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  • "Are My Eyes Changing Because I'm Getting Older?"

  • Many people start to notice changes in their eyesight that increase as they get older. It's important to know when the changes are a normal part of aging and when they may by symptoms of a sight-stealing eye disease.
  • Smoking and Eye Health

  • Did you know that avoiding smoking and second hand smoke - or quitting if you are a smoker - are some of the best investments you can make in your long-term eye health?
  • Dry, Scratchy Eyes? Staring at Screens is Driving this Trend

  • If your eyes feel like a sand dune and your vision improves when you blink, you've probably got dry-eye syndrome. This used to be considered a women's thing, caused by hormonal changes at menopause, but thanks to our fondness for staring at screens it's becoming an equal opportunity ailment.
    NPR Shots Blog, September 4, 2014
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