Ask an Eye M.D.
Dr. Wayne Bizer

Wayne Bizer, DO

Wayne Bizer, DO, is a cataract and refractive surgeon in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. He received his doctor of osteopathy degree from the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine and interned at the Detroit Osteopathic Hospital. He completed his residence at the Kresge Eye Institute of Wayne State University.

I read that erythromycin or bacitracin antibiotics are sometimes prescribed for styes. Are they ointments or tablets?
How long can itchiness last after cataract surgery?
I had LASIK surgery about 20 years ago and now need cataract surgery. Because of the LASIK procedure my surgeon recommends only monofocal lenses. Why is that?
I have been trying monovision with contact lenses for almost two weeks now. I am having severe headaches, nausea, and dizziness. How long does it take to get used to? Or maybe it's not for me?
In the 1970s I was just over a year old and they did cataract surgery. Can I have IOLs put in now?
Can I have multifocal or accommodative lenses with Duane syndrome?
Will my mom need glasses after cataract surgery?
Is the American osteopathic board of ophthalmology an official certification body for hospital privileges? Is it recognized by the ABMS?
What would be the recommend way to remove a hyper-mature/dense cataract in a patient over 75 years old?
Why do our eyes see big images in spite of having a very small retina?
Did my cataract surgeon set my dominant eye for distance vision?
Should macular pucker or cataract surgery be done first?
Can I wear contacts with pink eye while running?
I am curious as to why my non-prescription swim goggles correct my underwater vision?
Do I have to remove eye makeup before having cataract surgery?
How long does it take to feel visually balanced between both eyes after cataract surgery?
Will intraocular lenses correct my nearsightedness and astigmatism?
I need cataract surgery on my right eye, however I cannot lie flat and need a surgeon who can do the surgery while I’m in a sitting position. Is this possible?
Is it common for your eyes to feel like hair is in them after cataract surgery?
Are warm compresses OK after cataract surgery?
Is it normal to feel the lens in my eye three weeks after cataract surgery?
After I read for a while, I cannot see clearly in the distance. I see double. Why is that?
How can I be sure which is my dominant eye if I have a cataract covering one eye?
Can psoriasis cause severe light sensitivity?
Are there ophthalmologists who specialize in doing vision tests for patients with dementia and aphasia?
Is there a medical term for off-center pupils?
Can Verisys lens implants be left in place during cataract surgery?
Is it OK to place a multifocal IOL in one eye and a monofocal IOL in the other during cataract surgery?
What are the latest treatment options for ocular rosacea? Anything being done in clinical trials?
One of my contact lenses got dried out. Can I clean it and use it?
Will having cataract surgery reactivate my chorioretinal scars (damaged tissue in the back of the eye), which might lead to blindness?
Can cataract surgery be done to both eyes in one operation?
Can the new lens in my eye move after I have had cataract surgery?
Can blockage in the carotid arteries (the two large veins that carry blood to the brain) cause temporary partial and total loss of vision in one eye?
Can a YAG capsulotomy be performed on both eyes on the same day?
How long will it take to adjust to monovision cataract surgery?
Can I swim after my macular pucker and cataract surgery?
Will vomiting every three hours loosen my newly implanted intraocular lens?
Is there a trick to getting a baby to wear protective goggles?
Can you tell me if the success of monovision is dependent on correcting for distance in the dominant eye?
Will multifocal IOLs worsen my vertigo?
I read that posterior staphylomas usually progress with age. Is that always true?
How soon after cataract surgery can the YAG laser procedure be done to remove PCO, or posterior capsule opacification?
Shouldn't the lenses in my eyeglasses correct each eye separately?
Will cataract surgery disturb my blebs from my trabeculectomies?
If someone has an allergy to Betadine and is having cataract surgery, what is the recommended alternative?
What can I safely use to reduce redness and itching from allergies if I've had cataract surgery?
Why is my son seeing everything in green?
I had cataract surgery done on both eyes. It didn't fix the glare at night which was my major complaint.
I went to the swimming pool twice and had a very bad reaction to the glare of the sun coming off the water.
If I previously had cystoid macular edema will it preclude my now having a posterior capsulotomy?
Is it OK to swim with a lens implant in a pool with chemicals?
After cataract surgery, I had vitreous hemorrhage and now have orbs, hundreds of floaters, and blurry vision.
Are cataracts associated with eye pain?
Is a stye infection caused by a staph bacteria?
Can I do something to control the progression of my son's myopia?
What is involved in an eye exam for a toddler (3 years old)?
Can you tell me if the eyes are the easiest part of your body for the sun's rays to harm and the hardest to repair?
I can't figure out why my eyes start overflowing with tears every time I laugh, even just a little. What could be causing this?
My ophthalmologist wants to do a three snip procedure for my blocked tear duct. Can you tell me anything more about this procedure?
I'm nervous about new methods in cataract surgery. Are there any doctors who perform the surgery the way my parents had it done?
Is cataract surgery advisable with very dry eyes and allergies?
I have the beginning of a cataract in my right eye, and a macular pucker in the left eye.
Can you provide a ballpark figure for how much extra I should expect to pay for a toric lens?
How does an ophthalmoscope account for the doctor's vision?
What causes the cornea to thicken?
I am very sensitive to light every morning and cannot open my eyes.
How can I clear up conjunctivitis due to an allergic reaction from eye ointment?
How do you get blackbird eye disease?
What is the best way to put drops into your eyes?
My daughter is 16 months old. She had cataract surgery in her left eye five weeks ago.
I have clouding of both eyes and have been to a specialist.
Should I stop taking Hytrin before my cataract surgery?
Is it possible to perform cataract surgery on patients in wheelchairs?
For a patient with extreme nearsightedness and astigmatism, what is the best lens to implant during cataract surgery to preserve great close-up vision?
I can only cry out of one eye.
How valid are the claims of Changizi for his glasses that "cure" color blindness?
I have had cataracts removed and Restore lenses implanted. I see well but my eyes are frequently red and inflamed.
Is there any means of reducing or eliminating the halo and glare effects associated with multifocal intraocular lenses?
I'm experiencing a blur when switching from near to far distance after my cataract surgery.
My elderly father commented that he is "seeing objects backwards.” Is this possible and what might this be?
My 18-year-old son has a history of hyperopia and astigmatism, and right amblyopia. Would it be possible to have laser eye surgery to correct his vision?
My sister-in-law can no longer read but has been told her cataracts are not bad enough to qualify for Medicare. Does that sound right?
I'm nearsighted with retinitis pigmentosa and I need to have cataract surgery in both eyes.
I have high myopia—approximately -12 in both eyes—due to ROP
Our daughter has what we believe to be a chalazion on her inner upper eyelid. She is only nine weeks old and has had it for four weeks. What to do with such a small baby?
My grandson holds his four-month-old on his lap whiles he plays computer games. Will this adversely affect her eyesight?
I'm pretty certain I have either pterygium or pinguecula.
What is a mass of cells in the eye? Should I be worried?
Is it possible—through either eye disease or injury—to lose the ability to blink?
Can you explain the difference between no-line bifocals, progressive bifocals, and trifocals?
Is it necessary to have a general anesthetic for cataract surgery?
Can you provide me with a ballpark figure for cataract surgery?
My optometrist has diagnosed a posterior vitreous detachment in my right eye. The floaters and flashes have diminished over the past few weeks but I am still experiencing the gray film in my vision and some pain/pressure in the eye.
My 85-year-old father has macular degeneration. Last week he received an injection in the eye as treatment. He feels very tired. Could the injection be the cause of his fatigue?
I've been told I have early UV damage to my lenses. I also have seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and light box therapy has been recommended.
What can eye nodules be caused by?
Can you explain the surgery for cataract with astigmatism?
I think I may have an eye infection caused by wearing my contacts.
For two months now a couple of times a day I get this bulging type pressure in one eye.
I just got eye drops for pink eye. The prescription says to use them every three hours. Can every three hours be right?
Three days ago I was involved in a car accident. The air bag deployed and my right eye was left swollen.
Does the white of your eye have pain sensation?
What is the cause of white appearing on the iris of eye?
Will I need someone to drive me home after an IOL test?
My eyes feel numb like they do after an eye exam. What could this mean?
Can you tell me more about erythropsia?
I'm blind in one eye and wear a cosmetic lens with a pupil in that eye, but my pupils don't look even. Is it possible to wear a contact lens in my working eye that would make my pupil smaller?
Can eye surgery cause dry eye and what is the outlook and time frame for curing dry eye?
Is there any kind of contact lens which would act similar to the way transitional glasses work, i.e., darkening in the sun and going back to normal when in lower light?
Can PCO develop and be diagnosed one week after cataract surgery?
How long do IOLs (intraocular lenses) last?
I had cataract surgery 4 years ago. One eye has recently become blurry and I have floaters that look like strings across my vision.
My son needs cataract surgery and has type 1 diabetes. I’m hearing conflicting opinions on whether inserting a Toric lens would be advisable.
Is there a legal requirement for a cataract surgery patient to receive some documentation describing the type of lens that was implanted?
What does a sudden onset of an arc of slashing light on the periphery of one eye indicate? Is this urgent or not?
Can vision change after being in a coma?
How long does a cataract surgery patient have to use eye drops and why?
I'm still experiencing feelings of dizziness three weeks after having multifocal lenses implanted--is this normal?
After cataract surgery, how soon can I run a marathon?
If a child has lazy eye and is seeing double what can be done?
Can a person who has a lazy eye wear contacts?
For the second time this week when I look through my left eye it’s as if I am looking through broken glass.
My eyes are very sensitive to sunlight and fluorescent light. I’ve seen doctors but haven’t found a solution. I always wear sunglasses when I go out and can’t even look through the window if there is sunlight. What might this be and how can it be treated?
I would like to know where I can purchase prescription goggles for judo.
I use my monofocal lens implant in one eye to see for distance and my natural nearsighted lens in the other to see near. If I had this natural cataractous lens removed and replaced with a near-seeing monofocal, is this what monovision might be like?
Is it safe to laser a cataract (secondary) after having surgery for a hole in the macula?
Could you please tell me if there is a standard of care for post-cataract surgery. More specifically, how soon after surgery should you be seen by the ophthalmologist for post-op follow-up?
Is it advisable to have cataract surgery with the presence of map dot fingerprint dystrophy?
Should you have LASIK if you have cataracts?
I had cataract surgery and received IOLs for astigmatism. Can the degree of astigmatism change enough to require future change of the implants over time? How much time?
How successful is surgery for superior limbic keratoconjunctivitis?
I got paint in my eye—what should I do?
One of my pupils dilates more than the other. This only occurs upon dilation. They are both equally reactive to light. It started this week. I am currently using the computer and studying most of the day. I do not have any visual deficits
I have bad glare at night from the headlights of oncoming cars. It makes it difficult and uncomfortable to drive. Any suggestions on what can reduce my glare?
How can hormonal imbalance affect eye health, specifically, the glands that produce the oil that helps your tears "sit" on your eye?
Can you get herpes in an eye?
How soon can you fly after cataract surgery?
How long does it take for cataracts to develop?
How do I get rid of floaters?
I'm going to have cataract surgery soon, and I have to make a decision about what type of lenses to have implanted.
What medication is used to treat a fungal eye infection?
I am 58 years old and have had floaters for years now. This week, I noticed an increase in floaters and am now seeing lightning flashes occasionally (not consistently) in the peripheral part of my right eye.
What is the best treatment for dry eye?
I am getting to the point where my cataracts are interfering with my daily activities, so I think I’ll have surgery soon. But I take Flomax on a daily basis and I’ve heard that it can cause a problem during eye surgery. Is that true?
I have been told that I cannot have LASIK or any similar surgical procedure because I have mild keratoconus but could have an intraocular lens implanted (to reduce my need for contacts or glasses).
My husband always uses protective eyewear when he’s in his workshop, but now he’s telling me that I should use it when I’m out working in the yard. Do I really need to have protective eyewear to do my gardening chores?

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