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  • Minimize the Misery of Spring Allergies

  • According to the CDC, this spring may be extra irritating for the 40 million Americans who struggle with seasonal allergies, including red, itchy eyes. Learn how to reduce the impact of allergies with these tips.
  • Woman Regains Sight After Cornea Transplant

  • Nationwide, ophthalmologists performed more than 48,000 corneal transplants in 2013, about 10,000 more than five years prior. As need increases, the role of organ donors who provide the eye tissue becomes more important, so this sight-restoring surgery is possible.
  • The simple, free solution to Asia's myopia epidemic

  • Around the world, people are becoming collectively more near-sighted, especially in Asia. But researchers say reducing risk of myopia is easy, free and readily-available: Get some sunlight. But is that more easily said than done?   
    CNN, April 6, 2015
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