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What can I use over-the-counter for a scratched eyelid?
Is there a way to correct Marcus Gunn jaw-winking syndrome?
Do you know of any eye conditions which result in very dark iris?
I have Salzsmann’s nodular degeneration in both eyes—can I have cataract surgery?
How should I take care of my eye after conjunctival nevus removal?
How long should I wait to change eyeglasses after cataract surgery?
Is cataract surgery OK after two eye muscle surgeries?
My 4-month-old has ptosis (droopy eyelid) on her left eye. When is the best time for correction surgery?
My 3-year-old granddaughter likes to put on my reading glasses to make the floor look funny. Will this hurt her eyes?
In an article, I read that wearing of eyeglasses for myopia (nearsightedness) causes vision to get worse. Is it true?
Is it normal to have an iridotomy prior to cataract surgery for "short eyes?"
How can my daughter with orbital lymphangioma gain the ability to lift her eye?
What should I do for my son who has an assortment of vision issues?
Is ADHD common in people with optic nerve hypoplasia?
Is Baicalein Plants therapy OK with glaucoma?
Is it ineffective or dangerous to have an SLT (glaucoma laser) surgery while I also have a glaucoma drainage implant to redirect outflow and reduce pressure?
My mother-in-law can't have cataract operations until her blood is thinner. Why is this?
If I had TASS following cataract surgery, is there a greater risk in having a posterior capsulotomy?
Can I wait a year to have cataract surgery on my second eye?
Should I see an ophthalmologist for a tear-drop shaped pupil?
Does herbal medicine for sleep worsen dry eye?
Can I use a warm compress on a red painful eye with sclerosis?
Can my 13-year-old with LCHAD take a visual field test?
How does one know if a broken blood vessel in the eye is under the membrane and thus harmless, or if it’s in the center of the eye and needs treatment?
If someone gets dirt in their eye or an eyelash in their eye is it safe for you to blow air in their eye?
Is it usual to anesthetize a patient (with a mild sedative) for excision of a mass on a caruncle?
Is frontalis sling surgery is reversible?
What is the best treatment for recurrent corneal erosion?
Can you put regular antibiotic ointment, such as Neosporin, in your eye to treat a scratched cornea?
Are there facilities in the US that offer laser nevus removal?
My daughter has pink eye. How long is pink eye contagious and when can I send her back to school?
Can eye polyps be treated?
Can I have an eyelid lift after retinal tear surgery? My right eyelid is really drooping now because it was my right retina.
Should I use a dummy lens in my glasses for my operated eye after cataract surgery?
Can I damage my eyes if I use twice the amount of drops recommended?
Why does my granddaughter open her eyes very wide?
Can cataract surgery and LASIK be performed at the same time?
Who should I see to treat irritation from eye prosthesis?
I read that erythromycin or bacitracin antibiotics are sometimes prescribed for styes. Are they ointments or tablets?
Does deep vein thrombosis affect vision?
How long can itchiness last after cataract surgery?
I have dry eyes and my eyes and get red and sore if I read for too long. Anything I can do?
Will my droopy eyelid return to normal after fungal keratitis treatment?
Does Famotidine contribute to glaucoma?
What is plateau iris configuration?
I recently got a cortisone shot for my knee. Ever since then I have been suffering from dry eyes. Can this be a reaction from the shot?
Is my elderly friend seeing things because of her eyes or her brain?
My doctor wants to dilate my daughter’s eyes with eye drops. Is it safe to undergo a month’s worth of this?
Will my pinguecula be a problem with my transplanted cornea?
My dad’s vision isn’t clear after cataract surgery. How long until swelling is reduced and vision is improved?
After cataract surgery with correction for distance, will I be able to read music without glasses at a distance of 23 inches?
What is the recovery time for the 3-snip procedure?
My mom has cataracts that won’t be removed. How can I make her room appealing to her when colors are not as bright?
Why do I have blurry vision in the morning after cataract surgery?
Is there any treatment for calcium build-up on my optic nerve?
Is there any research being done to get rid of the need for reading glasses (presbyopia)?
I have central serous retinopathy (or CSR, when fluid builds up under the retina). Is it risky to travel by air? My concern is the pressure inside while flying.
Can drinking or eating milk product cause calcium to build up in your eye? Also, if you back off dairy products does the calcium in your eye go away?
Is there an eye drop that causes severe nausea after cataract surgery?
Can I switch between progressive and regular glasses?
How can I stop my conjunctival cyst from coming back again?
What months are busiest for eye care practices?
I have a cataract and am thinking about having the lens removed without an IOL and just wearing a contact lens. I would wear a regular contact lens on the other eye as I don't have a cataract on the other eye and have 20/20 vision in that eye.
I have beginning macular degeneration. Is there a certain type of dark sunglasses I should wear to protect my eyes?
What are the risk factors for macular aneurysm?
Why do I have wavy vision one week after a vitrectomy?
I had LASIK surgery about 20 years ago and now need cataract surgery. Because of the LASIK procedure my surgeon recommends only monofocal lenses. Why is that?
I have been trying monovision with contact lenses for almost two weeks now. I am having severe headaches, nausea, and dizziness. How long does it take to get used to? Or maybe it's not for me?
In the 1970s I was just over a year old and they did cataract surgery. Can I have IOLs put in now?
Is there treatment for age-related loss of depth perception?
I am going to be doing a play in which I am supposed to be cross-eyed. Would it be possible to have contacts made that would allow me to appear cross-eyed in the right or left eye only and still not have double vision?
Is cataract surgery problematic due to my corneal transplant?
What percent of people are happy with the results when they have astigmatism fixed at the time of cataract surgery?
I’ve been advised to treat my blepharitis (swelling of the eyelids caused by clogged oil glands) using antibacterial shampoo. Where can l find it and what is it called?
Can alcohol affect my eye after having a surgery of retinal detachment?
Does removal of cataracts always result in poorer eye sight if you have age-related macular degeneration (or AMD)?
Are my cancer treatments causing my recurring pink eye?
What analgesic eye drops (medicine to reduce pain) can be used for eye pain after contact lenses removal?
I’ve been diagnosed with recurrent corneal erosion. I’ve started using drops and wondered when my vision will improve.
Can I exercise with a cut on the white of my eye?
Is distortion in lines and objects a symptom of ocular histoplasmosis?
How is cataract surgery different for someone with high myopia?
How soon after cataract surgery can I wear cosmetic soft contact lenses that are not for vision? Is it dangerous to put them in too early?
After a person develops ocular histoplasmosis, is it common that years or even decades pass before the person notices the vision changes and the disease is diagnosed?
Can I have multifocal or accommodative lenses with Duane syndrome?
Will my mom need glasses after cataract surgery?
Why is my left eye clear when I close my right but my right eye is not when I close my left? I wear progressive no line bifocals. I am a 70-year-old man.
Why are glasses better than contacts for astigmatism?
How long do you have to wait between two surgeries on one eye?
What is the protocol for treatment of an eye hemorrhage (bleeding) in a 62-year-old diabetic?
Does heavy drinking of beer affect wet AMD?
Can allergies affect just one eye but not the other?
Should I see the doctor after hot spaghetti sauce splashed on my eyeball?
I woke up four days ago and noticed some bruising and slight puffiness under my right eye and then a stye appeared. I understand the stye, but what is the deal with the puffiness and bruising? It's almost swollen.
Are my orthokeratology lenses fitting correctly?
What effect will carnosine eye drops have on my cataract surgery?
Can acupuncture help my retinitis pigmentosa?
Can Avastin help patients with retinitis pigmentosa and optic nerve disorder?
I have read that lutein and zeaxanthin along with bilberry extract is good to take for improved night vision. Is there any truth to this?
Can Optrex be used with punctal plugs?
My mother has pseudoexfoliating glaucoma and her doctor is not recommending cataract surgery. Why is this?
My daughter has recently been diagnosed with bartonella henselae (cat-scratch disease) and lost vision in her left eye within a two week period. Do you know which treatments work best for this condition?
What is your view on eye exercises to improve my eyesight, e.g. the Bates method? Does it work?
Is there a reason why I can’t be awake during my vitrectomy procedure?
Is there any treatment for thinning of the retinal veins?
How can I avoid strange visual symptoms from detached retina?
Are eye injections safe when treating an eye aneurysm?
Does having posterior vitreous detachment lead/contribute to open-angle glaucoma?
Is it possible to diagnose retinal diseases just by looking at fundus photos?
What is minimal macular degeneration and what is the prognosis?
At what point will my diabetes affect my eyesight?
Is it possible to get bifocals that include a prism to correct my double vision?
My son’s eyelashes are too long and they hurt him—what should I do?
Should I be concerned that my myopia continues to worsen at 25?
What is the treatment of an MRSA infection of the eye due to pink eye?
Why did my daughter’s nearsightedness go away?
Does astigmatism change significantly after age 80?
When will the film on my eye that formed after eyelid surgery clear?
Should I be concerned about an increase in my prescription?
Is the American osteopathic board of ophthalmology an official certification body for hospital privileges? Is it recognized by the ABMS?
How can I avoid cataracts after vitrectomy?
As a security officer, I need to be trained for pepper spray. Will it harm by eyes with corneal transplants?
How would I classify my gold/blue central heterochromatic eyes in my paperwork? Could I just classify my eyes as more than one color?
Why does the shape of my cornea make me a poor LASIK candidate?
Should I be apprehensive about bleeding during cataract surgery?
In spring due to pollen can you feel heaviness and pressure in the eyes?
What would be the recommend way to remove a hyper-mature/dense cataract in a patient over 75 years old?
Why do our eyes see big images in spite of having a very small retina?
Did my cataract surgeon set my dominant eye for distance vision?
I was prescribed Restasis eye drops while taking pred forte drops. Is this a problem?
After a corneal transplant (DSEAK procedure), is it possible to have laser surgery to correct astigmatism?
Can wearing two contacts cause a corneal ulcer?
I lost sight from a corneal scar as a child. Now that I’m older, will a corneal transplant help me?
If laser surgery is required to repair your vision after cataract surgery, is it covered by insurance companies?
Is LASIK not recommended when one has adenovirus keratitis (swelling of the cornea)?
Can I have cataract surgery with a scleral buckle?
Is bleeding normal after retinal surgery?
What causes flat retina?
When can I get glasses after scleral buckle surgery?
Should macular pucker or cataract surgery be done first?
Can I wear contacts with pink eye while running?
I am curious as to why my non-prescription swim goggles correct my underwater vision?
Can lutein and zeaxanthin decrease eye pressure?
Is it necessary to see my doctor every year for traumatic iritis?
How much pain is to be expected after wrinkled retina repair?
A 16-year-old girl had brain bleed in utero and has severe scarring of tissue behind eyes. Can this be repaired?
Can my friend fly after complications from cataract surgery?
If I have map dot fingerprint dystrophy, are there any additional risks associated with cataract surgery?
I had cryotherapy yesterday on a retinal posterior tear. I now have more floaters and blurred vision. Is this to be expected or is there a problem?
What are retinal ridges and how do they affect eyesight?
When can you swim after retinal detachment surgery?
I had surgery for a partial retinal detachment (cryopexy) and after 10 days the gas bubble is about one third of its original size. When can I safely fly?
Does an Avastin injection raise eye pressure?
Can I get laser surgery for retinal tear after having a capsulotomy?
Can farsightedness be the cause of my daughter’s white reflex in flash photography?
Is it normal to feel some dizziness the day after a laser peripheral iridotomy?
Are we close to a cure for AMD?
Why do I have floaters and flashes after eye poke if I don’t have retinal tear or detachment, or a posterior vitreous detachment?
Would it be OK for me to wear reading glasses without seeing the eye doctor first?
What blood pressure level is considered too high for cataract surgery?
Do I have to remove eye makeup before having cataract surgery?
How long does it take to feel visually balanced between both eyes after cataract surgery?
Will intraocular lenses correct my nearsightedness and astigmatism?
What is causing me to have a bulging eye?
Can a LASIK procedure reverse itself in the years to come and put your vision back where it was before LASIK?
Can I get LASIK if I had a macular hole that was repaired by laser?
What do diabetic patients need to know about their eyes and eye care? - Video Answer
What do I need to know about AMD treatment? - Video Answer
Is screen time bad for kids’ eyes? - Video Answer
I just had eye surgery. How long should I wait before I fly? - Video Answer
I got hit in the eye by a ball. Do I need to go to the doctor? - Video Answer
Can I use artificial tears while using steroid drops?
Will my infant’s secondary cataract return after treatment?
Will prednisone slow down healing after cataract surgery?
If I have glaucoma, is it OK to take Astepro?
Can the eye be numbed before an injection is given for wet AMD to avoid any pain?
How do you treat scar tissues in the eye after a successful retinal detachment surgery?
At what age is the diagnosis of macular degeneration considered age related? At age 52, I was told I had macular changes and at 54, told I have macular degeneration, dry type.
Is it possible to spread staph infection from a boil on the leg to the eye if one touches their eye with a hand that has staph residue on it?
Is tearing a symptom of performance anxiety/stage fright?
Are expensive hi-def computer screens better for my aging eyes?
I am experiencing severe dizziness after being changed to Combigan eye drops twice a day. Is this a side effect of this medication?
Can I get glasses made that would allow me to see the small electronic parts I'm soldering nine inches from my face?
I am going to have a dilated eye exam and I am trying to get pregnant. Is there any potential harm to baby if I were to be pregnant when I was dilated?
Can myasthenia gravis affecting the right eye also have any effect on vocal chords or the tongue muscle?
What do you think of the product called Rapid Lash?
I need cataract surgery on my right eye, however I cannot lie flat and need a surgeon who can do the surgery while I’m in a sitting position. Is this possible?
Is it normal to have swelling around the eye two days after retinal tear surgery?
Can I make my own rewetting drops for my RPG lenses?
Why do my eyes become red hours after I wake up?
How do I treat the pain from herpes of the eye?
What is the probability of dry AMD morphing into the wet type for a man is his late 80s?
My mom had surgery seven months ago and a tumor that was resting on her optic nerves was removed from her frontal lobe. Which type of specialist would she see now to evaluate her vision?
My 10-year-old said when she’s reading some of the words seem to be raised off the page. I thought dyslexia but she doesn’t have any problems reading and actually reads very well. Any thoughts?
An 8-year-old girl sleeps with her eyes open. What precautions should be taken and how unusual is this?
My grandson is now 1 year old and has never cried tears. Is this normal?
What are the advantages of anti-reflective coatings on eyeglasses, if any?
What are the options for correction or reduction of high myopia?
This morning while working on my computer, I was having bright wavy lines fluctuating in my vision. I couldn't read or focus at distances and after 30 minutes it went away. Any idea what might be going on?
What can I expect to occur after cataract surgery? I have heard horror stories and I am a little uneasy about the surgery.
The last two mornings I have had severe red and burning eyes after I put in my contacts. I take them out and then my eyes continue to burn and tear. I have worn contacts for a long time.
How can I reduce the glossy look in my eyes from using moisturizing eye drops?
How successful is tear duct probing?
What is the best way to get rid of protein deposits on hard lenses?
Can you tell me about superior limbic keratoconjunctivitis?
Is there an over-the-counter medicine to use for a scratched cornea?
If I have extreme eye pain soon after taking the eyedrops called cyorfloxcin, what should I do?
Can a tono pen give a reading as accurate as a Goldman's Applanation tonometer (pressure-reading device found in doctor’s office)?
Can I wear my right lens in my left eye until my new contacts come in?
Is sudden onset of farsightedness possible in a 10-year-old?
How bright does a flare have to be to harm your eye?
Is light therapy OK with glaucoma?
Can I still have LASIK if I’m taking progesterone?
Can LASIK help me if I have poor vision after many other eye surgeries?
Why would your sight be better when tucking your chin and looking out the top of your eyes?
Are Cataracts Causing My Visual Problems?
Is it common for your eyes to feel like hair is in them after cataract surgery?
Are warm compresses OK after cataract surgery?
Is it normal to feel the lens in my eye three weeks after cataract surgery?
Is tearing and discharge after tear duct surgery an indication that the procedure wasn't successful?
Is it common to feel tightness in the head after cataract surgery on one eye and no surgery yet on the other eye?
If my molluscums are treated will my blepharitis go away?
Is it harmful to smoke marijuana with a gas bubble in my eye?
Can swim goggles have any adverse effects on the eye such as a torn retina?
What does my daughter's vision screening fail mean?
Can my son's droopy eyelid be causing his lazy eye?
Will my strabismus come back after surgery?
Is there anything I can do to stop my recurring styes?
Can I have more than one transplant for Fuchs’?
How long does it take to fully recover from keratitis?
I have severe eye pain and am unsure of cause
I think I may have heterochromia but I’m not sure.
Why would the sclera wrinkle and fold?
Is it safe to get hepatitis A and B vaccination when you have viral pink eye?
I’m 14 and my eye color appears to be changing. Why is this happening?
If I have been told I have pigment dispersion syndrome, can wearing contacts cause this to progress or add to the problem?
Can I still wear contact lenses after having a corneal abrasion more than a year ago?
Is it true that taking high doses of omega 3 is good to improve dry eyes?
Will a sunburst in my eye from high sugar go away on its own?
Can caffeine withdrawal affect your vision?
If you have thinning of the retina should you have cataract surgery?
If you have laser surgery for cloudy vision after cataract surgery (posterior capsulotomy), is this considered cured or can this recur a second time?
How long can pink eye "live" on surfaces?
I have dry eyes—can zyrtec for allergies cause this?
Can retinal wrinkle repair in both eyes be done at the same time as one cataract surgery?
Why has my vision worsened after cataract surgery?
Why does the capsule become opacified after cataract surgery?
Does my daughter have Alice in Wonderland Syndrome?
How soon after a YAG PI (laser peripheral iridotomy) can I fly a 7-hour flight?
Would salt in my diet increase my eye pressure?
Is my mother’s eyelid problem related to her Wernicke-Korsakoff?
Are there any best practices for cataract surgeons to ensure that the correct lens is inserted into the correct patient?
Should a cataract surgery be done at the same time as a corneal transplant?
What causes calcium in the eye and should it be removed before cataract surgery?
What eye specialist would I see if I am experiencing temporary blindness in one eye or sometimes both eyes?
What medication is in the shot that is given in your eye for macular degeneration?
Can frontalis suspension surgery cure dehisence ptosis?
Are beta carotene and lutein in high doses compatible?
Can my child inherit my macular degeneration?
How do I stop tearing after macular pucker operation?
Is it normal to have blurry vision six weeks after retinal detachment surgery?
Does a newly-scarred macula get worse?
Can food or orange juice make my flashes go away?
Will Medicare and my insurance help pay for my toric lens implant for astigmatism?
How soon can one drive after cataract surgery?
Are there any new, proven treatments for negative dysphotopsia?
Can injectable testosterone elevate eye pressure?
Can I have blepharoplasty if I have narrow angles?
If I had a retinal tear corrected three years ago, is it OK to have lower lid surgery on my eyes?
When will swelling go down after blepharoplasty?
Can I have multifocal IOLs implanted during cataract surgery with a macular pucker present?
Why am I seeing glare and halos at night after pink eye infection?
Should tennis ball-throwing games be limited for eye safety?
Why are my pupils so naturally large?
Is dry eye causing my severe eye pain?
How long is recovery from eyelid cryotherapy?
Is it safe to use products to tint your eyebrows?
What is the connection between CHRPE and bowel cancer?
Can eye injections to treat diabetic retinopathy cause stomach pain?
Is there treatment for my granddaughter’s vision problems?
Can Vectibix (a drug used to treat cancer) cause keratitis of the eye?
I’m 64 years old. Can I get LASIK?
Can I have cataract surgery without lidocaine?
Are volunteer groups' school vision screenings good enough?
Would brief exposure to light from a projector harm a child’s eyes?
After I read for a while, I cannot see clearly in the distance. I see double. Why is that?
Can microcornea be treated?
Can a corneal infection affect your brain?
Is blade-free LASIK more beneficial (clinically or otherwise) than the traditional flap procedure?
Will insurance pay for eyelid surgery if it is affecting your vision?
Could conjunctivitis spread through looking into the eye of an infected person?
Can I wear one contact lens for reading instead of glasses?
If I have Fuchs’ dystrophy, which type of contact lens should I wear?
Is there a generic drug for Restasis (a drug used to treat dry eye) yet?
What might happen if I delay getting a corneal transplant for a corneal opacity?
How can I relieve pain caused by a corneal abrasion at home before seeing a doctor?
How soon can I wax my eyebrows after retinal surgery?
Is it possible for retinitis pigmentosa patients to improve their vision with high power spectacles?
Is there vision loss that occurs after retinal swelling?
Can I wear contact lenses if I have drusen?
Can I drive if I’ve been diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa?
Is there any treatment for my son’s congenital optic atrophy?
Can my pink eye be causing a droopy eyelid?
What is the best product to clean your prosthetic eye with?
What is the best method to flip my eyelid and remove my ocular lithiasis?
Is it possible for thyroid medication to change the prescription of my eyes?
Is it possible to have LASIK for farsightedness after having it for nearsightedness?
Can corrective laser eye surgery lower the risk of retinal detachment?
Is it normal to have a YAG surgery done after LASIK if your vision is still blurry?
Will the LED headlight I use damage my retinas?
Is it possible to retain my monovision after cataract surgery?
What are the complications that can occur when cataracts are removed from an eye that has had a corneal transplant?
Is it normal to see things in the wrong size after cataract surgery?
Do amphetamines affect pupillary dilation?
Do people wear glasses for mild refractive errors such as mine?
Do ophthalmologists avoid cataract surgery on highly myopic patients?
Is it normal to feel lightheaded after cataract surgery?
How can I be sure which is my dominant eye if I have a cataract covering one eye?
Will a four-year-old who wears prescribed glasses still need them when grown up?
Can strabismus in a two-year-old be treated with glasses?
Can I have laser surgery to remove cataracts if I have a lazy eye?
Why does the sun still hurt my eyes, even when I wear sunglasses and a hat?
Can I still drive a car if I have a pupil that reacts slowly to light?
Are my computer-related symptoms eye strain?
What drops are the best for blepharitis?
Can reading harm a cornea damaged by thyroid eye disease?
Should I get an eyelid surgery for my migraines?
What is the treatment for "Mixed Mechanism" glaucoma?
How soon after cataract surgery can I wear my contacts?
How will getting a near-vision IOL implanted during cataract surgery affect my distance vision?
How will my prior LASIK procedure affect cataract surgery?
Is analysis by an Optiwave Refractive Analysis (ORA) machine necessary for cataract surgery after LASIK?
Can I have a lens implant if I have a brace following a detached retina?
When after cataract surgery can PCO be treated by YAG? And when can I swim again?
Can a person have cataract surgery if they are allergic to steroids?
Will honey eye baths harm my eyes?
Should I wear a medic alert bracelet because my pupils are naturally different sizes?
Can I develop a nevus (brown spot) on the white of my eye later in life?
Can a hemangioma near the eye be treated?
Can toric and regular lenses be mixed in cataract surgery?
I have had my cataract surgery. How long do I have to wait before I can use makeup on the face and eyes?
Is there any risk in waiting more than 6 months to have the second eye cataract surgery done?
Can an eye doctor test for autoimmune disease or does it have to be a primary care doctor?
Can you get double vision if you're blind in one eye?
Can dry eyes cause glare while driving at night?
After having vitrectomy surgery, can your eye still bleed inside or does this surgery prevent future bleeding?
Are there any treatments being developed for foveal hypoplasia?
Can dried blood be removed from the eye?
Should you try not to read very much after branch retinal vein occlusion?
What are the risks if you leave branch retinal vein occlusion untreated?
How can my son reduce the number of ocular herpes outbreaks he has?
Can psoriasis cause severe light sensitivity?
Is it normal to have floaters and flashes a day after torn retina laser treatment?
How long does it take for an Avastin injection to work?
Is it normal to have foggy vision after a posterior vitreous detachment?
What is normal for a chalazion or stye as it heals?
Will high blood pressure affect the size of the pupils in the eye?
Are FML eye allergy drops safe if I've had herpes simplex, but never had it in my eye?
What are some eye diseases and conditions commonly found in more economically developed countries such as the UK and USA?
Are there ophthalmologists who specialize in doing vision tests for patients with dementia and aphasia?
Is 20 minutes a day of computer screen time bad for my child's eyes?
If my intraocular lens shifts eight years after my cataract surgery, can an adjustment be done by laser?
Can I still have cataract surgery if I have a sore throat, earache and sinus pressure?
Is it safe to do a laser or LASIK surgery if I have a scratched cornea?
How long after cataract surgery can scar tissue develop?
Can a toric lens implanted during cataract surgery overcorrect astigmatism and create a vision impairment?
Is laser cataract surgery recommended for patients who have had LASIK?
Will massaging the eyelid help a surgically dilated pupil contract after cataract surgery?
Is sunlight reflected off of a computer screen as dangerous as looking into the sun?
What medication is injected into the eye for a retinal occlusion (a blockage of veins in the back of the eye)?
Do any ophthalmologists use moderate sedation for eye injections?
Is there another way to examine the retina, other than a handheld light?
Does macular telangiectasia cause the same type of vision loss as macular degeneration (a breakdown of tissues in the back of the eye)?
Can you have a cosmetic iris implant surgery if you have a detached retina?
I have pink eye and an old prescription of Vigamox. Can I take that to help cure it?
How long can I keep using Tetracaine Ophthalmic Solution once it's opened?
How can I figure out what skin products are irritating my eyes?
I had radial keratotomy performed several years ago, can I get LASIK done now?
Can you tell if I have diabetes or high blood pressure by looking at my eyes?
Should I have a cataract removed if I’m already blind in that eye?
How do I treat poison ivy on my eyelid?
If I have a bacterial eye infection do I need to wear a patch over the eye?
I accidentally looked at the sun very briefly. Have I damaged my eyes?
Can I get contact lenses that act like sunglasses?
What should I do for itchy eyes?
Is laser peripheral iridotomy the best treatment for "narrow angle" glaucoma?
Why does my vision get blurry after reading for 30 minutes?
Should I have a laser peripheral iridotomy because I travel often?
My father has glaucoma. Am I at risk of it?
Fluorescent lights affect my vision. Is there something I can do to help with the cloudiness and glare from these lights?
Is it safe for me to have eyelid surgery if I have a macular pucker?
A year after an accidental scratch on the inside of my eyelid, I still have pain sometimes. Can this be treated?
Can I wear my contacts after a vitrectomy gas bubble has gone away?
How costly is lattice degeneration to repair?
Does an occlusion in the eye cause pain in the socket surrounding the eye?
Why was beta carotene omitted from Bausch & Lomb's AREDS-2 formulation?
Is it safe to use Yellox (bronfenac) eye drops for 3 months?
Is there a medical term for off-center pupils?
Can Verisys lens implants be left in place during cataract surgery?
Is it OK to place a multifocal IOL in one eye and a monofocal IOL in the other during cataract surgery?
After my eyelid surgery, when will the swelling and scarring go away?
If I choose to not have surgery to correct ptosis (drooping eyelid) now, will it adversely affect my vision in the future?
Is cosmetic eyelid surgery safe after shingles in the eye have healed?
How can I tell if a vision problem is from AMD or cataracts?
What is a safe waiting period to have cataract surgery after a vitrectomy for a detached retina?
Should I avoid multifocal intraocular lenses if I’m at risk of AMD?
What would be the benefits of silicone-based hydrogel contact lenses over other kinds?
What is a typical exam to test for amblyopia in a child?
Is it safe to use an inversion table three years after LASIK surgery?
Can Lyme disease cause cataracts or some other form of clouding of the lens?
Is an Ocular Response Analyzer used to measure the size of an eye after the natural lens has been removed during surgery to choose the correct IOL?
After cataract surgery, my near vision is fine but my far vision is not as good as it used to be. Why?
Should cataract surgery be done if there is already vision loss from AMD?
Will my daughter’s burned eyelashes grow back?
Is there anything I can do to help a posterior vitreous detachment?
Can I use redness eye drops with my prescription eye drops for conjunctivitis?
Can I swim while my eyes are dilated?
How can I improve my thin retina?
Are small flashes of light a problem?
Can I use a damaged contact lens?
Is it possible to have visible blood vessels in the white of the eye removed via laser surgery?
How long should one wait to fly after a partial corneal transplant?
How is conjunctivitis (or pink eye) in infants treated?
Is there any type of surgery that can allow someone to close their eye and blink normally after a serious eye accident?
What are the latest treatment options for ocular rosacea? Anything being done in clinical trials?
One of my contact lenses got dried out. Can I clean it and use it?
Will having cataract surgery reactivate my chorioretinal scars (damaged tissue in the back of the eye), which might lead to blindness?
Can cataract surgery be done to both eyes in one operation?
Can the new lens in my eye move after I have had cataract surgery?
Is there an eye drop to reverse the result of eye dilation drops?
Can I wear my right contact lens in my left eye? I have astigmatism in my left eye but ran out of contacts.
Before having cataract surgery, can I get tested for sensitivity to the three lenses that are used in surgeries?
Is it safe to smoke marijuana before and after cataract surgery?
Are flashes of light in my vision a sign that my intraocular lens is failing?
Can the infection from a stye get to my heart? I have a prosthetic aortic valve, so I’ve been told to be careful about infections.
Is ortho-k gentle corneal reshaping (orthokeratology) safe?
Is it possible to get eye damage from the slit lamp test?
Why has the outer layer of my eye started sliding and wrinkling?
My vision is blurry with my new progressive bifocals. Why?
I see better with my glasses on the tip of my nose. Why?
Yellow Vision after Cataract Surgery
Could a small amount of steroid cream in your eye cause cataracts?
After cataract surgery I have a feeling that there's "something in my eye." Could the intraocular lens be too large for my small eye?
Can cataracts result from certain vitamin deficiencies, like beta carotene?
Can tight-fitting goggles raise eye pressure and cause glaucoma or other damage?
Can I fly if my cornea is inflamed one week after cataract surgery?
How soon can I start bowling after cataract surgery?
How long will blurry vision and glare last after cataract surgery?
Can I go to tanning beds a year after cataract surgery?
Prednisolone and PCO (secondary cataract); and Light Sensitivity and Multifocal IOLs
I have a rash on my body from one of the eye drops I am taking after cataract surgery. Is there something I can take to counterbalance the rash?
Once the IOL measurements are taken for cataract surgery, can I wear my contacts while waiting for the actual surgery?
Can I have an intraocular lens implanted years after childhood cataract surgery?
Why shouldn’t I have cataract surgery if I have drusen or macular degeneration?
Should I have cataract surgery or macular pucker surgery first?
What is a surgical clearance exam before cataract surgery?
Is cataract surgery done in a hospital?
My 9-year-old son has a -1.25 prescription—how severe it that for his age?
What tests are given to detect Vogt–Koyanagi–Harada Syndrome (or VKH, a complex autoimmune disease that can affect the eyes)?
My 1-year-old daughter has red spots on the white of her eye. Is this something to be worried about and what causes it?
Will a coloboma (a birth defect that results in missing ocular tissue) on infants ever go away later on in life?
My 11-month-old has been prescribed glasses. Can a baby wear glasses?
Is my eyelid supposed to be slightly over my iris?
What’s the recovery time for vitrectomy (a surgery that removes the vitreous gel inside of the eye)?
My contacts hurt after scleral buckle retina surgery. Is this normal?
Will an eye patch stop flashes of light from posterior vitreous detachment?
Every few days it feels like there is something in my eye for a while.
What should I do after getting raw chicken juice in my eye?
Is it dangerous to leave a pinguecula untreated?
How long does it take the eye to heal after removal of a nevus (a mole on the eye that is typically harmless) on the surface of the eye?
Can I use Visine on my 5-year-old?
How long has OCT scanning been used in ophthalmology?
My vision after my vitrectomy isn't great—will it improve?
Can retinal detachment treatment and corrective eye surgery to treat nearsightedness or other refractive errors be done at the same time?
Is it possible to restore vision lost from central serous retinopathy with foveal thinning?
Should I have my daughter's eyes dilated if she had trouble with a visual field test?
Will flying make the hole in my retina worse?
Can you tell me anything about the potential for improvement in macular degeneration patients from hyperbaric chamber treatments?
What drops can be used to treat bacterial infection in children under 2 years old?
Is it safe to use contact solution to rinse out your eyes?
Can medications like Geodon or lamictal cause or worsen astigmatism?
Is it possible to be allergic to intraocular lenses?
Besides the cost, what are the disadvantages of having cataract surgery to remove a cloudy lens when my vision hasn't worsened enough to warrant insurance paying for the surgery?
What causes eyelids to feel so heavy that they want to close all the time?
Will it cause long-term damage to your vision or eyes to loosely cover them with a dark blindfold all the time?
My 15-year-old son has been diagnosed with myopia (nearsightedness) and one eye was much worse than the other. After leaving the office with his prescription I realized that the prescription was the same for both eyes. Shouldn't they be different?
What are the main problems with having cataract surgery after previously having LASIK?
I had strabismus as a child and now notice a yellow pupil in photographs. Should I be concerned?
Can my toddler's myopia be reversed?
My husband obtained a lazy eye after an eye injury and multiple surgeries. Now our newborn was born with one and it’s the same eye. Is there a chance she inherited it from him even though he wasn't born with it?
Is it OK to rub and touch your eyes?
How quickly does a YAG capsulotomy (a procedure to remove clouding after cataract surgery) improve vision?
I just received a report from the school nurse that my son failed his vision test because of bilateral stereopsis. What is this?
Is it necessary to have your eyes dilated every year?
My mother is diabetic and she is now on insulin. She has been complaining about her eye sight getting poor. How can we prevent that?
Can I use post-cataract surgery drops that have been exposed to extreme heat?
I am a 58-year-old female and have noticed a milky crescent on the upper portion of my iris. What is this an indication of?
Can blockage in the carotid arteries (the two large veins that carry blood to the brain) cause temporary partial and total loss of vision in one eye?
Can a YAG capsulotomy be performed on both eyes on the same day?
How long will it take to adjust to monovision cataract surgery?
Can you safely have LASIK surgery in both eyes at the same time?
Can you have cataract surgery to remove a cloudy lens when you've already had detached retina surgery in the past for the same eye?
I have ocular rosacea (an inflammatory condition affecting the skin and eyes) and need cataract surgery to remove a cloudy lens. Are there more risks?
If I have Parkinson's (a disease of the brain that causes shaking) do I need to see a special eye doctor?
Can throbbing eye pain be a symptom of dry eye syndrome?
As far back as I can remember I have had raised yellowish bumps in the whites of both of my eyes. I was told it was called sailor's eye. Should I be worried?
After my surgery for pterygium, is it conceivable that it will grow back for the third time?
Do gas and oil bubbles used in vitrectomies vary in size?
I’ve been diagnosed with PCV. Is it possible to recover from this?
My Mom's AMD is stable. Can she stop the injections?
I see dark patches when I get up at night. Is this a sign my AMD is getting worse?
Would you recommend acupuncture as a treatment for AMD?
Are there any eye procedures that can be performed to change my eye color?
I had an injury to my eye recently and it now itches. Does that mean it's healing?
Can novocaine (painkiller) used during dental surgery temporarily worsen my glaucoma?
Does marijuana help cataracts (a clouding of the eye’s lens)?
Why do I see well with glasses but not contact lenses after cataract surgery?
One week after cataract surgery I have 20-30 vision. What is the possibility that it will improve further in time?
Can you have cataract surgery with a corneal abrasion (a scratch or scrape on the cornea)?
I recently had surgery for a cataract. What medicine can I safely use for seasonal allergy rhinitis (an irritation and inflammation that occurs inside the nose)?
My 5-year-old son has been complaining of seeing green dots in his eyes.
Which eye disorders can be associated with fetal alcohol syndrome (a range of disorders caused by alcohol exposure while in the womb)?
My 13-year-old son recently underwent surgery for a detached retina. How long after surgery should we wait before letting him resume unrestricted sports activities?
What is choroidal neovascularization and is there treatment for it?
For some time now, when I look at an object and look away I still see an outline of the object. This happens in both eyes. Do you know what causes this?
Is it safe to fly if I have flashes and floaters?
Is it safe to get LASIK if you have large optic nerves on both sides? I have normal eye pressure.
I can see and feel my pulse in the vision of my left eye. What might this be?
My son cut up a jalapeño pepper and touched his eye while wearing contacts. Should he throw his contacts away?
Is it unusual for a surgeon to be able to perform both strabismus and ptosis surgeries?
Is myopia hereditary (passed from parent to child)? If not, what are the other possible causes and why have cases of myopia increased since 1970s?
Can any ophthalmologist perform surgery or is additional certification/training required?
Can symptoms from Fuchs' dystrophy be confused with symptoms of glaucoma?
Can I continue to work as a welder if I've had a pterygium?
Is there a reason eye specialists wait so long to do a cornea transplant in a person with Fuchs' disease (a condition that harms the inner layer of the cornea)?
Can I swim after my macular pucker and cataract surgery?
Will vomiting every three hours loosen my newly implanted intraocular lens?
Can blindness caused by brain trauma be treated?
Will cataract surgery now keep me from getting treatment for age-related macular degeneration in the future?
Are bright lights making my occult macular dystrophy worse?
I'd like more information about spring surgery for eyelid problems.
Sometimes one of my eyes blinks slower than the other.
Will it damage a child's eyes if they need glasses but don't get them?
I had cataract surgery today. Is it normal that everything looks pink out of that eye?
Can I have cataract surgery if I am allergic to mercury?
Can I travel to a high altitude if I have a retinal hole?
I am 64 years old. I have vitreomacular traction in my left eye, which has led to a macular hole. Will the new drug ocriplasmin help?
I am a 57-year-old female and have just been informed that I have soft drusen and leakage. How is this treated?
My husband has a retinal artery that has been severely damaged by diabetes. Is it possible to regenerate the artery and return normal blood flow?
Can diabetes cause eye floaters (small specks you see in your field of vision)?
Is it true that we are born with our eyeballs already full grown?
Can the iris of one eye be larger than the other?
Is surgery to remove pterygia and pingueculae safe?
I have noticed that my eyelids are less visible. I have also noticed that I seem to see better when I lift my lids manually. Could this be a side effect of Botox?
My eye doctor told me if I wanted stronger prescription contacts for distance vision, I would have to give up some of my close-up vision. Is this true?
Do images look larger in an eye set for far vision than in an eye set for near vision?
How can I prevent progressive increase in my cataracts?
My daughter has pink eye and it seems to be getting better. When can I send her back to school?
My grandson had his eyes dilated this morning and the ophthalmologist stated it could take up to 24 hours before the eyes return to normal. Is this true?
Is it possible for intraocular pressure to lower from 25 to 15 without medication or surgery?
Will cataract surgery affect my LASIK-corrected vision?
My sister, who has been told she will need cataract surgery, was informed that she would need an allergy test first. Is this a required test that can be conducted by an eye doctor?
Can I use an inversion table if I have a small cataract in one eye?
What concentration of tea tree oil should my son use to treat Demodex (mites) in his eyelashes?
How important is it if you've squinted during refraction/measurement tests in preparation for cataract surgery?
Will my mother's blood thinner medication affect her cataract surgery?
Before cataract surgery, is the measurement for the IOL taken with the current contact lens in place or is it removed before measurement?
For glaucoma treatment, why would "bleb" surgery be the first course for surgery over shunt surgery?
Can I wear contacts after I get injections to treat wet macular degeneration?
Is there any new medical treatment available for retinitis pigmentosa?
Is it common to feel dizzy and nauseous after cataract surgery?
I recently had the ReStor lens put in my left eye and even though my right eye still has a cataract, I can now see perfectly without glasses. Can I just have a regular lens put in the right eye instead of paying for a ReStor?
Can stem cell treatement help my toxoplasmosis scarring?
Is there a rapid test for pink eye that can help differentiate viral from bacterial conjunctivitis, like a rapid strep test?
Is it possible to check the eye sight of a 2-year-old?
Can being in the snow for three hours cause you to see colors wrong? For example white objects look yellow, blue objects look green except on the edges were you see blue?
Can I have an MRI of the head following macular pucker surgery?
How soon can diabetic retinopathy develop after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes?
Can a fracture in my eye socket be fixed?
I have swollen eyelids caused by giant papillary conjunctivitis and have stopped wearing contact lenses with little improvement. Can you recommend additional treatments?
Can eye rubbing cause keratoconus?
How unusual is it for recurrent corneal erosion (a condition that causes the cornea to wear away over time) to be caused, at least in part, by blepharitis (a condition that causes inflamed and irritated eyelids)?
Is there a trick to getting a baby to wear protective goggles?
Can you tell me if the success of monovision is dependent on correcting for distance in the dominant eye?
Is research close to restoring eye sight for someone who has experienced repeated retinal detachments?
My son has low vision due to retinoblastoma (a rare cancer of the eye) treatments as an infant and toddler.
Can one receive an implantable miniature telescope for macular degeneration (a breakdown of the macula in the back of the eye, which reduces central vision) after having had cataract surgery?
Is it OK to drive myself home following pterygium surgery (removing a growth of fleshy tissue on the white of the eye)?
I do not have any hair on my body due to alopecia. I have no eyelashes and I have noticed that my eyes are sensitive to bright lights. Do you think that's because I have no eyelashes to protect my eyes?
Will stem cell or gene therapies bring cures for congenital ptosis (drooping of the eyelid that can limit vision)?
What is blood vessel growth in front of the eye called?
Is there any danger from leaving refractive errors (a focusing disorder of the eye, which includes nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism) uncorrected?
I have a high myopia (nearsightedness) of -22 in my right eye and -24 in my left. I’m 21 and I have been using thick glasses. Are contact lenses available with this prescription?
Why would a photo show a white reflex (a white pupil reflection, rather than the normal red eye, seen in a flash photograph) while an in-person exam does not?
Can you tell me more about anesthesia for cataract surgery?
I had cataract surgery in 1944 and no intraocular lens was put in my eye. Can I have a lens put in now?
What can cause a fully rotated astigmatism (irregularly shaped cornea)?
Are there any exercises that would help my client's double vision and nystagmus?
What is iris hypoplasia?
I've had a stye for almost three weeks. As soon as I noticed the stye I took my contacts out and have worn glasses for three weeks. Is it okay to put the same contacts in? They've been in solution for three weeks.
What are the possible complications of eyelid surgery?
I have been wearing 2-week disposable contacts for eight years. All of a sudden, my contacts hardly improve my vision and are blurry.
Will multifocal IOLs worsen my vertigo?
I read that posterior staphylomas usually progress with age. Is that always true?
How soon after cataract surgery can the YAG laser procedure be done to remove PCO, or posterior capsule opacification?
My daughter, 15, just told us her vision goes dark two to three times per day for as long as 12 seconds, then vision comes back and she says she is dizzy. What can be the cause?
I have optic nerve hypoplasia. I know there have been advancements with intraocular lenses (IOLs). I’m curious if this is a viable option for correction?
A friend has been told that she has developed an eleventh layer in her retina. I can only find results for ten layers. What is the eleventh and is it debilitating?
What parts of the eye constitutes the lid margin?
I regularly get conjunctivitis. Can this point to a more serious underlying problem?
My daughter has cataracts from steroid treatments. Will they keep getting worse?
My daughter has astigmatism (imperfectly shaped cornea) and ocular albinism (lack of color in the eye). Would dark glasses help her vision?
Can retinal cysts be removed without removing the vitreous humor?
My 6-year-old seems to have a freckle on his lower eyelid. Is this common?
After cataract removal in one eye, would I be experiencing nausea and dizziness until the other one is done? Could both be done at the same time?
Is Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) safe in a pediatric setting?
Do ophthalmologists prefer that those seeking eye wellness exams and vision correction exams see an optometrist, or are Eye MDs just as happy to see patients for these reasons?
How Close Should Security Be Seated to their Monitoring Screens?
My 2-year-old likes to wear my reading glasses at home. He thinks it's funny, and frankly, it is cute. But he'll keep them on for long periods of time. Can this hurt his eyes?
Does it matter if you have an intraocular lens implant with a UV blue light filter in one eye and one without the filter in the other eye? Or should you have the UV filter in both eyes?
Can cataract surgery be done when the eye is being treated for iritis?
My 8-year-old’s eye rejected the intraocular lens (IOL) after cataract surgery and now she wears cataract glasses. Are there any cataract glasses that are thinner than the usual ones?
What are the signs and symptoms of eye microaneurysms?
Can jumping on a mini-trampoline be dangerous if you have increased risk of detached retina?
Is it possible for your eyes to be overdilated at the doctor's office?
My son is 7 years old and he reads only when his eyes are very close to the paper. What should I do?
What can I do for pain in eye from a sand particle? I have washed out my eye with little relief.
Is it normal for the underneath of my top eyelid to be a white color? The inside of my lower eye lid is also pale.
Will my grandson's drooping eyelid get better with time, or should we do something?
Is it possible that too much time spent with a handheld device can harm your eyes?
Can my primary care doctor refer me to a retina eye doctor or should I see a comprehensive ophthalmologist?
When I took out my contact lenses I experienced severe burning and pain. When I put the contacts back in, the pain and burning stops.
Does the Lipiflow treatment for dry eyes work?
What might yellowing of the eye lens at age 25 mean?
How is a "target" IOP determined?
Is acupuncture a good treatment for glaucoma?
Is there any need for follow-up visits with my doctor one year after my cataract surgery?
Should I be seen by a doctor if one pupil suddenly has become dilated?
Should I seek treatment after exposing my eyes to intense heat from my oven?
Is there a home remedy for blocked tear duct?
How come there is no corneal cancer even though it is exposed to continuous radiation?
What medication is available over the counter to help treat a corneal ulcer?
Can a child be born with a macular hole?
Shouldn't the lenses in my eyeglasses correct each eye separately?
Will cataract surgery disturb my blebs from my trabeculectomies?
If someone has an allergy to Betadine and is having cataract surgery, what is the recommended alternative?
What can I safely use to reduce redness and itching from allergies if I've had cataract surgery?
My eyes were very itchy a couple days ago and I kept on rubbing them. When I woke up this morning, two days later, my left eye was swollen and it really hurt every time I blinked or touched the corner of it.
Since being diagnosed with Bell's palsy (3 months ago) my face is sensitive to fluorescent lighting. When I am in a room with this type of lighting the left side of my face feels like it is burning and then my left eye goes twitchy. Why is that?
If a cataract is removed while you have Fuchs' dystrophy, will your Fuchs' get worse?
Can Pred Forte usage elevate intraocular pressure (IOP)? Also, how long after stopping Pred Forte will the IOP drop back to normal?
Can cataract surgery be done on a patient who has diabetes?
My niece has a bad astigmatism in her right eye and she refuses to wear her glasses. Does this cause further eye problems?
I have two very different eye prescriptions (-8 and -4) which makes me very dizzy to switch between glasses and contacts. Is there any way to fix this? Also, what is this condition called?
My cornea is too thin to perform LASIK. So is there a way to thicken the cornea or is there another way around it to perform this procedure?
Can you have a 20/20 vision and still be diagnosed with cataract?
Do Azopt® glaucoma eye drops cause posterior vitreous detachment or accelerate it so it happens soon after starting the drops?
Can seasonal affective disorder (SAD) light therapy have any effect on multifocal lenses implanted after cataract surgery?
Why do congenital cataracts form?
Can cataract removal be done after a cornea replacement?
Can I get lens replacement only to correct vision?
Are there any possible visual or eye-related side effects or risks associated with Vyvanse® for ADHD?
Can the final shape of the eyelid be controlled during blepharoplasty?
As a spray painter who uses no eye protection from latex paint spray mist, what health problems am I exposed to?
Can stress worsen Adie's pupil? Are yoga and massage therapy recommended treatments?
Is Frequency Specific Microcurrent a recommended form of treatment for dry macular degeneration?
Is there any procedure to repair a torn iris?
What eye disease can be triggered by Azulfidine?
Can you wear contacts if you have blepharitis?
How do you treat an eye infection/irritation due to eyelash extensions (glue)?
Is it possible to get an eye infection from E. coli?
Can the eyes be negatively affected by arthritis?
Do injections into the eye hurt?
What is the treatment for corneal edema?
What kind of an exam is given for a chorioretinal scar?
What treatment options are there for Juxtafoveal Telangiectasia?
Will a retinal surgery scar limit vision?
Can a 17-year-boy have retina swelling?
Can multiple sclerosis (MS) cause blurred vision?
What is the difference between full-focus and full-focus multifocal IOLs?
What might be the cause of upper eyelid twitching (myokymia) lasting on and off over several months?
If an individual has optic disc drusen, can a dermatologist perform a Pelleve skin tightening treatment (radio-frequency) on his or her orbital eye area and eyelids?
How safe is corneal transplantation for someone who has glaucoma?
If contacts are left in someone’s eyes for too long and Visine and saline solution create a burning sensation, would coconut oil be an effective alternative?
If one has a capillary hemangioma located inside their upper left eyelid, is it possible to have it removed?
What is an elevation on the retina and what causes it?
Can a Hollenhorst plaque be dissolved or removed from your eye?
Can you be born with keratoconus?
Can a refractive error be the cause for recurrent styes?
What is the best method to measure visual acuity?
Can you have a posterior capsulotomy done more than once in the same eye?
Can I wear contacts for golf after cataract surgery?
What is the frequency of medical follow-up for glaucoma after argon surgery?
Can drinking green tea have an effect on intraocular pressure?
Until I have surgery for angle-closure glaucoma, what risks does airplane travel pose?
My grandson lets his hair fall over one eye keeping it constantly covered.
What type of ophthalmologist should I see for night blindness?
Is Tobrex a good first line antibiotic for conjunctivitis?
I was having a shower and liquid soap entered my eyes. It was a burning sensation for 10 minutes.
Can over-the-counter eye drops (used approx. 3 times a day for over 10 years) cause high eye pressure?
How soon after laser treatment of a retinal tear can I wear eye makeup?
Will my chronic myopic choroidal neovascular membrane improve with injections?
Do you have any comments about the miniature telescope implants used to help vision for end-stage AMD?
My vision is getting worse, with "strobe" type flashes along the edge of my vision and pain in my left eye.
Is my double vision after a long flight a side effect of cataract surgery?
Do you ever see congenital cataracts in the elderly?
My 1-year-old grandson has bilateral cataracts. Physician suggesting implants but says he will need thick reading glasses as well. Can you help me understand the rationale?
Does prolonged steroid use affect vision?
How do eye drops relieve pressure when you have glaucoma?
My eye pressure is 6 in one eye after surgery. I was told there is nothing I can do to raise the pressure. Is this true?
I wanted to know if it's safe to wear two pairs of contacts at the same time.
My brother has cataracts. He was told he has exfoliation of the left eye and that a new lens might not heal properly and could have to be removed. Should he have the cataract in the left eye removed?
Can retinal surgery result in a bleed in the eye? What can be done to stop the bleed?
What is the treatment for a retinal cyst?
Can I have a neck MRI after having a scleral buckle in 2007?
Why, after two injections of Avastin, is my vision worse?
Why is it that both eyes can't be treated at the same time when dealing with AMD?
I have macular degeneration and have just experienced an onset of floaters that never go away. Could my floaters be caused by the macular degeneration?
My nephew has diabetes and has lost his sight. He can now only see shadows if close. Are there any options that could restore his sight?
My 2-year-old has one blue pupil and the other has no pigment. Should I be concerned?
Are cerulean blue eyes a guy thing?
I have a nerve condition (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy / Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) and have been dealing with blurry vision, double vision, floaters and halos. Could this be something from the nerve condition or something else?
I have herpes keratitis. My friend was just diagnosed with shingles. Will this compromise my condition?
I have an infection in my eye that I believe is a form of keratitis. What medicine do I need to get over the counter to help me?
Can an 'enlarged' iris be repaired or replaced?
Once I have lost vision from bacterial keratitis will it ever return?
Is there a hereditary syndrome that causes cloudy vision after cataract surgery?
Are there doctors who specialize in multifocal issues after implantation?
If I suffer from ptosis on the left eye and I would like to delay surgery, how else can I strengthen my eyelid muscle?
About eight months ago, the inner corner of my right upper eyelid was itching, and then it started swelling.
Our 10-year-old son just had brain surgery and due to swelling he cannot open his left eye.
I'm interested in non-surgical treatment for upper lid retraction. Is this available?
Is glaucoma testing a simple routine for a thirteen-year-old?
How can an Eye MD differentiate between dry eye and blocked tear duct?
I am 57 years old and have been using reading glasses for computer work, reading books, etc. Would laser refractive eye surgery fix this?
My ophthalmologist tells me that there is an added risk to cataract surgery because I also suffer from glaucoma. What is the risk?
I live at high altitude, 8,500 feet. Do I need to do anything differently after cataract surgery like staying at a lower altitude for 1-2 days afterward for better healing and to avoid pressure changes?
I had cataract surgery about five months ago and that eye always feels dry and sometimes seems cloudy. Is this normal?
Can an IOL be "polished" with a laser to correct posterior capsule opacification?
My husband had some rust and metal fragments removed from his eye five days ago. He is having severe light sensitivity.
A friend of mine is boiling water and adding a bit of honey to them and using this as eyedrops to "lighten" her eyes. Is it healthy? Is it dangerous?
Can the fungi from athlete’s foot be transferred to the eye?
Is it safe to put food coloring in your eyes for a scary Halloween effect?
What are the side effects of lubricating eye drops?
My husband flies a small airplane which is not pressurized. I have glaucoma.
I'm 50 and have high myopia (-11) in both eyes and have been using contact lenses for over 25 years. Are there any treatments I should be seeking out for my high myopia?
I am taking Halaven chemo and it has given me very watery eyes. What can I take to stop tearing and dripping?
I think I am color blind but am not sure. Are there tests to verify color blindness?
When a boxer gets knocked out in a fight, why do the pupils always roll to the back of their head?
My husband uses rigid (extended use) contact lenses and has been experiencing "burning" pain almost every day after several hours of usage (one eye at a time, on both eyes).
Is it OK for kids to read in the car?
Does spending 24 hours in total darkness hurt your eyes?
Are colored cosmetic lenses safe?
What can be done with a turned lens due to injury?
Does an eye prescription add weight to the optical lens?
Can cataracts be removed if a patient has advanced glaucoma?
I did a dilation examination today and the doctor discovered several retinal holes on both of my eyes.
If an epi-retinal membrane (wrinkled retina) is behind a cataract, will it make any difference in vision to remove the cataract or will vision not improve until the ERM is removed also?
What is premature vitreous detachment?
I am losing my vision. One doctor said I have arthritis on the optic nerve.
My 10-year-old son is losing his eyelashes.
My mom has had several strokes and is diagnosed epileptic.
I was told the reason I got dry eye is the lid does not close all the way.
I have a swollen upper eyelid, which is very droopy and sore.
Why is my son seeing everything in green?
I had cataract surgery done on both eyes. It didn't fix the glare at night which was my major complaint.
I went to the swimming pool twice and had a very bad reaction to the glare of the sun coming off the water.
If I previously had cystoid macular edema will it preclude my now having a posterior capsulotomy?
Is it OK to swim with a lens implant in a pool with chemicals?
After cataract surgery, I had vitreous hemorrhage and now have orbs, hundreds of floaters, and blurry vision.
Can you fly in an airplane with a wrinkle on the retina?
How can a wrinkle on the retina be corrected without surgery?
What might cause scarring of the retina in a 20-year-old?
Do flashes always signal a tear or detachment? Is it possible that the flash is temporary?
What does it mean that I have 'recessed orbits'?
I have a deep cut on the sclera. Is there any threat to my vision and do I need to undergo surgery?
Is it possible to be colorblind in one eye only?
Do I need to rinse and rub disposable contact lenses with solution when I take them out of the package?
My daughter, 18, just went to the DMV to obtain her driving permit and could not pass the eye exam with one eye.
Is an eye stroke easy to diagnose without an eye angiogram or MRI?
How is ptosis in babies cured?
If I have my face lasered to get rid of the rosacea, will that prevent my eyes from getting rosacea again in the future?
Can I wait a month to have a macular hole repair surgery?
I was in an auto accident and the airbag deployed in my face. Since then my near and far vision has been blurred.
Can the shape of lenses (rectangular versus oval) undermine the effectiveness of a prism?
Since my cataract and lens replacement surgery I've been having a problem with distance vision while driving.
How soon will I be able to work after cataract surgery?
My mum had shingles in her ear which caused facial palsy.
Are there any safe and effective nonprescription eyelash growth enhancers?
Can you swim with pink eye?
Can I watch TV and play computer games if I have macular edema due to a car accident?
What type of trauma can cause a fixed pupil? Can it be repaired?
When my husband removes his eyeglasses, round objects appear to be oval. Do you know what causes this?
I have poison ivy in my eye. What should I do?
My doctor scraped off a retinal abscess yesterday and I'm experiencing horrible pain.
What will cause the eye to have no pressure after re-attachment of the retina?
What symptoms should I look for with a pre-diabetes diagnosis concerning my eye sight, if any?
The doctor says the vein going to my eye is blocked. What can I do?
How much lutein should I take for the beginning of macular degeneration?
Can cataracts be removed from a macular degeneration patient?
Are posterior subcapsular cataracts (PSC) often caused by steroid use?
After working at a computer screen for an hour or more, I get double vision in each eye separately.
My eyes have difficulty following images in motion like watching an action movie or a football game. Why is this?
Can I get LASIK with keratoconus?
Is there any way to fix flap striae 3 years after LASIK?
My Ahmed shunt has become uncovered twice. What is the next course of action?
I would like to know if a piggyback lens surgery over my cataract implant would be an alternative to LASIK to correct an underpowered implant from 10 years ago.
I see a wavy light in the peripheral vision of my right eye. What's causing this?
Can pink eye spread if two kids take a bath together?
Is it safe to have my cataract surgery done with a recovering ear infection?
What is the rate of failure of vitrectomy due to non-compliance?
Does watching TV and/or using a computer about one or two hours after having your eyes dilated cause any problems to your eyesight?
My astigmatism changed from .50 to 3.5 within four years. Is this a bad sign or normal?
There is something that appears to look like a tear in my eye near my pupil. If it is a tear what can be done?
Would scleroplasty or sclerotomy be beneficial for a patient with high myopia that is progressive at around one diopter annually?
What is punctate keratitis?
My 5-year-old has a gray spot on the white of her eye. I was just wondering what may cause this.
My 20-month-old grandson has a black mole on the inside of his lower eyelid by his tear duct. Do we have reason to be concerned?
I had a stroke in July 2011. I can see but cannot move my eyeballs. Is there any treatment for this?
I have read about the frontalis sling method for ptosis repair and I wanted to know if it will work for me.
I just returned from the eye doctor and he said I have pressure behind both eyes and that I might have calcification build-up on the optic nerve. What exactly does this mean?
There is now a generic supplement on the market for Ocuvite 50. Is it a reasonable facsimile of Ocuvite?
I recently read that there will be laser surgery available for macular degeneration soon. What do you know about this?
Can you tell me what the general prognosis is for someone with atypical retinal degeneration?
My mom has been experiencing pain after injections to treat age-related macular degeneration. What can we do?
When I am reading I see a shadow that becomes apparent after a short time of reading. Could this be the result of fatigue or might it be diabetic retinopathy?
Can erythromycin be used for a corneal abrasion?
Can you actually change the color of one's eye through corneal transplantation?
When I press on my eyes when they're closed they feel abnormally soft and squishy.
Can optical melanoma spread to other parts of the body?
My 5-year-old son has Ehlers-Danlos III and had an eye exam today as I had seen a clear thick film near the corner of his eye (not on the pink part).
My 7-year-old daughter says that every once in a while she sees a white hexagon shape in her vision.
For adult eye alignment, are small prisms in the lenses a treatment solution when eye surgery didn’t help?
Can I continue to wear my contact lenses while treating pink eye?
Is the degradation of depth perception an inevitable result of aging?
Can a person who had cataract surgery in 1981 without lens replacements have lenses implanted now?
What should be done if I need to increase the power of my current IOL?
What can I say or do to convince my doctor that I want my cataract surgery done now?
Are cataracts associated with eye pain?
What's your opinion of the I-Brite eye whitening treatment?
I was diagnosed with Stargardt disease. What is the pigmentation behind the retina that causes frontal visual disruption?
My eyes hurt at night when I close them to sleep and then try to open them. This has been going on for a few weeks. Should I see a doctor?
I had a flash of very bright light that completely covered my vision in my right eye that lasted 5 minutes.
My girlfriend accidentally punched me in the eye and my vision is distorted.
I have been told I have photopsia. Can you tell me what this is and what causes it?
I have a half-moon spot of yellowish/cream color at the top of both eyes in the iris.
My 4-year-old son had eye muscle surgery on both of his eyes three days ago. Since then he refuses to open them.
Is there a way to fix an eyelid droop due to chlamydia?
I have fatty deposits on the outer edge of my eyes. It is affecting my vision. Is there a possibility of surgery to cut out fatty deposits?
My eye drops for glaucoma have darkened the skin around my eyes.
Is there any way to lower eye pressure using home remedies?
I have periodic checks done of my eye "freckle" and it shows no change. Should I be concerned?
Is a stye infection caused by a staph bacteria?
Can I do something to control the progression of my son's myopia?
What is involved in an eye exam for a toddler (3 years old)?
Can you tell me if the eyes are the easiest part of your body for the sun's rays to harm and the hardest to repair?
I can't figure out why my eyes start overflowing with tears every time I laugh, even just a little. What could be causing this?
My ophthalmologist wants to do a three snip procedure for my blocked tear duct. Can you tell me anything more about this procedure?
I'm nervous about new methods in cataract surgery. Are there any doctors who perform the surgery the way my parents had it done?
Is cataract surgery advisable with very dry eyes and allergies?
What causes an overactive tear duct and how is it treated?
I am unable to see anything during sun light. My vision is absolutely blind in sun light and it reflects back and also color is not visible in normal light or in sunlight. What’s wrong with me?
My 4-year-old girl often closes her right eye and complains of pain on the left eyebrow.
My 1-year-old granddaughter has normal blue eyes but when looked at closely the blue is circled by a thin black ring. Is this something to be concerned about? The ring is in both eyes.
Because of an accident I had eye surgery (vitrectomy, IOL). Due to this accident I now have low eye pressure (9 mmHg). Is there any way to increase eye pressure naturally or through surgery? Due to this low pressure I have blurred vision.
One of my mom's eyes has been lacrimating for months.
How much would it cost to have a nevus removed?
Are there certain foods or vitamins that will decrease your chances of getting glaucoma?
How long I should wait before running again after macular hole repair surgery?
Some mornings I wake up with a very sharp pain in the outer corner of my right eye.
Is it OK to keep practicing yoga normally until I see the ophthalmologist I was referred to for possible glaucoma?
When I woke up my eyes felt swollen and looked bloodshot. I went to the doctors to get a prescription for my eye yesterday and it already feels better but my eye lid is still puffy and purple.
Is there any treatment that will help a broken blood vessel in the eye? How long will it take to heal?
What is your opinion of the Trabectome surgical device for the treatment of open-angle glaucoma?
My eye pressure was measured at 25. Should I be concerned?
My 7-year-old son was prescribed glasses a year ago after "failing" his 6 year well-child checkup.
Can you use cooled eye drops on a 4-year-old?
Can over-use of sleep medicine cause pupil dilation in one eye only?
Is there any eye drop available to treat chalazia?
Why are multifocal IOLs not recommended to correct cataracts of adults with strabismus?
Is it safe to remove a toric intraocular lens two weeks after it was implanted?
What causes inflammation after cataract surgery?
Is the toric multifocal available yet in the U.S.?
If I have a posterior capsulotomy performed on my eyes would this have any effect on my floaters and eye migraines?
I have the beginning of a cataract in my right eye, and a macular pucker in the left eye.
Can you provide a ballpark figure for how much extra I should expect to pay for a toric lens?
My three-year-old son got hit with a stick in the eye and the emergency room advised us that he has a severe cornea infection.
I can only see out of one eye at a time but can quickly switch so it is not noticeable even to me. What is that called?
Can you get LASIK surgery after a cornea transplant?
I had a Toric lens implant and now have the image of a soccer ball when I look at a light. It is near the center of my vision and makes reading difficult. Can you tell me why?
My grandmother had cataract surgery a month ago in India and now she has something called fungus infection in both eyes. Please suggest what can be done for my grandmother.
I am 15 years old and this morning I noticed my eyelid was sagging a bit. What is happening?
Is there another treatment for macular edema besides injection that you can recommend?
Should I be concerned about a possible relationship between blood pressure medication and glaucoma?
Is there surgery that can repair an optic nerve damaged by glaucoma?
Can I still wear contact lenses with early-stage glaucoma?
I am 62 years old and have had double vision for over a year. Will patching one eye at least five hours a day cause permanent damage?
How risky would it be for me to proceed with cataract surgery while I still have a slight vitreous detachment?
How does an ophthalmoscope account for the doctor's vision?
What causes the cornea to thicken?
How does high blood pressure affect vision?
Is there any surgery or treatment available for Leber's eye disease?
Last night my mother was experiencing an extreme throbbing in one eye throughout the night. Can this be associated with her macular degeneration?
Since she started losing her vision, my mother has been experiencing hallucinations. Is there any treatment for this?
I've been rejected as a pilot after my medical evaluation, because my corneas aren't thick enough. How does this hamper flying performance?
Can corneal transplantation be successful if you’re diabetic?
I have an extremely lazy eye. My eye doctor put a prism in my good eye and none in my lazy eye lens. Is this normal?
I have mild cataracts. Can I get LASIK while having cataracts?
Can optometrists diagnose cataracts?
I'm in my early 20s and was diagnosed with a cataract.
Please advise on what to do for relief of eye pressure build-up from Graves' disease.
What eye conditions are treated with blepharoplasty?
What can be done to treat recurring eyelashes from growing and rubbing against the eyeball?
What's the treatment for filamentary keratitis?
I have corneal vascularization and have never worn contacts. What are other possible causes? What are the treatment options?
I have had a small ring similar to a smoke ring that floats in various locations in my right eye.
I'm experiencing nausea ten days after my cataract surgery.
Should cataract surgery be performed when Fuchs' dystrophy is also present?
I had radial keratotomy surgery in 1987 with 16 cuts in each eye. When the time comes, can cataracts be removed?
My 95-year-old dad just had successful cataract surgery and now wants the other eye done. How long should he wait in between?
How bad do eyes have to be before Medicare pays for cataract surgery?
Should a child with ongoing pain and itching in one eye go to the doctor?
My son's eye has a yellow spot. What should I do?
My son doesn't blink while watching television. Should I have him evaluated?
Why is my son seeing cartoon images in the evening?
What is the prognosis for a thinning retina?
Is it all right to fly after valsalva retinopathy?
Is there a treatment for leukocoria (cat eye reflex condition)?
Will injections help my mother's vision?
Can you drive a vehicle if you have wet age-related macular degeneration?
How soon should I have a follow-up appointment after AMD diagnosis?
Should I change what vitamin I'm taking for AMD?
Is there another drug besides prednisone for scleritis?
Would the Epstein-Barre virus cause eye infections or bother the eyes at all?
What is the length of time an Avastin injection is effective (or, is working)?
Will vitamins help my macular pucker?
Can My Fiance's Poor Eyesight Be Treated?
Will I Need Glasses After Cataract Surgery?
I have a mild stage of cataracts. Can they be removed now?
I have had a puckered retina for the last 10 years.
Can cataract surgery be a successful treatment for early-stage narrow angle glaucoma instead of iridotomy?
I had cataract surgery two-and-a-half weeks ago and had a monofocal lens fitted. The predominant color I see now is blue/lilac.
Can I wear contacts after my retinal tear surgery?
What procedure is used for removing blood from the back of the eye? My husband is diabetic and is growing new vessels because of the bleeding.
Do you recommend that women remove their eye makeup before either they themselves or a nurse or MD instills eye drops?
I see an optometrist for my glaucoma. Is this OK?
I woke up to a complete loss of vision in my left eye.
I have a retinal scar, so my central vision is very poor from my left eye. Is there any treatment to remove the scar from the retina and improve vision?
How much bleeding in the sclera is normal after a Lucentis injection?
Could I reverse eye damage caused by UV light by taking certain supplements?
My 4-year-old was just prescribed glasses for farsightedness. He refuses to wear them.
My 7-month-old child was diagnosed with a unilateral macular scar.
Why does my right eye take half an hour to refocus after close work (e.g. reading, sewing)?
Does dermatochalasis influence traction on the retina?
Why have the whites of my eyes taken on a blue/green hue?
Can contact lenses melt to a person's eyes from looking in a fire?
Which kind of laser vision correction is right for me?
If you have astigmatism in one eye do you always have it in the other eye?
I need examination for double vision, possibly in one eye. Should I visit an ophthalmologist or optometrist?
Can a contact lens biomicroscopy exam cause floaters?
I have a hypermature cataract and have heard that phacoemulsification risks having it shatter and fall back to the retina.
At what stage of glaucoma is surgery the only option for controlling eye pressure?
What do you think about using YAG laser to treat floaters?
Why does vitrectomy hasten cataract formation?
If the birth mother of my son is monochromatic color blind (she only sees in gray scale), how likely is it that my son will be color blind?
Can I use antibiotic drops and moisture drops together?
My 73-year-old father has been diagnosed with dry AMD. Should I start taking an AREDS supplement?
How soon after cataract surgery can I swim and practice yoga?
What are the risks associated with a posterior capsulotomy?
If I have some macular edema can I get a cataract removed?
Following cataract surgery, are generic medications OK to use rather than name-brand medicine?
I have been experiencing some eye pain, burning, blurry vision and mucus.
I have been diagnosed with macular pucker and while the distortion that I have is not severe, it is nevertheless somewhat annoying, particularly when driving.
How long after exposure can pink eye appear?
I had an unfortunate accident at the hair salon.
I am looking for empirically-based recommendations about the diagnosis and treatment of "visual stress syndrome" and Irlen syndrome.
Have you ever heard of sleep apnea causing glaucoma?
What do you think about adjustable-focus prescription eyeglasses which allow the wearer to adjust the focal distance of the lenses at any time while wearing the glasses? Do you recommend these glasses?
I suffer from moderate congenital ptosis that is not affecting my eyesight, yet my eyelid involuntarily droops completely when I feel shy or embarrassed.
What could a dark circle on the retina signify?
What is the earliest age one might be diagnosed with wet macular degeneration?
I have had ptosis for over 30 years. I am now 87 years of age. Are there more risks than benefits for eye surgery to correct the problem?
I am very sensitive to light every morning and cannot open my eyes.
How can I clear up conjunctivitis due to an allergic reaction from eye ointment?
How do you get blackbird eye disease?
What is the best way to put drops into your eyes?
My daughter is 16 months old. She had cataract surgery in her left eye five weeks ago.
I have clouding of both eyes and have been to a specialist.
Should I stop taking Hytrin before my cataract surgery?
Is it possible to perform cataract surgery on patients in wheelchairs?
For a patient with extreme nearsightedness and astigmatism, what is the best lens to implant during cataract surgery to preserve great close-up vision?
I have double vision and am 67 years old. Is strabismus possible at my age?
I’m having a lump on my bottom eyelid removed and the eye doctor said he has to send it to the lab to be examined under a microscope to see what it is. What are those people called?
What is a technician in an ophthalmologist's office trained or permitted to do to and for the patient?
I have plateau iris and had a laser iridotomy performed four weeks ago.
I was diagnosed with high pressure in my eyes. Could certain cholesterol medications be the cause?
Why would there be some loss of peripheral vision when the eye pressure reading is satisfactory? I had a small hemorrhage several months ago. Could that be a factor?
How long should contact lenses (hard, RGP lenses) be discontinued before cataract surgery measurements are taken?
Can you have cataract surgery on an eye that has had a corneal transplant?
I have had filters put in my eyes for glaucoma and now I need to have cataracts removed. Are there any risks to undergoing cataract surgery with the filters in place?
What are the treatments for an eye stroke and can you regain full eyesight?
Is nerve inflammation present in ischemic optic neuropathy?
I see a ring in my cornea that looks like crystals. What is it? I only see it when the sun illuminates it from the side.
Where can l get help for my 24-year-old daughter who has blepharochalasis which is affecting her daily life?
My sister, 59 years old, was diagnosed with macular edema and thinning of the retina in both eyes over 5 years ago.
What is the preferred treatment for wet macular degeneration?
I just found out I have drusen in my right eye. What causes them in younger people (I am 45)?
I have been told I have veins growing over my irises and need to see a specialist. What does this mean?
I’m looking for an ophthalmologist that will see a dog with problems. My vet couldn’t help my dog. Will an Eye M.D. see dogs?
My mother was deep frying yesterday when a little bit of oil hit her eye and now I see a little blister on her sclera. Is there an over-the-counter med that I can get to soothe the pain?
My wife's doctor said her blurred vision in one eye is caused by a thickened cornea. He wants to scrape the cornea. Is this a safe procedure?
I had cataract surgery and a mono lens implant on my left eye 3 weeks ago. Since then I have been disoriented and nauseous.
Is it safe to have ptosis surgery if you have had Bell’s Palsy?
I have a bacterial eye infection. What is the treatment of choice?
I am experiencing a continuous bright spot in my vision in one eye.
How many hours of close work are advisable after a high pressure reading by my optician?
Is there a minimum recommended age to let children start wearing glasses?
How can I massage for blocked tear ducts in an adult?
How can I relieve the burning sensation in my son’s eyes after swimming in a chlorinated swimming pool?
Can dry eye lead to blindness?
Am I allowed to take an airplane trip after having pterygium surgery?
Should I take a break from exercising after laser treatment on a retinal hole?
What kind of repair should be done for a small torn retina? Laser or cryo?
If you have presbyopia, can you have corrective surgery to restore near focus without affecting your otherwise normal distance vision?
Is it true that with early-stage cataracts, it will be difficult to fine tune my glasses prescription?
I have had allergic conjunctivitis occur in winter three years in a row now.
I play golf but cannot see the ball in flight.
Can stress cause temporary visual loss/disturbance?
I need reading glasses. Is it better to use separate glasses or bifocals?
I am suffering from extreme photophobia since my recent cataract surgery and YAG laser procedure.
I used the Trans Derm Scop patch for motion sickness and have had blurred vision and dilated pupils for three weeks after wearing it.
What could cause an adult to see bright, revolving orbs of light at the sides of both eyes, intermittently, every day, sometimes even with eyes closed?
How long does it take for bacterial keratitis to heal with eye drops?
My 20-year-old granddaughter has a drooping eyelid.
Can chalazia cause a permanent droopy eyelid, or ptosis?
I have a chalazion. Can I use epsom salts in the warm water compress?
Many face creams/lotions say avoid eye area, so how do I moisturize my eyelids?
My eyelid suddenly became itchy, then painful and swollen. Do you know what may have caused this?
What would cause raised white tissue on the whites of the eye, near and around the iris?
What is stereopsis?
What makes the skin area around the eyes black?
I have a pterygium in my right eye. Can it be removed by using lasers instead of conventional surgery?
What are the symptoms of an eye aneurysm and how is it repaired?
I am curious as to why I have recurring corneal ulcers in both my eyes.
What is the prognosis for someone with idiopathic juxtafoveal macular telangiectasia?
What might cause white spots on the retina?
I received an ocular report indicating bilateral retinal pigment epithelial detachment on one of our students. Does that mean possible juvenile macular degeneration?
I've been blind in one eye for 12 years, and now I'm having an increasing number of migraines. Are these related?
I have a choroidal membrane. Can I have cataract surgery?
Can histoplasmosis make you go blind?
My daughter had her eyes tested because she was battling with reading. During the eye test we noticed that any digit or letter that is curved like a 9, 3, an "a", or a "c," she was recognizing as a zero. What is this condition called?
My son is two months old and was born with brown eyes. Now the ring around his eyes and the white part of his eyes is blue. Is this normal?
My daughter's sclera have become yellow recently while she is in Costa Rica. What could cause this other than jaundice?
I have an ingrown eyelash—do I need to go to an Eye M.D. or an optometrist?
What is a xanthomas and how is it treated?
If you have macular edema that is being treated by injections, can you drink wine?
I have map dot fingerprint corneal dystrophy and I'm concerned that routine eye exams may cause flare-ups. What can I do?
Can a cataract increase the pressure within the eye?
If you have astigmatism prior to cataract surgery that is not corrected during the surgery, are you any more likely to have a posterior vitreous detachment (PVD)?
I have been told that I must stop wearing my contact lenses for two to four weeks prior to my cataract surgery.
I can only cry out of one eye.
How valid are the claims of Changizi for his glasses that "cure" color blindness?
I have had cataracts removed and Restore lenses implanted. I see well but my eyes are frequently red and inflamed.
Is there any means of reducing or eliminating the halo and glare effects associated with multifocal intraocular lenses?
I'm experiencing a blur when switching from near to far distance after my cataract surgery.
What type of liquid soap can I wash my hands with before handling contacts?
Could the complications following my cataract surgery be caused by my pseudoexfoliation glaucoma?
What is the physical size of the optic nerve? What can you compare the average size (diameter) to?
My son has developed blindness in one eye and decreased sight in the other. This was caused by fistulas in his brain that caused decreased blood flow to his eyes and damaged his optic nerve. Can any procedures help restore his sight?
What are the drawbacks or negatives of choosing a multifocal lens?
I have extreme intermittent pain in my right eye near the nasal part. Is there a sinus problem?
What might be the cause and cure of a myelinated nerve fiber layer condition?
Can you get a yeast infection in your eye?
Is there increased risk for eye damage if one flies with macular edema?
I have an oily film/fog that covers my rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses the minute I put them in.
About once or twice a month I have these strange pulsing images in both my eyes. I can see them even when I close my eyes.
I'm having an in-hospital biopsy and removal of a cyst on the surface of my eye. What can I expect and can you tell me more about this?
I have been told that a corneal transplant is not an option for me. Is that correct?
I’m experiencing intense itching mostly on the lower inner lid of one eye. This has been going on for about a month. What could it be?
What is an epiretinal membrane?
Is surgery always indicated for a retinal hole?
What's the best treatment for ocular toxoplasmosis?
What are the effects of shining a very bright flashlight in the eyes during darkness?
What can I do to prevent exacerbation of my AMD?
Is there any treatment for a macular pucker other than surgery?
I am 61 years old with a PVD. Will it heal, get worse, or suddenly need surgery?
I'm pregnant and have cataracts and retinopathy of prematurity. Could my vision get worse as my pregnancy progresses?
Are Xperio glasses beneficial for my eyes if I have AMD?
What can be done about exophthalmos? I have double vision and was diagnosed with thyroiditis/hyperthyroidism.
Is there an eye condition that causes the eye to produce sand-like particles?
What could be a reason for eyeball pain? My eye feels swollen and is sensitive to touch on the eyelid and underneath the eye.
Should I get a second opinion before cataract surgery?
I have a cataract in my left eye and am considering surgery. Will my cancer and kidney treatments affect the surgery outcome?
Is it common to get a blood clot after cataract surgery?
Can you have cataract surgery after filtration surgery?
Is the Restor lens a multifocal or accommodative type and what is the difference in the two types?
What causes objects to appear to become smaller and move away from you? This usually happens just at bedtime.
If I choose not to have retinal hole surgery will this condition become worse or will it stay the same?
Can I use an inversion table for my back a year after retina reattachment surgery with a buckle?
I have central retinal vein occlusion (CRVO). If the swelling in the optic nerves is eliminated and they go back to normal size, can the vein then return to normal functioning?
Does cataract surgery carry a higher risk of retinal detachment since I have a preexisting posterior vitreous detachment (PVD)?
General anesthetic will be used for my cataract surgery. Will this affect my recovery or cause problems with my eye?
One of my eyes looks smaller than the other but I think it’s just sitting back more in the socket than the other. Are there any exercises or treatments to bring the eye forward?
What can cause a 'snowflake' cataract without having diabetes of any kind?
I have been told that to be a good candidate for LASIK that your cornea has to be thick enough.
I get eye crust every morning and in the afternoon too (without taking any naps). Is there a way to stop that?
I am 56 years old and have been wearing an artificial eye since 1962. At the moment the eye glass looks very small and falls off sometimes. How can I replace it?
Is there a contact lens that could be prescribed for my right eye to match the color of my left?
I have double vision. Would prism glasses (like the ones Hillary Clinton wore following her concussion) help me to see?
I had cataract surgery recently and now I’m told I have a detached retina. Could a mini stroke have caused this?
I saw streaks coming off all of the lights while I was driving at night in new glasses. Why?
Is it normal for some people to not be able to open their eyes enough to have LASIK preoperative measurements taken?
I had an injection of Avastin and now I've seen what looked like twinkling stars. Is this a concern or will it go away?
How do you treat an over-corrected limbal relaxing incision?
Will I be able to adjust to a 4 diopter difference between my eyes after cataract surgery?
What can go wrong with retinal hole surgery?
Can I have cataract surgery if I've had herpes simplex in my eye?
I had a retinal reattachment operation three weeks ago. Is it OK if I drink alcohol?
I am having trouble with double vision and have Graves' disease. What can I do?
Is my husband helping or hurting his eyes by "shaking" them for exercise?
My eyeball hurts and I was wondering if I should I see an ophthalmologist, an optometrist or a general practitioner? I have not sustained an injury to my eye.
I have Marcus Gunn jaw winking syndrome.
I have Fuchs’ dystrophy. Are there any special contacts that can help minimize glare?
I have just had laser treatment and am using Azopt and Zioptan drops. Will they interfere with the 2MG Coumadin I take daily?
Can glasses or strabismus make ocular dominance testing inaccurate?
Do babies need 50 times more light or 50 times less light to see what an adult sees? Also, do babies see color at birth?
My daughter is 11 years old and at her last eye exam with an optometrist, we asked about what looks like a blood blister on her lower lid.
My doctor measured my cornea thickness and said it was thick enough to deduct points off my eye pressures. Is that true?
Is ripping of the muscle during a strabismus surgery normal?
Could high altitude affect esotropia?
What are possible complications from pinguecula treatment?
How early does diabetes affect the eye? At what age should we do diabetic eye screening?
Will pink eye damage my lens implants?
What would cause my bleb to enlarge?
I have arcus senilis and slightly bloodshot eyes. Is there a treatment for reversal of the cholesterol in my eyes? Also, can I eliminate the red veins?
I have a red, slightly itchy rash around the skin of my eyelids—is this a possible allergic reaction?
I've had Bell's Palsy, and am about to have cataract surgery. Should I be worried and are there any precautions that I should take?
What is a chorioretinal scar?
Is one year too soon to have macular pucker surgery after macular hole repair?
I have Fuchs' dystrophy and am concerned that my daughter may inherit it, since it is autosomal dominant.
I have a silver streak that looks like a piece of tinsel on a Christmas tree that appears on the right corner of my right eye.
If I pop the stye on my eye, will that cause more serious damage? Is it safe to pop it?
I am a primary school teacher and I have a student who has what looks like gaps in her eyes like flecks of light.
Would it harm my 17-month-old grandson’s eyes to watch a 3-D Movie?
Approximately how much does a YAG procedure cost?
I had a cataract operation 15 years ago but the lens has moved in my eye due to a fall. What can be done to correct it?
Do cataracts affect balance?
My elderly father commented that he is "seeing objects backwards.” Is this possible and what might this be?
My sister-in-law can no longer read but has been told her cataracts are not bad enough to qualify for Medicare. Does that sound right?
I'm nearsighted with retinitis pigmentosa and I need to have cataract surgery in both eyes.
I have high myopia—approximately -12 in both eyes—due to ROP
What medication would be injected into the arm as a treatment for branch retinal vein occlusion which could make one vomit within one hour after the injection?
I lost vision in my non-dominant eye due to a maverick blood clot in a vein to my retina. Can this be fixed? Are there any tricks to manage it better?
My 89-year-old mother detached her retina this past summer. Reattachment surgery was not successful. What can be done to help her cope with the flashes?
My 10-year-old has been diagnosed with peripheral retinal whitening. How dangerous is it?
This past week I developed an infection and was prescribed prednisolone and atropine. This morning I woke up and there is a large brown spot on my iris and my pupil has quadrupled in size and is an irregular shape.
I was diagnosed with presumed ocular histoplasmosis syndrome 15 years ago. About six months ago after a 10 hour airplane flight, I lost central vision in my right eye. Could flying be responsible for causing the blood vessels to leak?
I had a macular scar in my right eye. Is there any possibility that it could spread to my other good eye?
The other day, I was punched in the eye which resulted in a good bruise and a slight cut to the corner of my eye. I have since been noticing a random light which I would say is in my peripheral vision and runs from the top-down, then goes away.
How soon after having cataract surgery in one eye can you have it done on the other eye?
Can cataract surgery be done if a person has a macular pucker?
I have pink eye and the doctor gave me erythromycin ointment which I’ve been using for 3 days, but it is still red. How long does it take before it starts clearing up?
Could a niacin flush have an effect on the pigments in the iris causing a discoloration that results in lightening or darkening the eyes?
I was out all day hunting in the white snow. Now colors don't seem right—reds are browns and it’s making me nauseous.
What could cause a 6-year-old to blink hard and constantly?
What is convergence deficiency and what causes it? Could it be caused by premature birth?
For the past few weeks my 9-year-old son's eyes will (for no apparent reason) look up to the right.
My 5-year-old daughter has been complaining of intermittent eye pain for the last 3 weeks.
My 3-year-old son has started blinking a lot while watching TV and watching some cartoons on the iPad. Nowadays we see him blink more in the evening. Do you know what might be causing this?
Why does my son keep dropping his head and swaying his head left to right while watching TV?
Can you tell me of any organizations that offer support for teenagers with strabismus?
I had my left eye removed in 1958. The doctor placed an implant in the socket at that time.
Would Ocuvite for adults 50+ be OK to take for someone with a mild case of Graves'?
I was just wondering if it is safe to use olive oil as an eye makeup remover?
Can conjunctivitis adversely affect the pressure in my eye?
Can tunnel vision be corrected? Is there a way to recover lost peripheral vision?
Will marijuana affect trabeculectomy surgery recovery?
Can a dilated eye exam cause floaters?
Is it customary to charge a fee for overcorrection services during the recovery period following LASIK surgery?
I'm 62 and my distance vision has improved without spectacles. Why is that?
Could smoking marijuana before my pre-op exam for blade-free LASIK affect the results?
Can cataracts and presbyopia be taken care of with the same surgery?
Is it unusual to have swelling of the cornea and Bowman's membrane after cataract surgery?
I see light flares after having a toric lens implanted in one eye. Should I do something else with the second eye?
What if I sneeze or cough during or soon after cataract surgery? Can this cause any problems?
I have red in my eye from what may be a popped vessel and am experiencing some pressure there that goes away and comes back. Is this a major problem?
My 2-year-old has always had very large pupils. Is it normal for some children to have very large pupils? Can this be a sign of any other problems?
Twice my son has lost his peripheral vision. It lasts for about 30 minutes and then goes away. He sometimes has a headache afterwards.
I have had perfect vision all my life. Since turning 50—I am now 53—I have gone from needing no glasses to having to use a 2.50 reading glasses for working on a PC and using my phone.
I was diagnosed with many calcium bits in both eyes. What treatment is there for this?
My mother is 90 and she recently had her cataracts removed. They placed lenses for one eye far away and one for close. Is there an easy way for her to get used to using one eye for each?
How effective is corneal collagen cross-linking for keratoconus?
I suffer from map dot fingerprint dystrophy. Do you have any suggestions on how to avoid flare-ups?
Can a stye begin as a red spot just inside of the lower lid?
If I have my cataract lens set for distance, can I use contact lenses for reading without blurring distance vision?
Can a slit lamp exam detect glaucoma?
My daughter has had a stye that reoccurs in the same lower lid.
What is vertical diplopia an indicator of?
Can conjunctivitis cause your eyes not to dilate?
This question seems really trivial after reading all of the other questions but here goes: my husband and myself are extremely nearsighted and our 3-year-old likes to read herself to sleep every night. Will this cause an undesired strain on her eyes?
What are the risks of cataract surgery when wet and dry AMD are present?
My 7-year-old boy tells us that his vision gets blurry so he has to pop his eyes (stretch them wide open without using hands) to clear things up.
I have a 9-year-old niece with high myopia of around -15 D
I'm 20 years old and I haven't been to an eye doctor for over five years.
Do you know of an eye wash/rinse—usually applied with an eye cup—that is okay to use if I have dry eye syndrome?
I am 63 years old and in the last few months have been having trouble with my eyelids just closing for no apparent reason.
I have a prosthetic eye and I have been using the same eye drops (Alcon Enuclene) since I was 1 year old and I am currently 22 years old.
Our daughter has what we believe to be a chalazion on her inner upper eyelid. She is only nine weeks old and has had it for four weeks. What to do with such a small baby?
My grandson holds his four-month-old on his lap whiles he plays computer games. Will this adversely affect her eyesight?
I'm pretty certain I have either pterygium or pinguecula.
What is a mass of cells in the eye? Should I be worried?
Is it possible—through either eye disease or injury—to lose the ability to blink?
Can you explain the difference between no-line bifocals, progressive bifocals, and trifocals?
Is it necessary to have a general anesthetic for cataract surgery?
Can you provide me with a ballpark figure for cataract surgery?
I'm very worried because I just realized that I see differently with one eye than the other. I see colors darker with my right eye. Colors appear warmer with the right eye and colder with my left.
Is it harmful to watch 3D movies with retinal vein thrombosis? I will be having treatment next month.
My 2-year-old has a lazy eye and astigmatism. We tried patching and got no results. Now he's in glasses and still crossing. We are doing a prism adaptation test but I’m unsure how it works. Can you help explain how it helps?
Is it possible to have a LASIK eye surgery if you have glaucoma?
I burned a large amount of debris and right after I started experiencing red eyes, pain, tearing, and sensitivity to light and heat.
I have very small pupils and ptosis. Would you recommend a doctor dilate my eyes and then use the large machine with the bright green light to check my retina and health of my eyes?
I wear contact lenses daily to correct myopia in both eyes and am planning to have cataract surgery. Post surgery, will I be able to resume wearing contact lenses if needed to correct my vision (instead of eyeglasses)?
If I want to play tennis after cataract surgery, should I consider accommodating or mono IOL?
I have the faint beginnings of a cataract in my left eye.
Which generic anti-inflammatory prescription eye drop does not raise intraocular pressure?
Can you wear contacts if needed after LASIK vision correction?
I had cataract surgery two years ago on my right eye but rather than improve my vision it actually seems worse to me. Could there be something wrong with the IOL?
If I’m experiencing floaters and flashes, can I still have cataract surgery?
For cataract surgery, my ophthalmologist highly recommends using the laser to create the incision over the traditional method. How much of a difference does it make and is it the safer alternative?
Is it advisable to have an IOL inserted if you also have glaucoma and use Cosopt drops?
My husband has glaucoma and is developing cataracts. He’s had iridotomies performed to help control the glaucoma about 15 years ago. Will this interfere with the cataract surgery?
After having cataract surgery, how long might double vision persist as a side effect?
For about a year now my vision blurs and gets distorted as though I'm looking through water droplets or tears. It does not clear up with blinking. I've had floaters for years but this is different.
Can a stye in one eye infect the other eye?
My 14-year-old daughter had trouble tracking during a routine eye exam. Her eyes jump ahead before the object is there and then she corrects.
My 6-year-old son tells me he sees red and orange spots—what might be causing this?
I have anatomically narrow angles and my doctor suggested I have iridectomies on both eyes. I do not have glaucoma. Is the surgery necessary?
I had LASIK eye surgery in March 2012, and a retouch in October. I need another retouch and my eye doctor prescribed dilating eye drops to use every night for two weeks. Why would I need to dilate my eyes every night?
I have worn glasses since grade school and I am now 62. I went to have my eyes examined and now have 20/20. How is this possible?
What causes one pupil not to react to light properly?
What is juxtafoveal telangiectasia and how is it treated?
Are headaches associated with retinal tears/detachments?
Is there a permanent cure for optic neuritis?
Is retinitis pigmentosa (RP) hereditary?
What is lattice degeneration?
Since Eylea was approved in Nov. 2011, many more patients have had experience with it compared to the original clinical trial.
I take the original AREDS formula. Can I also take Lutein 6 mg?
My daughter has been getting recurring styes in her eyes, which eventually become infected.
Is it safe to put cold-pressed castor oil in my eyes?
Why do I get shooting pains in my eyes when I get migraines?
Is there such a thing as contacts that you wear at night and take out during the day and can see normally?
If my eyesight has improved since last eye examination and I still need glasses, can I keep the glasses I already have or should I use new ones to suit my improved vision?
Are ultra-sonic cleaning machines safe to use on gas permeable lenses?
Over the past couple of years, I have noticed that my left eye appears to be open less than my right.
Can map dot dystrophy cause blindness?
My 14-year-old granddaughter is experiencing some vision problems. She can see fine straight on, but has blurring at the sides. When she looks at pictures, up to half on the side is gone.
Can my premature daughter's pseudomonas infection spread to her other eye?
My 2-year-old has started complaining that his eyes are shaking quite frequently. However, I am never able to see the shaking myself.
I am a school psychologist and I recently evaluated a 7-year-old boy whose right eye blinked but his left eye did not. What could be possible causes for one-eyed blinking?
My son just stated that his sight was "wonky". When I asked him to explain he says although I am sitting in front of him (4 feet away) it looks like I'm farther away. Should I be worried?
My son can't open his eyes. He has been sick the past couple days with the flu and now he can’t open his eyes. They are not red nor do they have discharge but they are extremely sensitive to light. What might this be?
My optometrist has diagnosed a posterior vitreous detachment in my right eye. The floaters and flashes have diminished over the past few weeks but I am still experiencing the gray film in my vision and some pain/pressure in the eye.
My 85-year-old father has macular degeneration. Last week he received an injection in the eye as treatment. He feels very tired. Could the injection be the cause of his fatigue?
I've been told I have early UV damage to my lenses. I also have seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and light box therapy has been recommended.
What can eye nodules be caused by?
Can you explain the surgery for cataract with astigmatism?
My husband has been experiencing a black spot in the lower peripheral of his right eye. It remains in place (does not float).
Are there any physical limitations put on someone being treated for retinal swelling?
I was recently diagnosed with dry eye and I wondered if it was possible for dry eye to cause your sclera to turn a slight yellow color under the bottom eyelid and at the sides of the eye.
What is treatment for staph infection of the eyelash/eyelid?
My wife has glaucoma and is on many medications for it. She has had 3 cornea transplants and the third one is taking hold, but her vision is unstable. Lately she has been seeing images that are outlined in red.
What is the incidence of retinal tear or detachment after a sudden onset of PVD following an iridotomy?
Is it normal for your eye to be red after laser surgery to lower the pressure in your eye?
Does alcohol affect eye pressures?
I had laser treatment for narrow angle glaucoma two weeks ago. I’m now experiencing light sensitivity in that eye and my eye continues to water and is red. How can I treat this?
What's best color of light to read by? White or yellow? Or to have on in the house?
I am having cataract surgery and have astigmatism. Can I have a non-toric lens inserted?
If you are nearsighted and chose to have your cataract lens set for "near" vision ("14 inches"), will your distance vision in that eye without glasses be worse than it is now, the same, or better?
Two nights ago at work my vision became blurry all at once.
What is a wrinkle in the retina?
How do you treat swelling of the retina?
Is cystoid macular edmea the beginning stage of macular degeneration? Can it spread or effect the other eye, or likely stay in one eye?
If you are diagnosed with dry ARMD, what are the chances of it progressing to the wet form?
I was hit in the eye with a tennis ball when I was 11. I thought I just popped a blood vessel but I found out that I have a bruised retina and was told there is nothing they can do to fix a bruised retina.
Can you define corneal pannus? What is the treatment?
I'm a 28-year old-woman in California. About a week ago I woke up with a faintly bloodshot left eye that felt bruised around the top ridge (as if lining the socket internally).
What is the problem if you have bilateral redness around the bottom rim of both irises?
How do you treat pink eye in a pregnant woman?
My husband has darkened skin around his eyes like a raccoon and it goes down toward his cheeks.
I suffer from dizzy spells that cause me to lose vision, lasting only a minute or two but a couple of times a week. What kind of doctor should I see?
What's the impact of overcorrecting a prescription?
I was born with Bell’s palsy on the left side of my face and my left eye has never closed at night. I am 66 and it has always run but now it seems to run more.
How is esotropia in a 67-year-old treated which just occurred one week ago?
I am blind out of my left eye due to retinal detachment and cataract. Can I have my eye reopened and fixed to look like a normal eye even though I am blind?
I poked my right eye lid and now it droops over my eye. Can this recover on its own or will it require surgery?
Why does ocular hypertension increase with menopause? More specifically, why does nerve damage due to low estrogen levels increase the risk of ocular hypertension?
I have a dark spot in my vision in low light situations after I sustained minimal blunt trauma to the eye region.
Any idea why a 59-year-old male would have recurrent subconjunctival hemorrhage in the same spot in right eye after cataract surgery?
I was born with a birth defect in my left eye—thus I have no sight only shadows and light. The right eye is a healthy eye but I am nearsighted so I will stay with wearing glasses after cataract surgery.
I just had cataract surgery and when I went outside at night I saw streams or long streaks of light across the outdoor lights everywhere I looked.
I am a nursing student and I was told in class that babies do not produce tears. Is this true?
I always suffer scar tissue after any type of surgeries--even after ear piercing. Is it possible to develop scar tissue after cataract surgery?
Any alternative to cataract surgery such as eye drops or other drugs? Can N-acetylcarnosine help?
Why would my 12-year-son develop cataract in one eye and early stages of cataract in the second eye?
I had cataract surgery 3 months ago and everything went great. But yesterday I started to see a lot of floaters in my left eye
Is cataract surgery possible with a blood pressure of about 20-30 degrees above normal (systolic)?
How soon can the affected eye be exposed to running water after retinal detachment surgery?
My elderly mother used to take an eye vitamin supplement, as recommended by her retinal specialist for her macular degeneration, along with a daily multivitamin/mineral tablet.
Can you use erythromycin or vigamox on a stye?
My baby is 8 days old and all of a sudden his eyes are really watery, puffy and gone red. What is the meaning of this?
I have been experiencing rapidly pulsating dots of color in the bottom right corner of my right eye for about two days.
Why do I feel my vision vibrate when I close my eyes? I also feel like my vision makes me dizzy? What could this be?
I injured my right eye with a pen at the age of 3. The cornea was lacerated and the lens had to be removed.
My boyfriend was in a bad car accident and in the accident his cornea was cut. He had surgery to repair it but because of severe nerve damage they are unsure if he will be able to keep his eye.
What could cause eyebrow pain and swelling?
My husband was told the vein in his retina is blocked. He has severely decreased vision.
Post-surgical repair of a partial detachment and torn retina has caused scarring. What can be done to resolve this?
The retinal surgeon showed me that my retinas continue to thin. What can be done?
What is the surgery for fluid between retina and membrane?
My 12-year-old son was told by an eye doctor that he has a black spot in his optic nerve. She wants him to go to a specialist.
I have several cysts on my left lower eyelid. My ophthalmologist has stated that he's had limited success with draining these because they always seem to refill. Does this sound accurate?
My 4-month-old daughter is opening her left eye less than her right eye. What might be the problem?
I sometimes have spells (15 min to several hours) of double vision where the image of the left eye is displaced diagonally from that of the right.
Can cataract surgery also remedy macular puckers?
What does it mean when one pupil dilates and the other does not?
My right eyelid swells sometimes in the upper left corner. When the swelling goes down it gets tight and makes my eye seem small due to the fact that my eyelid is tightened.
What is the name of the condition when your eyelid starts to grow over your eye?
I had cataract surgery 27 years ago and recently got hit in my left eye by machinery resulting in an elongated image—I see a square as a rectangle.
My son is 3 years old and has always had very dilated eyes. He’s normal in every other way but now I’m starting to worry about the size of his pupils. What does this mean?
My mom had an appointment for a colon test which required she be put to sleep. After she woke up, she felt her eye burning and it was red. Do you think that maybe the gas that they use to put her to sleep got in her eye and it caused her irritation?
What is the surgeon's role when performing PRK eye surgery?
After a posterior capsulotomy, what is the likelihood of complications?
I accidentally rubbed my eye two weeks after my cataract surgery. Do you think this caused any damage?
I think I may have an eye infection caused by wearing my contacts.
I’m experiencing the symptoms of eye sensitivity to light, pain under my eyeball, pressure on my eye, and difficulty keeping my eye open. Do these symptoms point to anything that can be a cause of major concern?
Is dilation required for the regular check-up of an 11-year-old who has mild myopia?
Is it possible to get an accurate exam with someone who is not able to follow instructions?
My mother had cataract surgery in both eyes. The left eye is fine, but the right eye tears. The surgery was over a month ago and she has an appointment with her doctor in two weeks. Should I be concerned?
I cut the white part of my eye with my sharp fingernail and now there is a blood spot. Will it be OK or should I see an Eye M.D.?
How many types of glaucoma are there? I've been told I may have a more rare type of it. My only symptoms are loss of peripheral vision.
I had glaucoma surgery and developed scar tissue. Now there is a bleb that will not heal. Can this harm my vision?
A bluish-gray discoloration in the white of the eye is a symptom of what?
What can be done for a 10-year-old who just discovered he had a lazy eye?
Lately when I read shadows appear around the words and also the words are smearing downwards. Why is this happening?
I had my eyes dilated for a routine examination today. I am wondering if I should be concerned that my pupils are returning to pre-dilation conditions at different rates.
I have an unusual symptom I hope you can explain to me. The center of whatever I look at sometimes appears to move around slightly by stretching, oscillating, or swerving.
My 86-year-old father "felt" a blood vessel burst in his eye late at night.
Who should have a digital retinal examination?
Does large weight loss cause vision change?
Can cataract surgery and corneal replacement be done in the same surgery procedure?
After having my eyes dilated for the first time ever I was diagnosed with a raised red lesion behind one of my eyes. How concerned should I be?
I had cataracts removed a few years back but when I try to look in a mirror to put eye make-up on it’s impossible.
Will ptosis brought on by Combigan resolve when its use is discontinued?
Is it OK to apply my antihistamine eye drops in my eye when I have a scratched eyeball?
I was hit in the eye with a football and I was diagnosed with a bruised retina.
Do Eye M.D.s recommend surgical cosmetic eye whitening for a discolored or vein-streaked sclera?
Is it safe to fly when you have keratitis diagnosed?
I scratched my eyelid with my finger, the eyelid swelled, and seven days later, the swelling has gone, but the eyelid has drooped by half. Have I damaged a nerve? Is this curable, temporary or permanent?
For two months now a couple of times a day I get this bulging type pressure in one eye.
I just got eye drops for pink eye. The prescription says to use them every three hours. Can every three hours be right?
Three days ago I was involved in a car accident. The air bag deployed and my right eye was left swollen.
Does the white of your eye have pain sensation?
What is the cause of white appearing on the iris of eye?
Will I need someone to drive me home after an IOL test?
My 18-year-old son has open angle glaucoma. Is there a procedure that can be done to help lower his pressure from 25 and that will help to reduce some of the medications he is taking?
I have been diagnosed with a swollen optic nerve—what causes this?
What can I do to prevent ischemic optic neuropathy?
Dye was injected into my vein to photograph my eyes. The photos showed a white glob in center of eyeball. What does this signify?
What is the success rate of peeling a pre-retinal membrane over the macula causing 20/100 vision?
Can you provide some information on pigment epithelial detachment?
Can nystagmus be caused from ovoid plaques in/on left and right frontal lobes with mild demyelination?
What is a gel sack in the eye? Where in the eye is it located and what does it do?
Is it indicated to have an Avastin injection for macular degeneration in the same eye that had cataract surgery less than a week ago?
I got shot with a bottle rocket back in 2000 and went blind in my left eye. Is there any way to fix my eye?
When I move my hand in front of my face I see my hand leaving a trace between the first and the last positions of my hand movement.
I have a small white boil near the pupil on the white part of the eye. It’s not painful, but has some irritation. Is this anything to worry about?
What causes an “eye blister” to form in the eye? How serious is it and how do you get rid of it?
My daughter has uveitis. The ophthalmologist sent her to her regular doctor for tests and x-rays to see if there are any underlying issues. Is this the logical next step?
My husband has had an eye infection for several weeks now. Finally went to doctor who was perplexed but prescribed zithromax and antibiotic eye drops. Became very nauseated and switched over to augmentin.
Is a technician in a surgeon's office equally qualified as the surgeon to perform the pre-operative measuring prior to the surgery?
When performing vision screening for elementary students should I refer them to an eye doctor if they lean forward or turn their head to the side while looking at the eye chart?
I have a kidney transplant scheduled in two weeks. My wife is the donor and has had pink eye for a week. Will they still perform the surgery?
Is it safe to use Visine eye drops just for redness after cataract surgery?
My toric IOL lens has moved off the axis beyond the degree of tolerance causing less than a perfect implant. What are my options?
I had my left eye removed last month due to a large chordial melanoma. Why can’t I open my eyelid over the conformer?
Is it possible to have eye lid surgery if I suffer from dry eye?
How long after a glaucoma diagnosis do you lose your eye sight?
Is it OK to cover up an eye with glaucoma while doing close-up work?
My 2-month-old nephew rarely makes eye contact when I talk to him. He seems to hear but he is looking in a different direction. Should I be concerned?
I had cataract surgery yesterday at 2 p.m. and forgot to use my eyedrops before bed last night but put them in this morning. My eye doesn't hurt. Can this cause a problem?
What is recovery like after surgery to repair a hole in my retina? Pain, aftercare, time off work, and driving?
How and why do they do eye tests on premature babies?
My nephew told me his older brother held him down and pointed a laser pointer in his eye and held it there for some time about 6 years ago. He has a noticeable deficit of vision in one eye. What is the long term damage?
In the last few days, I've experienced what felt like a sudden pulled muscle in the eyeball.
My 19-year-old daughter was recently diagnosed with 2200/2400 vision due to degenerative myopia and posterior staphlyoma in both eyes.
Is it safe to fly after having your eyes dilated?
What would cause me to get dizzy during a visual field test?
What is the success rate for cataract surgery when pseudoexfoliation syndrome is involved? Is blindness a possibility as a result of such an operation?
Is a femtosecond laser better than using a blade for treating cataracts?
If you were to blow too hard when using the Valsalva maneuver method to pop your ears (closing nostrils and blowing), could it damage the eyes?
My father was born with a white covering on one eye which never went away.
I was wondering what they use to make the glasses with transition adaptive lenses work? Is it a type of glass or a tint that is installed in the lenses?
My eyes hurt once I've taken out my contacts. Like something is in it, but nothing is. It hurts until I wake up in the morning. Is it something to worry about?
What problems can result from a smoker using contact lenses?
My husband's doctor said that he had two freckles in his left eye and it can be cancerous. Can you clarify this for me?
My 3-year-old daughter has been blinking her eyes more than normal for about two months now. What could it be?
How long after having your eyes dilated can you use artificial tears?
The clear coating on my eye is torn. Does this require treatment or will it heal on its own?
Should I see a doctor after wearing colored contacts that caused my eyes to burn?
Can contact lenses covered in shower gel harm your eye?
Does my son have a chalazion or something else?
Can you transfer pink eye to your pet?
How do I treat outbreaks of Meibomian cysts?
I had double vision after having Lyme disease. Now I have a prism which was changed to 23. What else can be done?
I see a spot in my vision following surgery. What could this be?
Can You Treat Strabismus in Midlife?
For some time I have been seeing blue horizontal lines. If I look at square wire fencing the top and bottom are blue. Occasionally short straight lines become quadrupled, or more.
After recently having a stye in my right eye, all the swelling has gone completely and there is no soreness or redness, but a little lump still remains in the eyelid. What could this be?
What might explain episodes of dilated pupils?
If you wear an outdated pair of contact lenses, can it harm your eyes?
Once a PVD has occurred, can the floater cause any long term damage to the eye as it floats around and will the floaters eventually disappear?
I've been diagnosed with calcium deposits behind my eyes--what causes this and what is the treatment, if any?
If you have a stye in your eye and it bleeds a little, does that mean it's draining?
I just started wearing eyeglasses and now my nose hurts. What should I do about this?
In routine yearly eye exams for contact lenses, would Fuchs’ dystrophy be detected?
Is it possible to be a surgeon with impaired depth perception?
I've developed a lazy eye following surgery. Is there anything I can do to fix it?
Is it possible to develop astigmatism later in life?
My husband had cataract surgery in his right eye. We have airline tickets for a flight one month later. Is flying a risk to his eye?
When are cataracts ready for surgery?
I am suffering from Sjogren’s syndrome. Currently I am using Eyemist Forte, but it isn’t helping. Can you suggest other medications?
Is a mole in the eye a medical condition?
I have a tiny transparent bubble on the rim of my lower eye lid. What is this and why does it occur?
My 3-year-old has two black spots on top of one of her eyes in the white part. Is this something I should worry about? I just noticed them today.
Should I use eyedrops to treat a subconjunctival hemorrhage?
Is it possible that exposure to cleaning products five years ago caused permanent damage to my eyes?
What causes the pupil to move from the center of the iris?
What is peripapillary atrophy and how is it treated?
I have macular puckering retina. Can this be treated without surgery? What is involved?
Can antidepressants cause macular drusen and, in the long term, macular degeneration?
If Avastin is not working in treating BRVO, then what is the next step? Is laser treatment an option?
My left eye retinal tear was repaired by laser about five months ago. I still see the odd floaters. How long will I have to rest before I can play golf?
A piece of cholesterol blocked an artery in my eye which has led to partial loss of vision in that eye. Will the vision come back?
My son was born premature and had laser eye surgery for retinopathy. He is now 11 years old and is considering wrestling. Is this sport too dangerous for him?
My eyes feel numb like they do after an eye exam. What could this mean?
Can you tell me more about erythropsia?
I'm blind in one eye and wear a cosmetic lens with a pupil in that eye, but my pupils don't look even. Is it possible to wear a contact lens in my working eye that would make my pupil smaller?
Can eye surgery cause dry eye and what is the outlook and time frame for curing dry eye?
Is there any kind of contact lens which would act similar to the way transitional glasses work, i.e., darkening in the sun and going back to normal when in lower light?
Can PCO develop and be diagnosed one week after cataract surgery?
How long do IOLs (intraocular lenses) last?
I had cataract surgery 4 years ago. One eye has recently become blurry and I have floaters that look like strings across my vision.
My son needs cataract surgery and has type 1 diabetes. I’m hearing conflicting opinions on whether inserting a Toric lens would be advisable.
If your blood pressure is high would that make the eye pressure high?
I am partially sighted and not able to drive due to my congenital nystagmus.
I have a hole in my macula and macular degeneration.
I have advanced chronic glaucoma and my vision is overall misty in both eyes. Is this the glaucoma or something else?
Can cataract removal cause macular puckers?
Is bilateral eye twitching/spasms common in newborns?
How successful is muscle surgery for esotropia?
What can cause loose ligaments in the eye?
I will be having surgery for droopy eyes. How soon after the surgery can I drive or do my usual bending over and such?
A bug flew directly into my eye and I'm not sure that all of it came out.
I have been diagnosed with narrow angle glaucoma and it has been suggested I have laser iridotomy. With this type of eye condition would I be able to have LASIK eye correction?
How does the thickness of the cornea affect eye pressure?
I have posterior vitreous detachment and sometimes I have pain in my eye—Is that normal?
Is the Allegrato Laser FDA-approved for LASIK?
Can floaters and flashes cause symptoms of eye pain and foreign body sensation?
What is causing colors to look faded or washed out after cataract surgery?
Can an eye(s) be checked to see if the wrong lens was placed into the eye during cataract surgery?
After cataract surgery, is eye tissue susceptible to scarring?
Is it normal to prescribe extensive eye drops prior to and after cataract surgery?
The ophthalmologist is having difficulty in getting my contact lens prescription correct with the cataracts.
What is the success rate for cataract surgery?
I recently had cataract surgery with ReSTOR IOLs implanted. Unless the light is very bright, I need to use reading glasses.
I had cataract surgery four years ago and now I need reading glasses. Do I need prescription reading glasses or can I use store bought reading glasses?
What causes ulcers after a cataract operation?
One of my eyes visibly swells and I get headaches which include light sensitivity when this happens.
My grandson is able to move one eye in a different direction to the other at will. Is this a problem?
What is a VEP test? (Visual Evoked Potential)
I'm currently taking latanoprost eye drops for high pressure in my eyes, but the pressure is still high. I also have high blood pressure that I'm trying to control with exercise and medicine.
What are the risks and side effects of using Avastin treatment for retinal vein occlusion with macular edema?
I have a gas bubble in my eye from macular hole surgery. Is there anything I can do to make the bubble go away faster—like drinking lots of water?
Can corneal edema get better with vitamins?
Is there a legal requirement for a cataract surgery patient to receive some documentation describing the type of lens that was implanted?
Can you tell me if I can get a driving license if I have a detached retina?
My 7-year-old daughter says she is seeing tiny black spots in her left eye at the top part of her vision. What could this be?
I had a subconjunctival hemorrhage about a year ago. From what I have noticed, the red eye seemed to heal on its own. However, there is still a reddish-brown spot appearing after the eye healed. Is it possible to get rid of this lingering spot?
How concerned should I be about a diagnosis of a granuloma conjunctiva?
Is it safe to exercise and wear contacts after a trabeculectomy?
My son wears contact lenses and recently developed a red ring around the iris of one eye.
What is the name of the rare eye disease that affects Caribbean people and looks like a cluster of grapes on the retina?
Can warm tea bag compresses help reduce infections of the eye?
What is the cure of optic nerve atrophy?
What causes colors to register differently?
What is Coats’ disease?
How long does the retina remain swollen after an eye stroke?
Would you think the light from an interactive laser pointer used with white boards can be damaging for the (teacher’s) eyes? Especially when the pointer is coming from the back of the classroom?
I am allergic to betadine and will be undergoing surgery soon. What is recommended to use in place of betadine as a surgical prep solution?
I am considering macular hole surgery and wondered whether it was possible to quantify the risk of complications occurring.
I woke up with a lazy eye—is this something to be concerned about?
What does a sudden onset of an arc of slashing light on the periphery of one eye indicate? Is this urgent or not?
Can vision change after being in a coma?
How long does a cataract surgery patient have to use eye drops and why?
I'm still experiencing feelings of dizziness three weeks after having multifocal lenses implanted--is this normal?
After cataract surgery, how soon can I run a marathon?
If a child has lazy eye and is seeing double what can be done?
Can a person who has a lazy eye wear contacts?
I have been diagnosed with a posterior vitreous detachment. The doctor said he will check it at intervals until it is healed. Could you please explain what the process is that constitutes a healed posterior vitreous detachment?
My son has allergies and often rubs his eyes and they do get a little red. How do I know when it's just his allergies and when I should have it checked for pink eye?
My son was born with a smaller pupil than the other. Why and what is it?
My son was using the weed trimmer and a rock hit his eye. I think it hit his eyelid and it caused the eye to dilate--will this be all right? He says he can see fine.
If a person's eyesight is all right but he or she is not able to open eyes in normal day light, what sort of disease is this?
What is the reason for different colors of cups or hoods of eyedroppers?
Is there any blood in a nevus?
Can cataract surgery make my macular degeneration worse?
After sustained periods of near work it feels as if a curtain is covering my right eye.  What is it? Do I need glasses or something?
What causes high eye pressure?
My wife is 85 and has closed angle glaucoma as well as unbearable pruritus. She can’t use cortisone and steroids to stop the itch as they will endanger her sight. Can this rash be cured through other means?
Is it possible to get an eye pressure measuring device for the home that will not make direct contact with the eye?
How do I get a contact lens out from the top of my eye?
I had cataract surgery and the wrong IOL was implanted—what are the risks of replacing it with a new one?
My mum is having difficulty putting in her eye drops due to low visibility in the other eye. Are there alternatives to eye drops after cataract surgery?
I have a thickened cornea and need cataract surgery—is this a problem because of the thick cornea?
My husband had cataract surgery over a year ago and still continues to have problems with halos as well as sensitivity to light.
Is it true that Catalin eye drops can protect eyes from cataracts?
Is there only one kind of cataract?
After cataract surgery, can you develop another cataract in the same eye?
I have no vision in my right eye due to amblyopia. I’ve been told I need a corneal transplant on my left eye due to herpes keratitis scarring. Can I transplant the cornea of my non-functioning right eye to my left?
What credentials should an eye surgeon have to perform eye muscle correction?
I have a nevus on my eyeball that I've had all my life. Is it safe to have it removed?
What is recurrent corneal erosion?
What causes constant blinking?
Can testosterone cream be an effective agent against blepharitis if applied to the eyelids?
I’m 25 and have been told I have symptoms of amblyopia in my right eye. I’m confused as I thought it was generally a pediatric disorder. What may have caused this and what is the treatment?
Is non-purulent pink eye contagious?
My grandson is one day old and the pediatrician found a cyst on one of his eyes. They said something about lancing it or possible surgery. What is this and is it dangerous?
My left eye lens has been burned by viewing the solar eclipse. I cannot see properly through this eye now. Is there a treatment for this?
If I have surgery for floaters in my eye what is the recovery time and what is the success rate of the surgery?
What the cause of a large optic nerve?
Does light sensitivity in a young child with a diabetic type one condition mean there may be another problem parents should know about?
Is Avastin a valid treatment for floaters in a 94-year-old male?
What is the difference between a bleed and a leak in the setting of AMD?
I’m an African-American and am writing because I wondered what’s causing the whites of my eyes to become brown.
After cataract surgery my cornea is swollen which my doctor called corneal edema. What is the treatment for this condition? I am afraid to have the other eye lens removed because of this situation.
I went for an HRT3 eye scan today but during the scan they said they couldn't continue as it wasn't giving them the information they needed
Is it possible for the eyes to become dependent on artificial tears?
Are cataracts preventable and how do you make the diagnosis as opposed to other vision disorders?
Why is a patient with mild hyphema placed in an upright position?
Can lack of oxygen cause wet macular degeneration? I had maxillofacial surgery and went into respiratory failure. I was kept on a ventilator for about two weeks and in a drug-induced coma. Since that time I had the vision loss.
My husband has vision loss in his left eye between positions of 12 and 2 but not in the center of his eyesight. Could this still be macular degeneration? This occurred suddenly, not slowly.
How does pregnancy affect LASIK?
I have MS and have had double vision in my right eye. What eye diseases or problems (besides optic neuritis) are caused by MS?
I have beginning symptoms of Fuchs' dystrophy and do not wear contact lenses due to the discomfort and dryness. As a Fuchs’ patient, is it possible to consider LASIK as an alternative?
What is the normal healing time following an astigmatic keratotomy and what normal side effects should one expect?
For the second time this week when I look through my left eye it’s as if I am looking through broken glass.
My eyes are very sensitive to sunlight and fluorescent light. I’ve seen doctors but haven’t found a solution. I always wear sunglasses when I go out and can’t even look through the window if there is sunlight. What might this be and how can it be treated?
I would like to know where I can purchase prescription goggles for judo.
I use my monofocal lens implant in one eye to see for distance and my natural nearsighted lens in the other to see near. If I had this natural cataractous lens removed and replaced with a near-seeing monofocal, is this what monovision might be like?
Is it safe to laser a cataract (secondary) after having surgery for a hole in the macula?
Is it true that the eye always stays open with Bell’s palsy or could it close also?
Is my macular pucker or secondary cataract causing my double vision?
Can astigmatism be corrected with surgery if you have cornea transplants?
Can astigmatism go away?
My son is legally blind as a result of shaken baby syndrome when he was 10 months old. He is 16 now. He has optic nerve atrophy which is stable. Is there any research being done on optic nerve and eyeball transplant to treat such conditions?
Can you tell me why posterior vitreous detachment is more common in people who have undergone cataract operations?
Can an ophthalmologist perform a brow lift or does it have to be a plastic surgeon?
As a helicopter pilot, can I fly with night vision goggles after cataract surgery? Is there any risk for my eyes?
I had cataract surgery and also have Fuchs’. I see halos around lights. I heard that brown lenses help this during the day and yellow lenses help this during the night. Is this true?
How does an IOL correct astigmatism?
Can lingering heavy bombardment radiation cause eye problems in very young men?
Is there anything that can be done about a very visible red blood vessel that I have in the white of my eye? I do wear contact lenses.
Is it possible for chemo use to cause changes in your eye sight?
Will cataract surgery reduce IOP for narrow angle glaucoma patients?
After having cataract surgery, the muscle that controls the dilation of my pupil failed to contract. Was this preventable and what can be done about it?
Any problems that may be caused by undergoing cataract surgery after LASIK?
Is it necessary to have your eyes dilated at each vision check?
I have been taking Celexa for anxiety, and it has given me photophobia. Will this go away after I discontinue the Celexa and can photophobia cause permanent damage?
Can an optometrist check your eyes for signs of macular degeneration?
Can you tell me the standard recommendation for the shelf-life of over-the-counter eye drops once opened?
How do you medically treat eyelid eczema?
Why are the whites of my eyes muddy yellow, brown and red when I wear makeup or am sleep-deprived?
My prescription has changed to add prism because of double vision at times. The doctor says it is a "muscular problem." Are there any exercises I can do to strengthen the eye muscles?
My 23-month-old son has what I think is a depth perception problem. His eyes aren’t "lazy" and I don’t see any cloudiness. We need help as he runs into things that are right in front of him.
Can prism glasses help center my lazy eye and correct my astigmatism?
I have glaucoma and I am myopic. Can I have safe, successful LASIK?
My eye exam states that vision in my eye is 20/500 and I can’t see anything out of it but shadows. If I have cataract surgery how much improvement can I expect from that eye afterward?
What has caused my eye color to change from dark brown to green?
Is there a preferred brand of contact lenses for those that suffer from dry eye?
Why does my teenager have eye pain when watching TV, using the computer, or playing video games?
What is the cause of a vibration I see in my peripheral vision?
Why is it that when I look through one eye everything seems lighter
I’m having my eyes dilated and wondered if the use of Flomax and Avodart will prolong the dilation or interfere with the dilation in any other way.
If my 10-year-old doesn’t wear his glasses, will the strain of not wearing them make his eyes worsen more
Can I improve eye vision naturally through exercises so I don’t need to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses?
I have glaucoma and am being treated with prostaglandin eyedrops after having had laser iridotomy in each eye. Can I continue being a platelet donor as I have been for the last few years?
Is it safe to use Restasis for dry eye? Are there any side effects in long term use? Are punctal plugs a better method?
Can blepharitis cause blurriness in vision?
In dimly lit room, I see a dark large spot that is steadily increasing in size. Is this a symptom of my dry macular degeneration?
Is there any way to prevent or retard the wet kind of macular degeneration?
As a welder, what shade of safety glass should I wear underneath my welding shield to better protect my eyes?
Could it be that my recent cataract surgery precipitated an occurrence of PVD that I’m experiencing now?
I have a red bump on the inside of my eyelid. It does not hurt but I can feel it when I touch my eyelid. What is it?
Do eye drops used to numb the eye for an examination drain into the nasal and sinus cavities? If so does that present a health risk?
Is smoking marijuana harmful like smoking cigarettes for the AMD patient? What is the reason smoking is bad for the eyes? Is it the smoke or the nicotine in the blood stream?
I had an accommodative lens placed in one eye. What are the ramifications if I opt to have a monofocal lens placed in the other eye?
How do you remove whiteheads and red scaly bumps from your eyelid?
My 7-year-old son has been involuntarily looking up toward his eyebrows. I asked him why and he said his eyelids are tired. It's happening almost constantly now. What is this?
Can sunlight glare from snow cause AMD or contribute to it?
Why does it feel like something is rubbing against my eye when I blink?
What’s the rate of success of multifocal IOL versus standard IOL for a 62-year-old who still works and needs both near and far vision corrected?
I have cataracts but am getting along well enough for now with prescription glasses. As the cataracts advance, can my glasses be made stronger periodically until I decide it is time for surgery? A relative has told me an optometrist will not prescribe
I have had two previous eye muscle surgeries for lazy eye which were successful. I recently had cataract surgery. Ever since the surgery, I have trouble focusing and my eyes are no longer straightened. Is this a common outcome of cataract surgery?
Why has my daughter’s right eye been getting smaller? Everyone always asks what’s wrong with her eye.
Does doing close-up work like reading a book or playing video games cause myopia to increase? What are the recommendations for people who play video games? How many hours should they play?
I have highly myopic eyes and read that this condition carries an increased risk of retinal detachment resulting from trauma to the head. I know boxing and kickboxing are discouraged, but what about intense cardio workouts, weight training
Do you have information on multifocal choroiditis or know where I can find more information? I have had this for over two years. Since it is also a rare disorder, I am also trying to find out how many people in the United States have been diagnosed
My 20-year-old son has uveitis as well as glaucoma caused by his medications. His IOP is measured at 17 in right eye and 18 in left eye. How do we keep the pressure low and continue the meds for the uveitis?
If I leave my gas permeable lens solution at home, is it OK to use solution for soft lenses?
Are there any ophthalmologically endorsed eye makeup brands? I've recently been diagnosed with blepharitis and wish to use only those brands that have been tested ophthalmologically?
As a 31-year-old with amblyopia, is it possible to gain complete vision again?
I took my granddaughter to have her eyes examined today.
Do numerous camera flashes have a negative impact on a baby's eyes?
I think I have a contact lens-induced eye infection. What are these eye infections called medically and are there medications I can take prior to my appointment?
I have a 10-year-old who has been on steroid eye drops for the last 8 months for the treatment of iritis. I am concerned that we do not have a cause for this ongoing problem and that he has spent so much time on steroids. Is there any alternative?
What is the importance of fundoscopy?
Where can I purchase good quality sunglasses with UV protection that can be used for sports for my child?
Did scleral buckles in 1991 possibly contain a ferrous (magnetic) clip?
What causes a light circle around the pupil of each eye?
Could you please tell me if there is a standard of care for post-cataract surgery. More specifically, how soon after surgery should you be seen by the ophthalmologist for post-op follow-up?
Is it advisable to have cataract surgery with the presence of map dot fingerprint dystrophy?
Should you have LASIK if you have cataracts?
I had cataract surgery and received IOLs for astigmatism. Can the degree of astigmatism change enough to require future change of the implants over time? How much time?
How successful is surgery for superior limbic keratoconjunctivitis?
I got paint in my eye—what should I do?
How harmful is it for a patient to bend after an eye surgery?
Will wearing contacts for distance worsen my near vision?
I now understand what vitreous detachment is. What is the cure or fix for the disease if any? Is there any treatment available to improve the condition?
What is a recommended eye drop for a possible corneal abrasion at least until a doctor can be seen?
I was at work picking up a wooden pallet and debris fell into my left eye causing bloodshot, headache, and runny nose—how do I treat this?
My right eye has developed two big brown spots on the white of my eye which is very annoying to me. They're not hurting or causing any vision problems, yet, I can't stand having them for a beauty reason.
Why would my sclera be swollen out past my iris?
Two days ago I was diagnosed with bacterial pink eye and was prescribed Ciloxan. Am I allowed to go in the sun while having pink eye? I live in Florida and was thinking of laying out in my back yard
I'm noticing a kaleidoscope image at edge of eye—what might this be?
What is cellulitis in the eye? What are the consequences if not treated appropriately?
What are the side effects of clear lens extraction?
Is it advisable to do yoga after cataract surgery?
What are "normal" results of an eye exam? Other than 20/20, what are normal axis and sphere numbers.
I have "end-stage open angle glaucoma" and wondered what the term "6 degree tunnel OU" means.
Shortly after my granddaughter was born, we took her to the pediatrician to find out why her eyes always had pus in them. The doctor said her tear ducts were blocked and to use the warm massages. Two years later, she still occasionally has “gunky” eyes
I took an AARP driver safety course recently in which it was recommended that because older eyes lose the ability to admit light in the neighborhood of 50 percent, that seniors should wear only UVA and UVB protective sunglasses of the wraparound
Do you lose your depth perception when you have cataract surgery?
I am a high school health instructor and we are studying the senses right now . My students had some good questions that I couldn't answer. 1) Why do some people who are blind keep their eyes open
Last week I had flashes and floaters suddenly appear in my right eye.
What is map-dot-fingerprint corneal dystrophy? I have just been diagnosed with this.
What may be the cause and solution of an inflamed/swollen lacrimal gland (per an MRI)?
Is herpes simplex 2 contagious? Is the virus progressive enough to cause blindness?
Would treatment for congenital cataracts be different for a person with developmental disabilities and if so how?
Is cataract surgery safe for patients above 65 years of age?
My child has an eye exam at noon. Should I send her back to school with dilated eyes?
What is the probability of developing retinal tears/detachment after onset of floaters and flashes (posterior capsule detachment) has occurred? Should I seek a second opinion?
Is there a device on the market that would help someone with a tremor to insert and take out contact lenses?
My husband was diagnosed with blepharitis. Will his eyelashes, currently facing down, go back up again on their own?
Is it OK to fly with a previously laser-repaired retinal tear that was a result of trauma?
I think my daughter has an eye bigger than the other. Is this common? I think she has congenital glaucoma after reading online about it.
My daughter, 32, and her daughter, 14, both have been diagnosed with glaucoma recently. There is no family history thus far. I am wondering if there could be something in their environment
What could cause an area of my eyelashes to disappear? My left upper eyelid has an area that has lost its lashes. Is there any preventative or curative measure to take?
What is the surgical procedure for eyelid ptosis? Is a general or local anesthetic used?
Is the refractive power of a monofocal IOL based on the refractive power of eyeglasses currently worn at the time of cataract surgery, or is the calculation for the IOLs based on a totally different criteria?
I‘ve had very sore eyes for over a month. I work outdoors and wondered if eyes can get sunburned.
I heard that floaters can now be removed by blasting them to small particles and vacuuming them out.
Are styes in the eye contagious?
My Eye M.D. found a suspected torn retina and sent me to another more specialized doctor. He performed the exam again and said that the retina was not detached but "split."
To treat my MS, I had been taking Gilenya which can cause macular edema; and, which it appeared, I had developed. But after monitoring this for several months I was referred to a retina specialist and was diagnosed with perifoveal telangiectasia
I had my first child in 2008, and I had a detached retina in my left eye in 2009.
I have both astigmatism and nearsightedness. On my contact lens packs it says I'm -8.00 diopters in my right eye and -6.00 in my left eye. Is it safe for me to participate in boxing as a sport?
Are women more prone to developing macular degeneration than men?
If a child has lazy eye, is treatment necessary?
What does independent research show about the effectiveness of vision therapy for children?
Can blephorplasty cause blepharitis?
I have keratoconus on both eyes. In 2008 I had collagen cross-linking done but these days many doctors have told me about the intrastromal rings (intacs). I would like to know your opinion on this surgery.
I have chronic posterior blepharitis that affects my daily living and work life. Aside from hot compresses two times daily, flax seed and omega 3, is there anything else I can do? I am 56 and this condition has become debilitating since menopause 3 years
Does swimming in a pool have any long term effects on dry eye syndrome?
When I close my eyes, usually within an hour they feel like I have applied glue to my eyes. I have to apply a warm washcloth to my eyes to open them. I have applied drops, but this doesn’t help. What could be causing this and how is it treated?
I was diagnosed with a macular cyst. What causes this? Does it usually mean surgery?
What are the precautions to be taken to prevent recurrence of herpes virus in the cornea?
When I look at a grid the lines look wavy. Is that a problem?
Does the time come when a person waits too long to have a cataract removed?
After getting diagnosed with conjunctivitis, how long do I have to wait to wear new makeup so it won’t spread to my eyes again?
I have macular degeneration and had cataract surgery about 3 years ago. My eyesight has worsened and I've been advised to have a YAG laser capsulotomy. What are the risks and/or benefits for someone with macular degeneration?
Is surgery possible for adults with amblyopia?
What is low eye pressure and does it cause any damage to your eyes?
As a glaucoma patient, is it possible to undergo cataract surgery?
Will high myopia ever stabilize and if so, at what age does this happen? Can people with high myopia expect to live a normal life and do things like drive a car and work a regular job?
Is it bad for my 7-year-old daughter to wear clear, plastic, fashionable eyeglasses for fun without a prescription when she does not need them?
I am a 50-year-old woman. I suddenly lost sight in my left eye and had a solid white light instead, which then began to pulsate. Within ten minutes it went away. What does this mean?
I got hit with a ball on the eye. During the day I see fine, but at night I see a dark spot at the bottom of my vision. What does this symptom mean and how is it treated?
My boyfriend was born with retinitis pigmentosa. He is 31 years old and has tunnel blindness and nighttime blindness. He has been taking vitamin A to prolong his vision, which continues to get worse. Most websites say there is no treatment or cure
What is staphyloma?
I am a diabetic and I take "Ocuvite Adult 50+." Will this help my vision?
One of my pupils dilates more than the other. This only occurs upon dilation. They are both equally reactive to light. It started this week. I am currently using the computer and studying most of the day. I do not have any visual deficits
What would be the cause of feeling pressure behind the eye? Very dry, some redness. Feels, but does not look swollen. There is also pressure in the sinuses. Mainly on the left side.
How long can a person with symptoms of a detached retina wait to see an ophthalmologist safely before permanent damage could occur?
I need some information on frontalis sling: when is this done and how comfortable is it? What is the success rate? What are the advantages and disadvantages of having this done?
What is eye pressure?
I have bad glare at night from the headlights of oncoming cars. It makes it difficult and uncomfortable to drive. Any suggestions on what can reduce my glare?
How can hormonal imbalance affect eye health, specifically, the glands that produce the oil that helps your tears "sit" on your eye?
My son had an eye exam and when his eyes were dilated he had no peripheral vision from his midline down on his right eye. What are possible causes?
I was poked in the eye with a finger and immediately felt dizzy and had double images in my eye. Now my eye often gets painful, sensitive to light and it's red.
What is your recommendation on surgery for a clogged tear duct on a nine month old? Massage has not worked.
I have redness, extreme sensitivity to light, soreness and discoloration around my iris. What could this be?
How do you treat scleritis and how long does it take to resolve?
I was punched by an elbow on my eye by accident almost 2 days ago. It was painful but it was looking normal. This afternoon I noticed blood on my eye, blurry vision and a very light pain.
I have got this strange problem; the picture I get into my right eye is approx. 30-50% smaller than the picture I get into my left eye. Both pictures are otherwise perfect.
what is ocular histoplasmosis?
Hello I have a misaligned eye that goes inward. How can I resolve this matter? I’m a 39-year-old male.
Does altitude affect floaters?
I have recurring uveitis. It comes back once or twice a year.
I have bifocal transition eye glasses. Do I need to purchase some other type of sunglasses? Because they change with the light, I'm thinking I don't , is this true?
Can you get herpes in an eye?
How soon can you fly after cataract surgery?
I am working in outdoor places under the sun, sometimes all day. What sunglasses are suitable for me?
I have keratoconus. Is this a refractive eye error?
I am 56 years old. Can crossing of the eyes be due to extreme fatigue? I'm having trouble keeping my eyes straight and focused.
Since 3D movies are readily available are prescription 3D glasses available? If not, are they on the foreseeable horizon?
I have a transparent jelly like glob on my right eyeball. I tried to move and pull it out and was startled when it, didn't move, but instead caused some discomfort.
I had my corneal transplant some years ago - is it okay to have that eye dilated?
I am waiting for a Cyroptherapy to fix a tear in my retina. Can I play sports and lift weights in the mean time? Kindly advise. Thanks.
Can retinal holes get worse or develop further? My father is having one in his left eye but the doctor said having surgery on it will not assure a hundred percent cure of the hole. We are not sure what to do with it. Thanks
Is eye pain common post LASIK surgery? How long does the cornea take to heal after LASIK?
What is the best way to test preschoolers for eye alignment?
Can you explain the risks of amblyopia for a child with symmetrical congenital genetic cataracts not getting surgery? My 1 year old son was diagnosed with congenital cataracts in both eyes. What are the risks with him not getting surgery?
I have a cloudy spot on my cornea and I’m 20 years old. What could this be?
Is it possible to have corrective laser eye surgery if you have had surgery for a detached retina before?
I have a two year old, when he watches TV he can't stop blinking and he wipes his eyes constantly like there is something there. Should I be worried?
What could be the cause of hemorrhaging behind my six year olds eye?
How long does it take for cataracts to develop?
How do I get rid of floaters?
What is the normal recovery time period after macular hole surgery?
Is it true that as women get older, their night vision deteriorates?
My 61 year old husband is almost blind from diabetes related glaucoma. Are there any surgical treatments available to return his vision?
What would cause my eyelids and tear glands to be red, each morning?
When should you get your eyes checked?
I’m a 43-year-old man, and I can’t even remember the last time I had my eyes checked. My vision is terrific. Do I even need to get an eye exam?
I'm going to have cataract surgery soon, and I have to make a decision about what type of lenses to have implanted.
Are fluorescent lights worse for your eyes than incandescent lights?
Are pink eye and conjunctivitis the same thing?
Are there any useful supplements for glaucoma, or are they a waste of money?
Can sitting too close to the TV damage your eyes?
How can I stop the spasm on my eyelids? First it was one eye, then both of them. And now it's in different places around the eye. I am only 40 years old. Thanks!
How can I tell if I have an eye infection or pink eye? My eye started watering last night and now it is slightly swollen and pink. What should I do for it?
I am wondering if at age 73, if I am a candidate for LASIK? I am in excellent health and am tired of glasses.
I have a red mark on my eye that got bigger. I have been told it is bloodshot but it has been in my eye for two days now, I woke up and noticed the mark, it stings when I blink and I touched it and it really hurt. Can you help? Thanks.
I have been diagnosed as being at risk for closed-angle glaucoma. My doctor is recommending a laser iridotomy. I have read the risks, but have not found anything that says this treatment is recommended as a prophylactic measure.
I have been diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa. How often should I get an eye exam?
I was diagnosed with glaucoma three years ago, and so far I’ve been doing okay. I have to use the eyedrops my ophthalmologist prescribed every day, but sometimes I forget for a few days. Is it alright to miss a few days with the drops?
I work with computers all day (nine hours) and I use the computer at home a lot and read books. How much damage am I doing to my eyes and how long would you recommend the use of computers?
If glaucoma is treated properly with medication and regular eye doctor visits can you avoid blindness? Also my doctor has recommended I have an iridotomy to help lower the pressure.
Is an iridectomy the only way to prevent closed-angle glaucoma? Are there less invasive ways to achieve the same result?
Is there a permanent cure for ocular herpes?
My husband believes that the UV coating on his prescription lenses is enough to protect his eyes from the sun. What recommendations do you have concerning prescription lenses with UV coating versus sunglasses? Thank you.
My son is 19 and has always had problems with his eyes. I want laser surgery for him. They told me to wait until he's 21. Right now he's at a negative 9 in the right eye and a negative 9.5 in left eye. How bad is that?
My son is a tennis player and is out in the sun for long periods of time. He wears a hat but should he also be wearing sunglasses? I have heard from some experts that sunglasses are actually not good for your eyes.
What medication is used to treat a fungal eye infection?
What Is Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy? And what does it do?
What is the difference between hereditary glaucoma and glaucoma in elders? I have family members that were born with glaucoma and their children have developed glaucoma as well.
Do contacts cause floaters to become larger and more frequent? Do they also aid in the beginning of flashes?
How do I know if a floater is a sign of a serious problem? Also are there general timelines for how long floaters last?
I am 54 years old and my eyes have been diagnosed with dry eyes and the doctor put me on Restasis prescription which I have been on for about six months now. Will I have to be on this forever?
I am 58 years old and have had floaters for years now. This week, I noticed an increase in floaters and am now seeing lightning flashes occasionally (not consistently) in the peripheral part of my right eye.
I have been told by a woman that her doctor instructed her to take fish oil or flaxseed oil gels, for "dry eye" problems. After two weeks of taking one 1000 mg flaxseed gel daily, her dry eye problems have diminished.
I have chronic dry eye and have used all kinds of over-the-counter drops and prescription drops but nothing seems to help. Is there anything else besides surgery?
I have many floaters and am considering laser treatment for their removal. What are the pros and cons for this surgery?
My daughter is 5 years old and has recently mentioned then complained about floaters in her eye. Is this normal?
My eyes always seem to be dry these days. I never had this problem before, but they always seem scratchy and irritated. I’m a 52-year-old woman in otherwise normal health. Do you know what might be the cause of this problem?
My husband has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. He’s working hard on keeping his blood sugar under control, and he’s even exercising again. But I’m worried because I read that diabetes can affect your eyesight. Should I be?
What is the best treatment for dry eye?
Friday I was diagnosed with a retinal detachment and given a gas injection to the eye. I went back the next day and he lasered the tears shut and said everything looked good. However, I can still see the gas bubble in my eye. When does that go away?
How is a diabetic retinopathy exam performed?
I can see clearly out of either eye but when I look out of both eyes, I have double vision. It is like looking through binoculars when you see two images as you cannot get the eyepieces exactly right. What could cause this?
I was recently diagnosed with early onset diabetes and my vision is blurry at times. What does this mean and should I go in for an eye exam soon?
Recently I noticed floaters and flashes in my left eye and the eye specialist I went to said I had a vitreous detachment. He recommended I let him "weld" the detachment with a laser. Is this the right procedure and is it safe?
What are the warning signs of a retinal detachment? My son was hit fairly hard on the side of his head with the soccer ball during a game, and I want to make sure that he doesn’t have any problems.
What does a diagnosis of posterior vitreous detachment mean? Does one have to be careful about traveling or taking a plane when this problem is happening?
A small tree branch snapped back and hit my left eye. My eye is bloodshot and I don't know how to treat it.
Can a chalazion occur on the inside of the eyelid causing irritation to the cornea?
Can wearing contacts make astigmatism worse? My astigmatism has changed 50% since I started wearing contacts.
Can you please explain what multifocal cataract surgery is?
Could you give me the definition of low vision or visual impairment? My son has had two surgeries for diabetic retinopathy and is able to pass the eye chart test but still has blind spots and "angular" vision in one eye.
Do you apply a chemical ice pack to an eye injury or not?
Hello, I’m from Argentina and my son who is 13 years old, was knocked with a soccer ball in his right eye and my ophthalmologist said that he lost the vision in 80% of his eye and there’s nothing he can do!! What do you recommend?
Hi, I'm 39 years old and I am legally blind in both my eyes. The glasses I wear are very thick and I want to know if I am able to wear contacts? If so, are they going to be expensive?
How does a child get pink eye and what are the causes I could have avoided so my child wouldn’t have gotten it?
How long should you wait if you think you have a stye before seeing a doctor?
I am a 45-year-old female. I have always had 20/20 vision. Over the past few months, I have had to rely on reading glasses on and off. I contributed this to age factor.
I am both nearsighted and farsighted and began wearing my glasses full time about five years ago at age 48.
I am getting to the point where my cataracts are interfering with my daily activities, so I think I’ll have surgery soon. But I take Flomax on a daily basis and I’ve heard that it can cause a problem during eye surgery. Is that true?
I am having a full corneal transplant done next week and wanted to hear positive results from people but all I hear is that it gives you double or quadruple vision.
I am not sure whether I should get my eye examination done from an ophthalmologist or from an optometrist. Please clarify from whom should I get my annual eye examination.
I do have allergies but I never had my eyes secrete mucus matter and water like they are doing for the past two days. I got some over-the-counter eyedrops that have an antihistamine in it.
I have a problem at night playing team tennis. I cannot see the ball until its almost over the net. What kind of glasses can I get for night vision? Would this also help with night driving? (I do not require any corrective measures for my eyes.)
I have a question about my 1-year-old daughter whom I accidentally elbowed in the left eye, then suddenly a red spot occurred in her sclera. Is there a cure to treat the red spot? Please give me a guide to cure the red spot.
I have been told that I cannot have LASIK or any similar surgical procedure because I have mild keratoconus but could have an intraocular lens implanted (to reduce my need for contacts or glasses).
I have lower eyelashes on one eye, growing inward toward my nose and up rubbing on my sclera, causing irritation particularly when reading or doing close work. Any suggestions? Thank you.
I have tested yearly lenses versus monthly lenses. Now I have to choose again. The monthly are twice as expensive as the others, but are supposed to allow more oxygen to arrive to the cornea. Is it true or just marketing?
I recently heard that the newest thinking about cataracts was that it was best to have them removed early in their development, rather than waiting for them to more fully develop. Is that true?
I scratched my eye while taking out a contact lens. My thumbnail was longer than I expected, and somehow I scratched the white part of my eyeball. Of course, it is bloodshot now, and a little irritated.
I took a direct shot in the eye with a tennis ball. It was a hard hit from the other player. I was wearing glasses, which are undamaged, but the next day my eye still aches (on a scale of 1-10, I give it a two). It feels like a bruise.
I understand that a person with AMD (dry form) should check their vision with the Amsler grid regularly and report any changes immediately to their doctor but why the urgency? Is there a treatment that is time sensitive?
I want to get colored contacts, but I do not wear any right now. How do I find out my eye size?
I was wondering how dangerous circle lenses are (they are the enlarging contact lenses)? Would it still be okay if I were to clean them often and wear them only for about six hours?
Is cross linking a safe treatment in keratoconus?
Is there a medical cure (gene therapy, laser, etc.) for children's blindness caused primarily by ROP? My kid is now 13 years old born prematurely and suffered ROP.
My 12-year-old son has been prescribed glasses for myopia. If he does not wear his glasses, will his eyes deteriorate further?
My 4-year-old son just had his check-up and he has 20/100 vision (myopia). I have heard of eye exercises such as shifting focus using a pencil, etc. Are they effective, or at least not harmful to his health, including his vision?
My 8-year-old granddaughter turns her head completely to one side when she watches television. She watches out of one eye only. Her vision has been checked and vision in both eyes is good. However, this does not seem right. What could cause this?
My child has Down syndrome and autism. I was surprised to find out he has cataracts in both eyes, one may not be operable. They are suggesting possible ocular implants. What is the success rate and percentage of possibly getting an infection?
My daughter has bumps on the edge of the eyelid by her eyelashes. At first the bumps would come out and go back in. Now they have been on the edge of her eyelid for a long time.
My daughter is 12 and we just realized about six months ago that she is color blind. I'm not exactly sure how long it has been, but I'm sure it wasn't always there.
My daughter was diagnosed at age 5 with strabismus and through patching, her eyesight is now 20/20 in both eyes when wearing her eyeglasses (she is now 8). We are at the last stages of wearing the patch, down to two hours, twice per week.
My doctor informed me that without contacts or glasses, I am legally blind. What does this mean?
My father-in-law has macular degeneration that started about eight years ago. He has seen several eye specialists with no positive prognosis.
My friend’s newborn was diagnosed with congenital ptosis. She can barely open her right eye. My friend has been told that the baby will require surgery by 2-3 years of age and that the right eye is good.
My grandson is 3 1/2 years old. He has amblyopia and strabismus. He was not keeping the patch on his good eye so the ophthalmologist gave my daughter drops to put in his good eye. He also wear glasses. His bad eye seems to have straightened out.
My husband always uses protective eyewear when he’s in his workshop, but now he’s telling me that I should use it when I’m out working in the yard. Do I really need to have protective eyewear to do my gardening chores?
My husband is 55 years old and only needs glasses to read. How often should he have an eye exam?
My husband's doctor has told him he has a macular hole. I would like to know a little more about this and what is the best treatment for it. Thank you.
My husband's eyelids top and bottom have been peeling and swelling and crust over. What could this be?
My mother has macular degeneration and is receiving the injections for it. What is her long-term prognosis? Will she be able to keep the vision she has now ... will she eventually go blind?
My mother is 90 and has macular degeneration. I am 58, should I be taking any special supplements?
My mother-in-law has just had a cataract operation. Her eye is bloodshot two days after the operation. Is this normal?
My son is only 11 and he wants to wear contacts, I think he's too young. Is there a specific age for contact wearers?
My son is six months old and he has blocked tear-ducts in both of his eyes from his birth. I have visited a couple of doctors, they recommend to have a surgery.
Please explain the difference between a single lens for cataract surgery and multiple lens. Thank you.

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