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  • Woman speaks with her doctor
  • Link Between Uveitis and MS 

  • Medical doctors have long known that there is a connection between the eye condition uveitis and multiple sclerosis (MS). But, a recent study has provided more information about how common it is for people to have both these conditions, and what order they are diagnosed in if someone has both.
  • My Diabetic Retinopathy Journey

  • Cyndi had lived with type 1 diabetes for more than 20 years by the time a routine eye exam indicated she had developed diabetic retinopathy. From fear to success, she shares her story. 
  • Are Eye Vitamins for Everyone?

  • Studies have shown that specific eye vitamins can be good for some people who already have AMD, but researchers have found that some vitamin manufacturer claims go far beyond what's been proven.  
    New York Times "The New Old Age" blog, December 17, 2014
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