eyes. February 7, 2013
I have high myopia—approximately -12 in both eyes—due to ROP February 7, 2013
How soon after having cataract surgery in one eye can you have it done on the other eye? February 7, 2013
Can cataract surgery be done if a person has a macular pucker? February 7, 2013
I'm 62 and my distance vision has improved without spectacles. Why is that? January 29, 2013
Can cataracts and presbyopia be taken care of with the same surgery? January 28, 2013
Is it unusual to have swelling of the cornea and Bowman's membrane after cataract surgery? January 28, 2013
I see light flares after having a toric lens implanted in one eye. Should I do something else with the second eye? January 28, 2013
What if I sneeze or cough during or soon after cataract surgery? Can this cause any problems? January 28, 2013
I was diagnosed with many calcium bits in both eyes. What treatment is there for this? January 25, 2013
My mother is 90 and she recently had her cataracts removed. They placed lenses for one eye far away and one for close. Is there an easy way for her to get used to using one eye for each? January 25, 2013
If I have my cataract lens set for distance, can I use contact lenses for reading without blurring distance vision? January 24, 2013
What are the risks of cataract surgery when wet and dry AMD are present? January 24, 2013
Is it necessary to have a general anesthetic for cataract surgery? January 16, 2013
Can you provide me with a ballpark figure for cataract surgery? January 16, 2013
I wear contact lenses daily to correct myopia in both eyes and am planning to have cataract surgery. Post surgery, will I be able to resume wearing contact lenses if needed to correct my vision (instead of eyeglasses)? January 15, 2013
If I want to play tennis after cataract surgery, should I consider accommodating or mono IOL? January 15, 2013
I have the faint beginnings of a cataract in my left eye. January 15, 2013
I had cataract surgery two years ago on my right eye but rather than improve my vision it actually seems worse to me. Could there be something wrong with the IOL? January 15, 2013
If I’m experiencing floaters and flashes, can I still have cataract surgery? January 15, 2013
For cataract surgery, my ophthalmologist highly recommends using the laser to create the incision over the traditional method. How much of a difference does it make and is it the safer alternative? January 14, 2013
Is it advisable to have an IOL inserted if you also have glaucoma and use Cosopt drops? January 14, 2013
My husband has glaucoma and is developing cataracts. He’s had iridotomies performed to help control the glaucoma about 15 years ago. Will this interfere with the cataract surgery? January 14, 2013
After having cataract surgery, how long might double vision persist as a side effect? January 14, 2013
Can you explain the surgery for cataract with astigmatism? January 1, 2013
I am having cataract surgery and have astigmatism. Can I have a non-toric lens inserted? December 21, 2012
If you are nearsighted and chose to have your cataract lens set for "near" vision ("14 inches"), will your distance vision in that eye without glasses be worse than it is now, the same, or better? December 21, 2012
I am blind out of my left eye due to retinal detachment and cataract. Can I have my eye reopened and fixed to look like a normal eye even though I am blind? December 21, 2012
Any idea why a 59-year-old male would have recurrent subconjunctival hemorrhage in the same spot in right eye after cataract surgery? December 19, 2012
I was born with a birth defect in my left eye—thus I have no sight only shadows and light. The right eye is a healthy eye but I am nearsighted so I will stay with wearing glasses after cataract surgery. December 19, 2012
I just had cataract surgery and when I went outside at night I saw streams or long streaks of light across the outdoor lights everywhere I looked. December 19, 2012
I always suffer scar tissue after any type of surgeries--even after ear piercing. Is it possible to develop scar tissue after cataract surgery? December 13, 2012
Any alternative to cataract surgery such as eye drops or other drugs? Can N-acetylcarnosine help? December 13, 2012
Why would my 12-year-son develop cataract in one eye and early stages of cataract in the second eye? December 13, 2012
I had cataract surgery 3 months ago and everything went great. But yesterday I started to see a lot of floaters in my left eye December 13, 2012
Is cataract surgery possible with a blood pressure of about 20-30 degrees above normal (systolic)? December 11, 2012
Can cataract surgery also remedy macular puckers? December 8, 2012
After a posterior capsulotomy, what is the likelihood of complications? December 8, 2012
I accidentally rubbed my eye two weeks after my cataract surgery. Do you think this caused any damage? December 8, 2012
My mother had cataract surgery in both eyes. The left eye is fine, but the right eye tears. The surgery was over a month ago and she has an appointment with her doctor in two weeks. Should I be concerned? December 1, 2012
Can cataract surgery and corneal replacement be done in the same surgery procedure? November 29, 2012
I have had cataract surgery in my left eye and then a retinal detachment. Can it be possible it will happen in the other eye after cataract surgery? November 29, 2012
I had cataracts removed a few years back but when I try to look in a mirror to put eye make-up on it’s impossible. November 29, 2012
Will I need someone to drive me home after an IOL test? November 29, 2012
Is it indicated to have an Avastin injection for macular degeneration in the same eye that had cataract surgery less than a week ago? November 21, 2012
Is it safe to use Visine eye drops just for redness after cataract surgery? November 20, 2012
My toric IOL lens has moved off the axis beyond the degree of tolerance causing less than a perfect implant. What are my options? November 20, 2012
I had cataract surgery yesterday at 2 p.m. and forgot to use my eyedrops before bed last night but put them in this morning. My eye doesn't hurt. Can this cause a problem? November 4, 2012
What is the success rate for cataract surgery when pseudoexfoliation syndrome is involved? Is blindness a possibility as a result of such an operation? November 4, 2012
Is a femtosecond laser better than using a blade for treating cataracts? November 4, 2012
My husband had cataract surgery in his right eye. We have airline tickets for a flight one month later. Is flying a risk to his eye? October 26, 2012
When are cataracts ready for surgery? October 26, 2012
Can PCO develop and be diagnosed one week after cataract surgery? October 18, 2012
How long do IOLs (intraocular lenses) last? October 18, 2012
I had cataract surgery 4 years ago. One eye has recently become blurry and I have floaters that look like strings across my vision. October 18, 2012
My son needs cataract surgery and has type 1 diabetes. I’m hearing conflicting opinions on whether inserting a Toric lens would be advisable. October 18, 2012
I have a hole in my macula and macular degeneration. October 18, 2012
I have advanced chronic glaucoma and my vision is overall misty in both eyes. Is this the glaucoma or something else? October 18, 2012
Can cataract removal cause macular puckers? October 18, 2012
What is causing colors to look faded or washed out after cataract surgery? October 10, 2012
Can an eye(s) be checked to see if the wrong lens was placed into the eye during cataract surgery? October 10, 2012
After cataract surgery, is eye tissue susceptible to scarring? October 10, 2012
Is it normal to prescribe extensive eye drops prior to and after cataract surgery? October 9, 2012
The ophthalmologist is having difficulty in getting my contact lens prescription correct with the cataracts. October 9, 2012
What is the success rate for cataract surgery? October 3, 2012
I recently had cataract surgery with ReSTOR IOLs implanted. Unless the light is very bright, I need to use reading glasses. October 3, 2012
Is there a legal requirement for a cataract surgery patient to receive some documentation describing the type of lens that was implanted? October 2, 2012
I am considering macular hole surgery and wondered whether it was possible to quantify the risk of complications occurring. September 25, 2012
How long does a cataract surgery patient have to use eye drops and why? September 24, 2012
I'm still experiencing feelings of dizziness three weeks after having multifocal lenses implanted--is this normal? September 24, 2012
After cataract surgery, how soon can I run a marathon? September 24, 2012
Can cataract surgery make my macular degeneration worse? September 19, 2012
I had cataract surgery and the wrong IOL was implanted—what are the risks of replacing it with a new one? September 11, 2012
My mum is having difficulty putting in her eye drops due to low visibility in the other eye. Are there alternatives to eye drops after cataract surgery? September 11, 2012
I have a thickened cornea and need cataract surgery—is this a problem because of the thick cornea? September 11, 2012
My husband had cataract surgery over a year ago and still continues to have problems with halos as well as sensitivity to light. September 10, 2012
Is it true that Catalin eye drops can protect eyes from cataracts? September 10, 2012
Is there only one kind of cataract? September 10, 2012
After cataract surgery, can you develop another cataract in the same eye? September 10, 2012
After cataract surgery my cornea is swollen which my doctor called corneal edema. What is the treatment for this condition? I am afraid to have the other eye lens removed because of this situation. August 29, 2012
Are cataracts preventable and how do you make the diagnosis as opposed to other vision disorders? August 28, 2012
I use my monofocal lens implant in one eye to see for distance and my natural nearsighted lens in the other to see near. If I had this natural cataractous lens removed and replaced with a near-seeing monofocal, is this what monovision might be like? August 20, 2012
Is it safe to laser a cataract (secondary) after having surgery for a hole in the macula? August 20, 2012
Is my macular pucker or secondary cataract causing my double vision? August 20, 2012
Can you tell me why posterior vitreous detachment is more common in people who have undergone cataract operations? August 14, 2012
As a helicopter pilot, can I fly with night vision goggles after cataract surgery? Is there any risk for my eyes? August 7, 2012
How does an IOL correct astigmatism? August 7, 2012
Will cataract surgery reduce IOP for narrow angle glaucoma patients? August 7, 2012
After having cataract surgery, the muscle that controls the dilation of my pupil failed to contract. Was this preventable and what can be done about it? August 6, 2012
Any problems that may be caused by undergoing cataract surgery after LASIK? August 6, 2012
My eye exam states that vision in my eye is 20/500 and I can’t see anything out of it but shadows. If I have cataract surgery how much improvement can I expect from that eye afterward? July 20, 2012
Could it be that my recent cataract surgery precipitated an occurrence of PVD that I’m experiencing now? July 12, 2012
I had an accommodative lens placed in one eye. What are the ramifications if I opt to have a monofocal lens placed in the other eye? July 10, 2012
What’s the rate of success of multifocal IOL versus standard IOL for a 62-year-old who still works and needs both near and far vision corrected? July 3, 2012
I have cataracts but am getting along well enough for now with prescription glasses. As the cataracts advance, can my glasses be made stronger periodically until I decide it is time for surgery? A relative has told me an optometrist will not prescribe July 3, 2012
I have had two previous eye muscle surgeries for lazy eye which were successful. I recently had cataract surgery. Ever since the surgery, I have trouble focusing and my eyes are no longer straightened. Is this a common outcome of cataract surgery? July 3, 2012
Could you please tell me if there is a standard of care for post-cataract surgery. More specifically, how soon after surgery should you be seen by the ophthalmologist for post-op follow-up? June 18, 2012
Is it advisable to have cataract surgery with the presence of map dot fingerprint dystrophy? June 18, 2012
Should you have LASIK if you have cataracts? June 18, 2012
I had cataract surgery and received IOLs for astigmatism. Can the degree of astigmatism change enough to require future change of the implants over time? How much time? June 18, 2012
Is it advisable to do yoga after cataract surgery? June 13, 2012
Do you lose your depth perception when you have cataract surgery? June 8, 2012
Would treatment for congenital cataracts be different for a person with developmental disabilities and if so how? May 29, 2012
I have very blurred, severely decreased vision in one eye due to bleeding of a histoplasmosis lesion several years ago which damaged my macula. Recently, I was told that I have a cataract forming in that eye. May 29, 2012
Is cataract surgery safe for patients above 65 years of age? May 29, 2012
Is the refractive power of a monofocal IOL based on the refractive power of eyeglasses currently worn at the time of cataract surgery, or is the calculation for the IOLs based on a totally different criteria? May 9, 2012
Does the time come when a person waits too long to have a cataract removed? April 25, 2012
I have macular degeneration and had cataract surgery about 3 years ago. My eyesight has worsened and I've been advised to have a YAG laser capsulotomy. What are the risks and/or benefits for someone with macular degeneration? April 23, 2012
As a glaucoma patient, is it possible to undergo cataract surgery? April 23, 2012
Can you get herpes in an eye? May 18, 2011
How soon can you fly after cataract surgery? May 18, 2011
How long does it take for cataracts to develop? March 1, 2011
How do I get rid of floaters? March 1, 2011
I'm going to have cataract surgery soon, and I have to make a decision about what type of lenses to have implanted. November 29, 2010
Can you please explain what multifocal cataract surgery is? November 23, 2010
I am getting to the point where my cataracts are interfering with my daily activities, so I think I’ll have surgery soon. But I take Flomax on a daily basis and I’ve heard that it can cause a problem during eye surgery. Is that true? November 23, 2010
I have a problem at night playing team tennis. I cannot see the ball until its almost over the net. What kind of glasses can I get for night vision? Would this also help with night driving? (I do not require any corrective measures for my eyes.) November 23, 2010
I recently heard that the newest thinking about cataracts was that it was best to have them removed early in their development, rather than waiting for them to more fully develop. Is that true? November 23, 2010
My child has Down syndrome and autism. I was surprised to find out he has cataracts in both eyes, one may not be operable. They are suggesting possible ocular implants. What is the success rate and percentage of possibly getting an infection? November 23, 2010
My mother-in-law has just had a cataract operation. Her eye is bloodshot two days after the operation. Is this normal? November 23, 2010
Please explain the difference between a single lens for cataract surgery and multiple lens. Thank you. November 23, 2010

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