Healthy vision requires a combination of quality eye care and informed, preventive lifestyle choices. That’s why EyeSmart empowers the public to understand eye health and preserve and protect healthy vision. Through its website, educational outreach programs and public service initiatives, EyeSmart provides access to comprehensive, trustworthy and medically accurate eye health information from the eye medical doctors – ophthalmologists – on everything from healthy eye development and low vision resources, to eye-screening guidelines and eye-disease risk factors. EyeSmart: because preserving and restoring healthy vision is what ophthalmology is all about. EyeSmart is a public service and registered trademark of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the world's largest association of eye medical doctors and surgeons.

For more resources, including instructions and image files for linking your website to, visit the Academy website.


Pink Eye Poster

Pink Eye: Help parents and educators prevent the spread of pink eye in the classroom. Download a pink eye awareness poster to put up in your practice waiting or exam rooms. Note: At this time, we only have English posters.

You can also order several free posters through the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Posters highlight risk factors for various diseases and eye conditions, as well as the importance of wearing proper eye protection during sports and other activities with eye-injury risk.

Drop-In Articles

Use one of these free drop-in articles on your website, blog or in your patient newsletter.

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